After helping Cece and running her best friend off, all Hanna wanted to do was go home and have Caleb come over. She knew he would make the night better but now, she had to tell him about the cut. She was so lost in the moment she hadn't thought about it. But she knew she couldn't keep secrets from him. That's what made her loose him the last time. She wouldn't let him go again. Telling Spencer goodbye, she headed home wanting to just forget some parts of the night.

After talking to her mom, and glad to see that she wasn't going to turn the tape in thanks to it being destroyed, she said goodbye to her mom and headed up to her room changing in to a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. "Moms gone, come over now Xx" Hanna closed her eyes and relaxed seeing the scene from earlier playing in her head. The way his kisses lit her body on fire, the way he made her feel like nothing else mattered, the way they loved each other. It all drove her insane and she just wanted him to be there already.

Caleb arrived a while later as Hanna was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. She heard the door and turned her full attention to him smiling as he walked towards her to kiss her.

"Its it weird to say I missed you?" She asked him holding him closer to her. He kissed her again wrapping his arms around her waist. "Nope. I missed you too." He told her, making the blonde super happy. She led him in to the living room and both feel back on to the couch relaxing in each other's arms.

"Emily and I found some clues on Maya having been at Noel Khans cabin so we went up there. A locked us in and we didn't know what to do, we were freaking out. I grabbed a knife hoping it would break the window but all it did was hurt me in the end." She said looking up to him. "So I went to Wren and he stitched it up." She finished before letting out the breath she had been holding.

"This is the same Wren who you kissed?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. She looked at him shocked before he looked to her. "I ran in to Emily and Paige as I was leaving. Emily, who looked pissed, wanted to make it known that you kissed him." He explained to her. She was hurt Emily would tell him but scared he would leave. "It's ok Hans. I don't like that you kissed him, but we weren't together then. He should that now, kissing you is off limits. You are mine again." He told her as he kissed her softly. Hanna kissed him back relaxing again before she spoke.

"I never really wanted to kiss him. It was just a moment of excitement that I got carried away in. It meant nothing to me and he means nothing to me. I only want your lips and yours only. I promise." She told him. She watched his smile grow before hers grew too. "I know babe. Im glad you are mine and so are your lips." He told her kissing her again. Hanna turned in his lip and pulled him into closer to her as she deepened the kiss. Caleb's arms wrapped around her before one hand moved up to the back of her head. Hanna loved the way he made her feel. He made her feel loved and wanted and she knew that it was all true. Her hands moved down his chest and under his shirt as his lips moved down her neck. Hanna started moving her hips against him, loving the moan that she was rewarded with.

"On the couch Hanna?" The voice from the hall said causing the two to jump apart before Hanna started laughing. Her mom stood there, arms crossed over her chest but a smile on her face.

"I'm not allowed to have boys in my room." Hanna replied sitting back down on the couch taking calebs hands in hers. Caleb watched them wondering if he should be embarrassed or impressed that they were laughing it off.

"Well I should say no boys here when im gone. But it's Caleb and its nice to see his face around again. Im going to bed. No sex." Her mom said with a laugh before she headed up to her room turning to watch her daughter kiss the boy again, happy to see Hanna smiling again. Caleb kissed Hanna back pulling her close to him.

"Your mom isn't mad?" He asked her a little confused. Hanna shook her head and turned back in to his arms again kissing his neck. "She is just happy to see me smiling again. And I think she loves having you around since you are Mr. fix it." She teased him before kissing him again. "So Since, sex is out, should We watch a movie and eat something fat?" He asked her smirking. Hanna rolled her eyes and stood up. "Pick the movie, I'll go make the fat popcorn." She told him kissing her again before he headed to the shelf picking out a movie. Hanna smiled as she relaxed for a few moments against the counter. Caleb was amazing. He didn't get mad about the Wren thing. To her that meant a lot. She grabbed the popcorn and made it before walking out to him and sitting down on the couch beside him. They started watching the movie together, Hanna looking to him smiling every so often. Life was perfect, even if it was just for a moment.