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After getting through the swarm of people, he landed his hands on his knees, bowing down a little bit. His sweat was dropping from his head as he slowly adjusted his breath.

"Yo, my bad, I'm kinda late."

Bossun smiled, showing a dumb face as usual. He knew the summer festival would be dead crowded, but this one was beyond what he had imagined. People were wandering around the shops, doing so much talking, even the kids were running around wildly, as if the adults were playing role as the hurdles in their own childhood games.

"You came in uniform? You're even still carrying that bag around!"

The short-haired blonde girl, standing in a beautiful pink—purplish yukata with white flowery pattern, pointed at his blue sling bag with red and white stripes on it, admonishing him with her left hand on the hip. She didn't look like she was mad about Bossun being late, she was just kind of, disappointed.

"Even Switch came in his hakama! Look, he looks so neat! But look at you, you're wearing your school uniform, all sweaty! Why didn't you change first? Oh wait, did you even come home before coming here?" She questioned him with the surmised assumption, hey, she's acting as if she's his mom now.

Bossun scratched his cheek lightly, "well- you see, Himeko, I barely finished my test on time, so- I just ran here as fast as I could.. but looks like you guys have waited long enough… Sorry-"

A robotic voice barged into the conversation, "LOL, thank goodness Himeko and I passed the math test. You know nobody ever wants to re-take it exactly on the day of the summer festival." Switch, looking gorgeous with his green hakama, brought an iPad this time to talk with the 'type-and-talk' program. His reason, because it was too crowded and his laptop might be a bit of a nuisance to carry.

"Yea, but I did." Bossun pulled out a bored face, then quickly switched the topic, "Anyway! Now that I'm here, shall we have some fun?"

Switch started typing, "Bossun, put your googles on, I need your concentration skill this time to win a shooting game."

"Haa?" Bossun sighed, then after a second, he continued on, "oh, I know! You're aiming for the prizes, right? And I bet those must be some anime-related things."

"Correct." He typed as the robotic sound was produced, "that's our Bossun. There's a Natsune Miko figurine that I'd like to win."

"Alright, fine," He shrugged. "That won't hurt, so let's go!" Bossun cheerfully ran with Switch, leaving Himeko two or three steps away, until they finally faded away from Himeko's sight.

"H-hey!" Himeko stood there with her left hand looking like it was trying to reach the two, "oh well, I know where the stand of the shooting game is, I should be able to find them easily soon."

She sighed,


Walking with her head facing the night sky, she kind of regretted about what she had done.

"Why did I have to prepare myself this much?" She whispered, "I'm so embarrassed now!"

She came here today, to the summer festival, in her special onizuka family's most beautiful yukata. Her hair was also done nicely, leaving her white, clear neck marvelously exposed. In addition, a flower right on the top of her right ear perfected her look.

And Bossun did not say a word about her appearance at all. Not even a light praise about how she looked different today. She had put so much effort to look more charming, but that's the reality she got, due to her crush's denseness. She let a long sigh once more, she also had hoped Bossun would come wearing a hakama, she was looking forward to it.

The girl in the wander suddenly saw a cotton-candy stand, turning her into a completely hyped-mode. "THEY HAVE PELOCAN'S CRAB MEAT FLAVOR!" She immediately got one, and licked it quickly. She then put some distance between her candy and her face, a little afraid if it'd smudge up the makeup on her face.
"Mhm~ This is the bes-" She stopped.

She couldn't finished her sentence when the boy who was in her mind a moment ago, with the so-called-fujisaki wings, his spiky hair, came from behind her shoulder and bit one-eighth of her cotton candy, right at the spot she licked the candy before.

"Bleh, this is—PELOCAN flavor!?" Bossun screamed, letting out some coughs. "By the way, Switch and I got some prizes, look at how much we got-"

"You-I- IDIOT!" A smack landed on one of Bossun's cheek, okay, that's not unexpected. He fell on the ground with his hand covering his injured cheek, as usual.

"The hell is your problem, man!? It was just a bite! Plus, the taste's gross!"

Himeko blushed, the same color as the candy she was holding. 'It's not about the candy, idiot! It's the spot you took a bite on! Oh wait- you meant the spot I took a bite on tasted gross? Gross? Think again boy, I'm gonna put the whole candy into your friggin mouth!' She thought, but she stopped thinking about it and cancelled what she was going to do. Instead, an awkward silent approached, until she gave him her hand to help him stand.

Bossun reached her hand, and Switch was suddenly there, taking a photo of him and Himeko, literally holding hands. In Switch's mind, he thought it'd be nice to have another photo to put on his wall next to his old photo, with Sawa—his first love, and Masafumi—his deceased brother, in it.

"Switch! Were you taking pictures!?" Himeko screamed, either happily or embarrassedly, or may be both.

"Oh, you only took a picture of me and Himeko, didn't you? You need the three of us together, man!" Bossun grinned, took the camera right away and immediately asked a random person to take a picture. A photo of himself, smiling cheerfully with the 'peace' pose with both hands between Himeko and Switch.

As the camera flashed, Himeko smiled endearingly. Switch, being an expressionless robot, he just looked into the lens of the camera with a 0.00000001 inch of curve in his bottom lip, you can't tell he was smiling, but he really was.

Switch and Himeko were really thankful. Their leader has always been the center of the light. A slight of flashback came to their mind. Just how much fun it's been since Bossun entered their lives two years ago, they felt truly grateful, they could never thank god enough for letting themselves to meet this boy, this miraculous boy.

The three continued to have some fun. Laughing their asses off, meeting people from Kaimei, and eating some cliché stuff in the festival; takoyaki, okonomiyaki, popsickles, everything. Just like everything on the manga books and some certain tv shows.

Walking while laughing, Bossun almost tripped. He accidentally stepped on a soda can, and lost his balance. Himeko immediately catch his right arm that flung to the front, letting her cotton candy thrown away to the back. The crab-meat-flavored candy fell to the ground and apparently was not eatable anymore after being stepped by other people. She had thought that she had prevented Bossun from falling too hard, but here's what actually happened.

There was also Switch, remember? He was on Bossun's other side. He took a grip of Bossun's left arm that stayed relatively to the back, trying to help him so he wouldn't fall to the front. With his other arm carrying the iPad, he stood unstably to the back, pulling Bossun backwards.

"Eh?" Bossun froze for a second.

With Himeko pulling him to the front and Switch pulling him to the back—opposite direction, he was already aware that all three of them were going to fall randomly to the ground. He took a quick action, he let out his strength, pulling up those two so they could fall together, to one side, his horizontal side.

It was all thanks to Bossun, the three landed successfully. Himeko and Switch fell with their heads on Bossun's shoulders. But Bossun groaned with a grin at the same time.


"Bossun! Are you okay?" Himeko panicked. She and Switch stood up, their wonderful clothes now looked kind of dirty.

"Hehehe, it's nothing. Ouch—" Bossun answered calmly. His back apparently hurt. It's weird, in the clubroom, he always cries stupidly like a baby in a completely funny look when something hurts him. But this time, instead of putting on the usual dumb face, he answered with a wise tone,"thank god, you guys are okay…. Thanks for trying to help holding me."

Switch and Himeko stared at him, their eyes were sparkling a little, up until Bossun let out a rant.

"Damn you stupid cola can! If I could, I'd find out who threw you there and lecture them for 3 hours!"

It was silent until Himeko started giggling.


"LOLOLOL! No one actually steps clumsily on a stupid random can and falls! Except, our great leader, LOLOL." Switch had picked up his iPad, typing with a high pitched-tone, teasing Bossun.

"Oh shaddap!" Bossun turned.

"Anyway," he continued, "what a nice spot we found here. It's much less crowded."

"Yeah! We're even able to watch the fireworks from here!" Himeko added.

The three of them had moved from the crowds of the festival—where they fell, to a nice, grassy land next to the temple. A nice slope. Switch found it, by the way.

"You are welcome." Switch typed, proud of himself. Bossun and Himeko looked at him, giggling. "That's our Switch!"

"People rarely come here, so I guess this will be a perfect spot for us, plus, there's a water tap right over there under the tree so I can also wash my iPa-" Switch stopped typing, feeling a chill right behind his back.

A hand reached his shoulder, "SU~I~CHI~KU~N~~."

"Whoa! Whoa! Still playing ghost, aren't you? Even in summer festival!"

Reiko was there, the skinny girl from the occult club.

"Because I believe souls are supposed to wander around the festival and blend with humans, I came here to do my research… and I found you guys behind this temple."

"Souls, you say? Such nonsense!" Switch, continued with his scientifically speaking, "According to my deductive reasoning, ghosts—or wandering souls—whatever that is, do not exist in any place in this world!"

The gloomy girl objected, "but I just saw some right before the temple, and I am absolutely positive."

"Excuse me!? You're inviting me to a duel of proofing? I'd like to see what you just saw! Must be an illusion of yours, though, occult girl!" Switch was on fire.

Somehow a purple-colored aura came from behind Reiko, she was on 'fire' too. Occult style.

"THAT'S CREEPY, MAN!" Bossun and Himeko synced.

"Then come, I shall prove it, muhahahahaha!" answered Reiko, dragging Switch, starting to walk to the temple.

"Then I shall crumble your belief, shameless occult. Alright then, see you in a bit, Bossun, Himeko."

"Make sure you don't get lost!" Himeko warned.

"Alright mom~!" The robotic voice echoed.


"I'll be BACKK! By the way, Himeko, your back's kinda dirty." Switch said, a second later, he was already gone.

"Oh!" Checking, she rubbed her back, 'that's right, I need to wash this before the stains become permanent, but I can't see the dirty parts…' She thought.

Himeko sat back. She stared at Bossun lying on the grass next to her. It looked like Bossun's back was still hurting since he didn't move much.

Suddenly, Bossun sat up, his mouth started to open, he was about to say something that Himeko wouldn't expect.

Being a kind guy he is, he offered a help.

"Let me wash the dirty part. It was my fault that your pretty yukata became smeared."

Pretty. Yukata. Two words that Himeko was now struggling to digest. She was a little bit delighted when Bossun said her yukata was pretty. Now, it was even still muffling in her mind. But certainly, Bossun was praising only the yukata, not her, so she erased that from her mind, and nodded to Bossun. "Sure, thanks."

The two went near under the tree, finding a tap with a hose connected to it. Himeko trusted Bossun her yellow handkerchief, it was the best handkerchief she had, and she was glad she chose to bring it. Really light and silk, must be convenient to remove the dirt from her yukata.

Himeko squatted, her back facing the opposite direction of Bossun who was going to pour a little water onto the handkerchief. But then the sudden wind blew, and the handkerchief floated in the air along with batches of leaves from the tree. Bossun turned, he tried to catch it, but when he got it, he bumped into the girl who was squatting. His chest was pressing Himeko's back. He lost his balance, and now he was *accidentally* hugging Himeko from the back. Himeko startled.

"Wha- Boss-"

Himeko's handkerchief flew over, slipping from Bossun's grab once again, damned wind, he thought. Bossun lost his balance too much now. He leaned harder to get the handkerchief back.

Uh-oh, he forgot that he himself and Himeko were on a slope. Himeko was pushed and was going to fall down, but Bossun, again, immediately took a quick action where he hugged Himeko real tight, switched position by rolling once, and protected her while they slide down the slope. Again, it's Bossun's back that had saved the day.

At the base of the slope, Himeko froze on the top of Bossun's body, with his arms still hugging her. "Bossun, are you al—" Himeko cut her sentence. She sat up and found Bossun—who had protected her, groaning. She feared it was something serious, thank god the slope wasn't that high, but still, she was dead worried about him!

The boy surprisingly was the one who broke the silence, he raised his chin a little bit, making sure Himeko was okay.

"Heh, my bad, instead of cleaning your yukata, I made it even dirtier. I'm sorry."

Himeko's eyes narrowed, "B-but bossun, your clothes, and your back also— hmp—" The yellow handkerchief was placed in front of her talking mouth, Bossun pushed it there, shutting her up.

"And look, your handkerchief's safe!" He smiled, his face was a little scratched by the grasses and twigs. It looked hurt, since a red liquid slightly came sliding out of his cheek.

Himeko bit her lips, hesitating. Her hero was always there to save her, protecting her. She wanted to thank him. Right now. She couldn't think of another reward, so she gave Bossun a kiss on his cheek, the red area, smudging the little blood. Bossun just lied there, he was frozen by the little peck.

"Hime—ko?" Bossun could smell Himeko's shampoo because her messed up hair right now was falling right in front of his face. Lying on the ground, he could also feel Himeko's push on his chest.

"Why? Why would you save me like that? I could've protected myself! Stop acting all coo—"

Bossun's hand swept Himeko's cheek, his thumb was brushing the surface of Himeko's fair white skin.

" 's fine."

An awkward silence. Both the girl and the boy blushed.

'The hell did I just do!?' Bossun quickly pulled his hand, now it was covering his own mouth. He put it down eventually, touching the grass. Perhaps it was still hurting a little bit.

Out of the blue, in a one quick lean, Himeko neared her face with his once more. Bossun's lips were 2 centimeters apart from hers…

The wind blew comfortingly once more, wow, what a situation!

"Oi~! Bossun, Himeko? You moved down there? What happened? Reiko and I bought some more takoyaki." Switch's voice came out of nowhere, it still sounded far away.

Startled, Himeko and Bossun went back to their initial position after the fall. Both were red-faced.

"Nopeee! Nothing, I accidentally fell down and Himeko was helping me!" Bossun replied the shout.

"Down heeeeeeeere" he added.

The glasses guy came nearer, put up one of his eyebrows, recalling that Himeko's yukata was kind of smeared. He knew Bossun was an avid helper. The boy must've been trying to help Himeko remove the stain on the yukata. Switch assumed Bossun accidentally pushed Himeko—or something like that. And those two, showing the tomato—red faces, left him with a surmise that a certain romantic scene was happening.

"Ohoho, you guys are such clumsy people without me!"

"Shut up, otaku, help us out!" Himeko finally turned back to normal.

Bossun and Himeko got the help to go back up, Reiko was surprisingly strong as well.

"Shall we go back to the festival then? There are stands I'd like to try!" Bossun cheerfully offered, "the night's long, so—"

"Let's!" Switch agreed. And caught up to Bossun. Walking ahead.

"What's wrong Himeko- san?" Asked Reiko, staring at Himeko standing there with a blush on her face.

"Um- guys—" Himeko said, loud enough for the boys to hear. "Could you please wait for me after cleaning the mess on my yukata? Um, also, Reiko'san, could you please help me?"

"Sure, I'd be glad to be of some help…" Reiko answered expressionlessly.

Again, Bossun, who was heading to the festival, covered his face with his right hand, his face reddened, he recalled that 'scene' where they almost… argh!

He waved with the back of his hand, "nope, I'll be going ahead!"

Switch knew what had probably happened, so he kept walking with Bossun, "we boys shall go ahead!" The guys walked away.

"Bossun, you better tell me what happened back there." Switch teased Bossun.

"Watchu saying man? Nothing happened! We just rolled down the slope! Ahahah!

Ahhh man I wanna play more games, ah look, goldfish catching!" He ran away.

Switch shook his head, "tsk, tsk, little birds. I wonder if more interesting stuff is going to happen at this festival…"

He remembered, Reiko wanted the sket dan to accompany her to observe the cemetery behind the temple. To prove if ghosts really do exist or not. In other word, ghost hunt! Hmm, this is gonna be interesting if he group Bossun and Himeko together...