Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, otherwise that last episode would not have ended on an infuriatingly messed-up cliffhanger for Klaine, and Klaine would never be mixed as much with Finchel.

A/N: So sad.


Blaine feels Kurt stirring next to him in the middle of the night. Blaine is sure it would have woken him had he been asleep, but every time he closes his eyes all he can see are Kurt's eyes filling with tears, over and over, as they stand in the park.

Blaine desperately wants to reach out and hold Kurt the closest he ever has, like they, '… like we used to do when nightmares …,' used to, the idea alone of it all lying in the past has Blaine swallowing down sob after sob.

He does not feel like he has a right, any right to be the one upset, not while Kurt is lying there next to him sniffling still, not after what he did.

Blaine fights with himself to at least turn over, '… offer …,' but does he have anything Kurt would want right now? Would it still comfort him to be held, '… by me?'

Blaine hesitates too long, can feel the shift on the bed next to him, Kurt getting up, 'Kurt ...' leaving.

Blaine wants to, does not feel like he has the right to follow, and his own tears finally start to pour over, whimpers escape his throat, as he realizes he does not have the right to ask anything anymore of Kurt, "I screwed up so bad. I am so sorry, Baby, so so sorry."