Persona 4 After-Story:Yosuke's Journey

Chapter 1:Yousuke's New Life

The Mysterious Murder Case In Inaba has ended,The Invsetigation Team has broke moved back to his hometown,Rise return to showbiz,Naoto continue her path as detective,Kanji,Yukiko,and Chie are still on Yasogami,for Teddie…I think he now have a happy life,and for me…

Two Month after Yuu Narukami's farewell party.

Yosuke is reading a text messages from his friends,first from Yuu,and then Chie,Yukiko,Kanji,Naoto,and Teddie then put his phone back to his pocket and start listening to his headphone.

"Can't believed I really moved away…"Yosuke thought to was on a train that headed to another city,Yosuke then opened his bags and read a letter from his Dad.

"Yosuke-kun,it seems that Junes will be moved to another city….so we too have to move to the new city,but for will be moved to a city next to it,It is also a small city like Inaba,I'm sure you will love it,you will be staying at my old friends last thing is that you will move to Hikarizaka High School."


Yosuke then sighed and closed his eyes in excitement and thought"Well,I guess this year will be interesting,besides I might got a girlfriend this time!"

Yosuke start to remember about his past journey,about Persona,Shadows,and everything then closed his eyes and fall to sleep.

When Yosuke closed his eyes,he found himself in a room.A long-nosed man then greeted him"Hello….."

"Who are you?"Yosuke asked back.

"My name is Igor my dear guest…"Igor replied.

"And what do you want from me?"Yosuke asked.

"I could see…that thou will find thyself a new truth lies beyond thou new journey…."Igor explained.

"Speak normally will ya?"Yosuke replied

Igor than grinned and said"All right….PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA PERSONA!"as he stick his nose to Yosuke's face

"What are you doing?Get off my face you gay!"Yosuke replied

"SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS!"Igor keep speaking while his nose got closer to Yosuke face

"What the hell!"Yosuke shouted and wakes up in horror.

"Thank God it is only a bad dream…a gayish nightmare….come to think of it,how do he know Persona?"Yosuke thought to himself.

Yosuke then shake his head in frustration and take his then walked through the train's automatic door,because the train already arrived.

"Hikarizaka huh….i guess not too bad for an old-country style town."Yosuke thought to himself while he stared at a billboard above him

Yosuke then leave the train station and walked around the town,he try looking for the house that his father pointed to in the letter.

After 30 minutes of walking,Yosuke stopped in front of a bread store.

"Well,dad really says that his old friends house is here…but a bakery?Man,this is awesome!I think I could get some free bread here!"

Yosuke entered the bread store,and then a woman with red-dish brown hair appeared from inside the bakery.

The woman greeted Yosuke"Welcome to Furukawa Bakery!Can I help you?"

"Yes,I'm looking for….Sanae-san and Akio-san,do you know where they are right now?"Yosuke asked the woman.

"Well,I am Sanae herself and Akio is going out for a while,judging from your looks you are not from around ,are you Yosuke Hanamura-kun?"asked Sanae

"The one and the way,you got some good instincts Sanae-san!"Yosuke answered

Sanae smiled and replied"Thank you,so… should we go to you room now?"

"Sure."Yosuke said in excitement.

Sanae and Yosuke then walked to the 2nd floor and help Yosuke pack his stuff.

"I hope you will like living here!Well,because you will start school tomorrow,why don't you check out the school first?If you're lucky you could meet my daughter."Sanae explained.

"All right,cool.I will be on my way then."Yosuke replied before left the room and walked to his new school.

"Man,Sanae-san is sure sweet….just like Yukiko,without the crazy laugh issues."Yosuke thought to himself while grinned when he saw his new school is not too bad at all.

Yosuke then entered the schoold ,he could hear people gossiping"Hey,is that the new student,he kinda cute?"and"I heared that he is from a big city,his aura is sure different then us."

Yosuke then thought"Hey,I guess I'm already famous here…I guess I could take a break for a while without fighting for the world,murders,and…."

Yosuke shivered when he remembers his days at Yasogami High,especially the part when Chie scream"TRIAL OF THE DRAGON!"and kick him in his crotch.

"Oww,I think I could still felt that one…damn it Chie…."Yosuke thought to himself

Yosuke then keep walking and wandering around until he decided to go to the library to read some books because he is bored.

On the library,he saw a violet-haired girl with two ponytails is sitting all alone

"Wow,she's really cute…."Yosuke thought to himself.

Yosuke then approach her and asked"Hey,why do you skip class?And why are you in a middle of a mountain of books?"

"Because…they said that I don't need to study…so I spent my times with books everyday,books are my good friend…"the girl replied.

"Woah!So you can just skip class!That's so bad!"Yosuke replied in awe.

"Ehh….why it is bad?"the girl asked.

"The bad I mean is something like…cool or awesome,got it?"Yosuke answered.

"Hehe,thanks…"the girl replied.

Yosuke then take a seat and read some magazine while the girl stared at Yosuke.

Yosuke asked"Hey…why do you keep staring at me?"

"Umm sorry,is it wrong?"the girl asked back.

Yosuke sighed and answered"No…I just want to know why."

The girl replied"Well…i want to thanked you for earlier,but...i don't know you name yet…"

"Oh!Sorry,my name is Yosuke Hanamura,I will enter this school tommorow,what's yours?"asked Yosuke.

The girl answered"My name is Kotomi Ichinose,class 3,it is a pleasure to meet you,Yosuke-kun,I guess we are at the same age."

"It is my pleasure too Ichinose-san…"Yosuke replied.

Kotomi then cutted"Please,I prefer you call me Kotomi-chan."

"Okay….nice to meet you again Kotomi-chan!"Yosuke corrected himself.

Kotomi then offered Yosuke a handshake and said"I hope we could get along well,Yosuke-kun.I wished that you will be at the same class as me"

Suddenly a voice ring on Yosuke's head.

I Am Thou Art Thee

Stick Your Hands To Her Hands!


"Shut up damn it!"Yosuke screamed,which make Kotomi to hide behind the bookshelf in fear.

"You're…so scary…so mean…"Kotomi said to Yosuke while shivering.

Yosuke then replied"I-I'm so sorry!I didn't mean that to you!I swear!"

Kotomi then slowly appeared from the bookshelf and do a handshake with Yosuke.

Yosuke and Kotomi then shared smile at each other before Kotomi need to leave for her Physical Education Class.

"She is a really nice girl…and what the hell is that sound?"Yosuke thought to himself as Kotomi leave the room.

Suddenly,a Tarot card appeared in front of Yosuke,the Tarot card broke and summoned a Frog-like Ninja with a red V-scarf.

"What the heck!Jiraiya?How do you appeared here?"said Yosuke.

Jiraiya body then shined and transformed into an unknown Persona,it looks like a doll with golden hair and a turbine on it's torso,its body is coloured golden and had a Harp on it's back

"A new Persona?But…how?Am i crazy or is it real?"asked Yosuke to himself.

Suddenly,a voice rang out from unknown Persona

I have come from the sea of your soul

I am thou,thou are me!

We are happy family!

With a harp for Assault Dive!

And Megido for kill!

I am thou and thou are me!

The unknown Persona then turned into a card with a image of a traveler and the number 0 then disappeared into Yosuke's heart.

"Disgusting...but cool!But why did Jiraiya turned into a doll that sing a freaky song?Oh well,not my problem…"Yosuke thought to himself.

After looking around,Yosuke could not find anything interesting,he can't stop thinking about Kotomi Ichinose.

Yosuke thought"Why the hell i keep thinking about her!I guess i must meet her tommorow at school to find out what the hell is wrong with me...all right,time to leave."

Yosuke then decided to leave the room,but suddenly another voice rang on his head.

Thou who formed a bond.

Shall formed a Social Link

Of The Magician Arcana

You Shall Be Blessed

By The Power Of Your Bonds

With Kotomi Ichinose,A Mysterious,Shy,and Super-genius Girl Who Is Smarter Than You Completely.

A card with number 1 appeared in front of Yosuke and disappeared into his heart,which cause Yosuke to stand in shock.

Yosuke then thought"What the hell is that!Wait…did the annoying creepy voice just said Social Links…."

Yosuke then remember a familiar voice shouted" SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS SOCIAL LINKS!"

"Not that gayish nightmare and the creepy long-nosed man again….oh well,time to look around now.I guess I could look for it later…"Yosuke thought to himelf.

"This is ought to be interesting!"Yosuke said to himself before he leave the library.

And then,Yosuke's own journey just begin in Hikarizaka as a new group of threats,friends,family,Social Links await him…Now,a new page will be written in Igor's book.