Day 6

I couldn't sleep. And by the cold emptiness beside me Joe couldn't either. I sighed, I'd been waiting and hoping he would come back on his own for ten minutes. I got up and crawled after him, taking our blanket. Joe was in the place I'd sat when he came to me at night at the mouth of the shelter. I sat next him and he looked over.

"Can't sleep?" I guessed, draping the blanket over his bare shoulders. I was still wearing his black shirt and he still didn't have another one.

"I see things when I close my eyes." Joe whispered in response, his voice haunted. "James, the pregnant woman, the little girl, the children, when you were unconscious and bleeding, what could of happened to you... It won't stop." He sounded tortured. I moved fro sitting ext to him and slinked myself to sit between his legs, pulling his arms around me and he was more than willing to hold me.

"Nothing happened to me, Joe." I assured him, that was the one thing I could do. All the others were dead, even little James. "I'm okay, I'm right here."

"When you were in the water you passed ot and I thought-" He choked and couldn't continue.

"But, I'm okay, Joe, because of you, you saved my life." I grabbed his hand and moved it up, positioning it on my chest, over my heart so he could feel it beat. "That's because of you, Joe. My heart is beating because of you." Joe held my closer, one arm slinking around my waist strongly and the other was clenching over my heart, almost groping me. He bent down and I could feel him nuzzling into the back of my neck and my hair.

"No-one ever had this hold on me like you do." Joe mumbled as I leaned back against him, he brought the blanket around so it was covering both of us. "How do you do it, Miley? How do you make me lose control and keep in control at the same time?"

"I don't know." I whispered, it was baffling, and a little heady to be honest. "Let's go lay down, Baby." I decided, turning my head to look at him from the corner of my eye.

"No!" Joe suddenly looked panicked, holding me tighter, so it was just barely not painful. "No, I can't close my eyes."

"Okay, Joey." I placated automatically and he relaxed.

"I just want to get off here, Miley, I can't be here anymore." Joe's hands started moving, no longer on my stomach and over my heart, instead under my/his shirt and pulling it up. "Let's do it." He decided, I shivered under his warm touch, his strong fingers dancing up stomach. "Let's swim, we can swim away from here, away from the pain."

"Okay." I agreed easilly, he sounded so hopeful. Maybe it would help him a little, exert some physical energy. He'd been doing physical work for the last 2 days, and a lot of emotional pain, I think he just needed to drain out completely. As soon as the word left my mouth Joe pulled his shirt up and over my head, tossing it to the side in the same motion as he got rid of our blanket. Joe stood and took my with him, his fingers already making quick work of his zipper and button on his pants. I had to hurry to take off my jeans as he started pulling me toward the ocean.

"How long would it take to swim back home?" Joe wondered as we waded into the icy sea water.

"Too long." I told him, actually afraid he might try. Joe was only in his boxer briefs and I was only in my bra and underwear.

"Swim with me, Miley." Joe requested, the moonlight shimmering off the water around him and making him look almost etherial. "Make me forget." I smiled at how beautiful he looked; heartbreakingly distraught, but beautiful.

"Come and catch me, Joe." I called, diving into the water. I felt the water moving around me as he followed after me. I let out a gasp underwater, giving myself a mouthful of saltwater, when I felt a hand grab my leg. I turned and through the moonlight I could see Joe behind me, his hair floating around him like a dark halo. He was staring at me intently. He moved, crawling his way up my body under the water.

Joe reached up and cupped my face, his thumb stroking across my bottom lip. I was supposed to be helping him, making him not so depressed for the night. But, he was making my heart race with just a few tender touches. My lungs were starting to burn with a need for air, but I didn't dare move. Joe moved closer, one of his hands moving around to cradle my head. He was close, I could feel his heat radiating through the water, it was almost dizzying, or maybe that was the lack of oxygen? Joe moved closer and then my brain went fuzzy. His lips were on mine, soft and tender and caring, but insistant and needy at the same time. I reached up, one hand in Joe's hair, the other moving to his back, holding him closer to me, not letting him pull away. We slowly drifted to the surface and when we broke it we broke apart, both of us gasping for air, but at the same time not wanting to stop kissing.

Kissing Joe was like nothing I ever felt before. Like no other kiss, no other touch; it was like I was made to be in his arms, to have his lips pressed so delicate and firmly against mine. We were too deep for me to stand so I clinging to Joe, gasping for breath and trying not to let my lips be away from his for too long. Then our lips parted and I felt his tongue. I couldn't help but moan, pressing myself closer to him, wrapping my legs around him. Joe groaned, his hand in my hair pulling me harder against him, his hand that had moved to my hip tightening to an almost painful hold, but I didn't care.

Joe's hands, his lips, his tongue, the very essence of him all around me was heady and intoxicating. I never wanted it to end.

"Stop!" Joe growled out, suddenly pushing me off him, breathing heavy, his voice dark and husky. I was two feet away, gasping, overheated and starting to feel rejected. "Stop, Miley." I tried to reach or him, but he floated back from me. "Stop! You have to stop me, Miley. I can't control myself, you make me lose control, you have to be the one to stop me." He threaded a hand through his hair, pulling at the ends.

"I'll stop you if I want to." I told him softly, swimming closer to him again. This time he didn't move back.

"It's dangerous, Miley." Joe warned, but at the same time he reached for me, his fingers closing around my hips. "I want to do things to you." I felt heat pool deep inside me a those words. "I crave doing those things, I ache, I pine, I need. You have to stop me or I won't."

"Kiss me." Was my response, a hint of daring in my voice, challenging him. Joe didn't disapoint. Then again, he never does, I don't think he knows how to disapoint a woman. He kissed me, his lips needy and hungry, his tongue against mine making me dizzy with pooling lust as we tread water.

As we kissed we slowly moved back, the current taking us back to shore. My legs were around Joe's hips as he moved us back until I felt the wet sand on my back. Joe pressed me down into the sand, the small waves on the shore lapping around us. I kissed Joe, my hands tangling in his wet mess of black hair.

"Fuck." Joe hissed against my lips when I ground up against him, the heat inside me demanding friction. His hands moved up from my hips, sliding up my wet skin, around to my back, his fingers finding the clip of my bra.

"Wait." I tore my lips from his reluctantly, aching to keep kissing him. "Stop." I forced out. I wanted this so bad, but Joe was right, I had to know when to say stop. As soon as the word left my lips Joe pulled away and I felt cold, not just his lips were gone, but his hands and his body were both completely gone, sitting two feet away in the shallows of the beach. I sat up on my hands, struggling to catch my breath. I'd never made out so heatedly before; not with Jesse or Jake and certainly not Travis. I felt electric, energised, I wanted to keep going. I looked over at Joe through my lusty haze and he was sitting there, his breathing hard and uneven. His boxer briefs were white, I mused, white turns see-through in water and I don't think I'd seen anything quite so big and hard before. That's when I remembered my bra and panties weren't much better in a pale baby blue that turned very see-through as well. But, I couldn't find the modesty to cover myself.

"Fuck, Babe, what do you do to me?" Joe panted, looking at me through hooded, dark eyes.

"Sweet niblets." I whispered to myself, Joe Jonas is an amazing kisser.

"You keep saying that." Joe said with a lazy smirk that was so sexy I wanted to pounce on him. "Well, you are sweet and I could nibble you if you want."

"Slow down, Cowboy." I flushed, thankful for the darkness, I was probably redder than a tomato by now.

"You look so sexy right now." Joe murmured huskilly, I gasped when he started prowling over to me. He crawled up my body and I laid back as he did, so he was on top of me. He braced himself on his strong arms and leaned down, kissing me again. Except this wasn't the heated, fiery, sexy passion from before, this was a slow, soft, tender kiss that was over far too soon for my liking. "I need to get you out of the water before I won't be able to stop." Joe whispered, nuzzling against my neck. I whined as he moved off of me again. "Come on." He beckoned, sitting up and holding out a hand. "I don't want you to get sick."


"Beautiful." I whispered in awe. I was sitting in Joe's arms on the beach just outside the shelter. We had dried off in the cool night air and had redressed ourselves - Joe insisted vehemently that I wear his shirt again - and we were sitting with the blanket around us. Joe was all wrapped around me with me between his legs, just like before we went swimming with one arm around my waist and the other had his hand over my heart, feeling it beat steadilly.

"Not as beautiful as you." Joe whispered in my ear and I blushed. "Then again nothing other than you could ever reach that level of beauty." He nuzzled against my neck lightly.

"You're such a sweet talker." I accused and I felt him grin.

"Only for you, Babe." His voice was soft and husky, making me shiver on the inside from the things it made me feel. Neither of us said anything after that until the sun was completely in the sky. When the first person came stumbling out of the shelter sleepily is when Joe sighed, a sad, melancholy sound. "What happens now?" Joe asked, unconsciously holding my tighter.

"Hmm?" I asked, content in his arms. I couldn't explain the effect he had on me, he could make me calm and content, or heated, or sad; all with just one look or slight touch.

"What do we do now, Milo? You and me?" Joe explained, resting his chin on my shoulder. "We were flirting before, but after last night..." We couldn't go back to innocent friendly flirting.

"I don't know." I admitted softly.

"I can't lose you." He whispered, barely a breath.

"Rescue could come in an hour or a month for all we know." I mused, though the thought of staying on here for a month would make me razy if I dwelled on it.

"You want nothing to do with me when rescue comes?" Joe guessed, his arms going limp around me and I could hear the despair in his voice. I turned in his lap to look at him, reaching up to cup his cheek, his 6-day-old stubble from not being able to shave tickling my hand.

"I want everything to do with you, before and after rescue comes." I assured him with a tender smile and he lit up with hope.

"So what do we do?" He asked again, giving me a puppy-dog look that would put a real puppy to shame.

"Well, today I think I should change your bandages, we should maybe find our luggage, I might wash my hair if I can." I mused thoughtfully, slightly teasing. "Whatever this is, Joe, I want to try it. The thing you don't realise when you say I make you lose control is that you make me feel the same way." I revealed seriously and he stared at me with that heated gaze of his. "I want to try and figure it out, Joe, figure us out."

"Us." Joe tested the word on his tongue before he grinned. "Does that mean I can kiss you?"

"It means you can kiss me whenever you want." I confirmed, batting my lashes at him sweetly and he leaned closer. I could feel his warm breath against my lips as I waited for him.

"You're in control, Miley, remember? You have to-" He started to worry, honestly, he stopped us first last - this morning, last night? I kissed him before he could finish his sentance and I smiled against his lips when he kissed back just as passionately.

"Shut up, Mister Cuddles." I orderd playfully when we broke away. "You had more control than me last night. Give yourself some credit." I told him and he sighed. "You stop me and I stop you, okay?" I compromised and he nodded shyly.

Joe seemed content, happy even as we got up and stretched. I set out last night to make him less depressed, maybe swim off some of his energy so he could sleep. I don't know that that had happened, but I certainly managed to distract him. I knew it wasn't a miraculous recovery to the man he was three days ago, but hopefully it was a start. Because heartbroken Joe broke my heart and I just wanted to fix him, I wanted him to be happy again... If he'd ever really been happy before, judging from what he'd told me yesterday if he had been, it was a long time ago. Joe would be okay, I decided, more than okay, as he told me to sit down and went to get us some fruit for breakfast, attentive and caring as ever. We just needed to work through some of his self-hating issues.

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