Damnit, why is that Spaniard so damn handsy?!

*sigh* Ok, maybe I should explain.

Spain is a handsy bastard.

End of story.

No, really, thats it, go away.


FINE, LISTEN as I rant on... Its not like I didn't warn you.

Ok, because I didn't want to go back to Spain's house everytime I wanted a freaking tomato or something, I decided to ask him to give me some seeds.

Being the excited freak he is, he invited me to Spain to spend the weekend while I got the seeds from him. When I got there (IT TOOK FOR FREAKING EVER BECAUSE HIS HOUSE WAS OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE FOR HIS DAMN TOMATO FEILDS!), I was pulled into a bear hug and didn't let go until my face was fully red from blushing because he kept caling me weird nicknames, Lovi, my tomato, someone shoot me...

I was FINALLY able to escape and put my bags into my old room in his house. I'll never admit it, but Spain's house was still like a second home to me, comfy and warm. And very beautiful.

I went down a couple hours later, to find the lazy bastard asleep on his couch, stupid smile plastered on his face. He was drooling slightlly,

"Hehe...give me my tomatoes, Lovi..." I naturally blushed, DAMN MY ANATOMY!

I walled into the kitchen, not finding anything to eat after I heard my stomach growl. I looked in his cabinets, pulling out everything needed. I was just going to make me and that stupid bastard dinner, since I doubt he's going to do it. I pulled out a basket of nice, fresh, plump ripe tomatoes. They looked delicious, so much it made my mouth water. I put the basket down on the counter, grabbed a tomato from the top, and bit down into it.

It was so filled with juices, that it crunched a bit when I bit down, releasing the pressure othe skin of the tomato as the juices flowed into my mouth and down my throat as it also dribbled down my chin.

I quickly ate the rest, wiped of my chin, and started to get to work. I boiled the noodles, and started to make the sause in a pan. I was chopping up the tomatoes when I felt arms slid around my torso, making me jump amd drop the knife, almost cutting myself.

"Aww~! My little Lovi is making pasta!"


"Fine." He let go and walked away.

It was...weird.

I continued making pasta when I felt him hugging me, softer this time.

"Bastard! Im busy, here!"

"But, you're so cute!"


"Maybe..." One of his hands slid lower, while the other slid up to turn my face.

"THE FUCK, SPAIN?!" I jumped away from him, accidentally spilling some of the stupis sause on the leg of my GOOD pair of jeans.


He looked guilty, but grudingly walked out. I wiped off the sause and licked it off. Seeing how it was done, I put the pasta and sause together on the counter, then rushed to the bathroom.

I peeled off my jeans to see a slightly big burn mark on my leg, about less than the size of a palm. I ran a towel jnder cool water amd pressed it againsted my leg, wincing a little because of the pain.

"Goddamn bastard..."

There was a knock on the door.

"Lovi? You ok?"

"No, idiot."

"May I help?"

I sighed, knowing he wasnt going to go away until I said yes.


He walked in, and immediatly smiled.

"Awwww, you look so cute in your boxers, Lovi!"

"Oh, shit..." I forgot, I was only wearing boxers and my shirt.

He saw the burn, leaned down, and kissed it.

The burn happened to be pretty high up, close to the inside of my thigh...

"There. Feel better?"

"GET. OUT." He smiled before running out, me throwing some random object at him.

So now you know, Spain is a handsy bastard.