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Deadly Attraction

Tsukune was just a normal human boy till his family was murdered in front of him by an ayashi. He was picked up off of the streets by Touhou Fuhai who had witnessed the brutal murder of his parents. He brought Tsukune back to Hong Kong to join his family. Tsukune was angry about what happened to his family and he wanted revenge. So Tohofuhai gave him the Human Modification Technique slowly over time to allow him to become stronger. Tsukune made friends with Fong-Fong and became the Wong family's number one assassin. He soon felt as if Fong-Fong's family had become his own and they felt the same way.


Tsukune had returned to the Wong families mansion late at night. He walked into the the study where Fong-Fong had been reading, it was usually where he was at this time of night. Fong-Fong always tried to be the best at everything he did, staying up late to study was one way. He had to, his parents and Touhou casted such long shadows.

"How was the mission? Did they show up?" Fong-Fong asked.

Tsukune took a seat in across from Fong-Fong in a sturdy leather chair, never bothering to read as much as Fong-Fong did, that wasn't he job anyway. The Wong family loaded the gun and he just pulled the trigger.

"No neither of them showed up. Without them to interfere it was a simple assassination." Tsukune told him simply.

He had just returned from a mission to assassinate some ogres that we're terrorizing humans and killing them. Most of his missions were to 'remove' those that did not believe coexisting with human and had been too 'aggressive' about their beliefs.

"How goes the summoning?" he asked Fong-Fong.

"Do you even have to ask?" he said pointing to the panda behind him.

Tsukune smiled, he knew that Fong-Fong had been practicing very hard but he never seemed to get any better at it. Every now and then he would summon a powerful creature but mostly it was just the same panda that sat behind him now. Fong-Fong reached into the desk he was sitting behind and pulled out an envelope.

"This is your next mission." he told Tsukune and handed him the envelope.

Tsukune opened it and pulled out a picture of a girl with long light purple hair and dazzling blue eyes. Tsukune couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was.

"I don't kill women."Tsukune said and handed back the envelope but Fong-Fong didn't take it.

"I know, this isn't an assassination as usual. It is something a little. . .different." he told Tsukune as he fidgeted a little.

Tsukune looked in the rest of the envelope. It contained information about her, a general profile, where she lived and where she was going to school.

"Mizore Shirayuki, the snow fairy. She's pretty but what am I supposed to do?" he asked and noticed that Fong-Fong was getting very nervous.

"The High Priestess of the snow village has requested our aid to protect her from an organization called Fairy-Tail." Fong-Fong said as he tried to smile through his nervousness.

"That seems simple enough, why do you seem so stressed out?" Tsukune said looking at him while his panda chewed on a chair behind him.

"Well. . .um, there was one minor, um little detail. More of a condition really, nothing to worry about." he said quickly trying to wave him off.

"Well what is it?" Tsukune asked him more seriously.

"Well you see snow fairies are a dying breed because they can only have children till a certain age." Fong-Fong said.

"Ya so what?" Tsukune asked getting a little suspicious.

"The deal was that for her protection you would also have to. . .marry her. They do this all the time so their race doesnt die off!" Fong-Fong said and held up a book in front of him just incase Tsukune exploded or something.

"Wait! What!?" he yelled standing up.

Sure the girl was pretty, but to marry a complete stranger, just for her protection?

"Was this Touhou's idea of a joke? Because its not funny. Your parents and him don't need to worry about my love life." he told Fong-Fong angrily.

"No it's not a joke I swear!" he said hastily.

"The High Priestess had a vision about you and that Mizore was in danger. She said this was the only way for her to be safe. . .for good, or something." he told him still hiding behind his book.

Tsukune was overwhelmed, the had joked about him marring some pretty lady before, but know they seemed serious.

"Why me? Why can't we protect her without me marring her. I don't even know her. For all I know she could be some creepy stalker girl!" Tsukune said collapsing back into his chair and Fong-Fong put the book down slowly.

"I'm sure everything will be explained when you get there in the morning." he told Tsukune.

"What? So soon?" Tsukune thought.

He was still tired from traveling so far already and he let out a groan to show his discomfort. Of course Tsukune would do whatever the Wong family asked of him, since they did save him and give him a home and a family. This was different though. . .an arranged marriage?

"So did you find out anything about your family's killer?" Fong-Fong asked him more seriously.

"No. They were probably just some nobody ayashi thirsty for blood. Besides, you guys are my family now." Tsukune told him.

Fong-Fong nodded, he knew that Tsukune would never stop looking for the ones responsible for killing his family. Tsukune sat there deep in thought about the night his family was murdered and the anger swelled up inside of him. Fong-Fong decided to change the subject before Tsukune could delve to far into his anger.

"Ling-Ling was wondering if you wanted to spare tonight. She said your youjutsu has been getting sloppy." Fong-Fong told him.

"Maybe next time since I have to leave so early in the morning." Tsukune told him and let out a yawn.

"Ok, just be careful out there and pack something warm." Fong-Fong warned him and the two headed off to bed.


The next morning Tsukune borded a helicopter that could take him between barriers. He always liked the helicopter, it was small and agile and could get into tight places. Tsukune stared down at the snow village as the helicopter circled around. It was a very beautiful village made completely out of ice, which produced a stunning affect when the sunlight shined on it. They landed on the outskirts of the village so they didn't alarm the people to much. The moment they landed many of the villagers were already waiting outside of the village, having expected him. Tsukune let out his breath and grabbed his bag.

"Well here we go." he muttered to himself.

He stepped out of the helicopter and instantly regretted that he didn't wear warming clothing than just a jacket as the snow women greeted him. The wind stopped blowing and the temperature returned back to just freezing. He started to walk forward feeling everyone of the women's cold eyes upon him.

"I would rather fight a hundred vampires than be here right now." he thought getting very uncomfortable under there gazes.

As he got closer one of the women stepped forward. She had silver hair and the same blue eyes of the picture of Mizore. Tsukune stopped and waited for her to make the first move not exactly sure what to do. She stared at him coldly for a long time and Tsukune was pretty sure she was threatening him, as her eyes were stabbing him with daggers.

"This way." she said as coldly as her glare.

He followed her through the crowd of people. Some of them smiled but other gave him cold glares. She led him into a small house and closed the door behind him. The moment he turned around a very vicious ice claw was at his throat.

"Before I give you my daughters hand. I am going to make sure you are worthy of her." she told him meaning to kill him if he wasn't worthy.

"Mizore's mother? Nice to meet you." Tsukune said calmly extending a hand.

He had been in more dangerous situations before and if he had to he could protect himself but she was still quite intimidating. She ignored his hand and pushed the ice claws deeper in his neck making it bleed slightly.

"Tell me about yourself." she demanded.

"Well my name is Tsukune Aono. My parents were killed when I was young and I was adopted by the Wong family and I am a human." he told her with a smile.

"A human! How is a human supposed to protect my daughter!?" she screamed at him and her hair started turning into ice.

"I'm a lot stronger than you think. I am the Wong families number one assassin." Tsukune told her quickly.

"And your a assassin!" she screamed again and now the floor started forming ice spikes.

Tsukune was getting very cold and confused, as the temperature dropped dramatically.

"Well. . .ya. But I don't hurt women or children and only those that stand in me and my families' way of our dream." he told her quickly.

"And what might that be?" she asked threatening.

"A world were humans and ayashi can live peacefully together." he told her seriously.

She stared at him, mentally judging him. He didn't even seem to flinch as she threatened him and just seemed confused.

"What do you plan to do with my daughter after she marries you?" she asked just as coldly.

"Well I guess she would come back to Hong Kong with me where she will be protected. She will be treated with the upmost respect and will be free to do what she wants." he told her still bleeding a little from her claws.

"That's not what I meant. How will you treat her? She is a fragile little girl and she doesn't need just some man in her life. She needs a man she can love and that will love her back. Will you love her?" she asked him staring him in the eyes.

Tsukune didn't know what to say, he was being asked to love someone he never met.

"I can only offer her my protection and kindness. Beyond that. . .we will all have to wait and see." Tsukune told her returning her glare.

She slowly retracted her ice and let him go and the temperature returned to normal.

"My name is Tsurara Shirayuki. Get dressed, the ceremony well be held in an hour." she told him and pointed towards the bedroom.

"Wait. . .shouldn't I at least meet her first?" he asked a little shocked.

"There is no time, get dressed and I'll come back to get you when your done." Tsurara told him and left the house.

Tsukune still had many questions he wanted to find out and was sure Mizore did too. So he decided to put some of his assassin skills to work.

Tsukune stealthily went from building to building making sure to conceal his energy. He quickly found the house he was looking for and snuck in through the window to a bedroom. Inside the bedroom stood a very beautiful girl with light purple hair wearing a brilliant white wedding gown that matched her snow white skin. She was looking in a tall mirror at the dress she was wearing. She slowly did a twirl and stopped suddenly when she spotted Tsukune standing by the window. Tsukune couldn't help but stare. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and her eyes. You could get lost in the depth and beauty of her eyes.

"Hello, I'm Tsukune Aono of the Wong family. I just thought we should meet before we. . ." Tsukune said stopping short because he didn't want to be the one to say it.

She relaxed a little, relived that he hadn't been from Fairy-Tail but she still didn't let her guard down.

"At least he is good looking." Mizore thought as she looked him over.

"You know its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding." she said in a slightly mystical voice.

Tsukune could see that she had been crying and he felt bad for her. She had probably been rushed into this like he had, and must have been scarred. Everything had been happening so fast he didn't really have time to think about it.

"Listen, we don't have to do this. My family and I will still protect you even if we don't get. . .married." he told her softly.

She smiled slightly and her demeanor seemed to soften a little.

"There is more to this marriage than just protection." she told him and turned back towards the mirror.

"My people have arranged marriages all the time. It is the only way to keep our race alive." Mizore said adjusting her hair a little.

"Because of the short amount of time you have to bare children?" Tsukune asked and he had already known a long time ago where this conversation was going.

A long silence permeated the air and Tsukune waited patiently for her.

"Tsukune I have a favor to ask you." Mizore said and turned back towards him.

"If you cannot love me, please promise me that you will love our child." she asked softly and the tears began to form in her eyes.

Seeing her sad like that did not suit her, and he wished she wouldn't be. Though, the thought of being a dad was overwhelming and scary.

"You know I never even thought about being a father, especially so soon." he told her and Mizore started to shake a little.

"If we do have children of course I will love them. Who knows, maybe we will fall in love too." Tsukune said and smiled at her.

Mizore smiled brightly and shied away from his look.

"Your not what I expected. You kind and considerate and even a little. . .cute." Mizore said blushing slightly.

Before Tsukune could respond a voice came from outside the door.

"Mizore, are you ready?" Tsurara said as she opened the door.

"Who were you talking to?" she asked Mizore.

Mizore looked back towards where Tsukune was but he had vanished.

"No one mother." Mizore said.

Tsurara felt bad for her daughter having to go through something like this. She knew how scary this must be for her, she had also gone through something like this. Tsurara just hoped that it would work out like her marrage did. She looked at her daughter as she stared out the window and smiled.

"Perhaps there is hope yet for my daughter." Tsurara thought as her gaze drifted out the window.


Tsukune had barley finished getting ready when Tsurara barged into the room. She lead him up a hill that passed by a beautiful field of white flowers. While Tsurara was explaining there customs, Tsukune stopped to pick a flower. The smell was intoxicating, it made him feel. . .good. Tsukune resumed following Tsurara who had stopped to watch him. They stopped on the top of the hill and she lead him to a magnificent ice archway. It was beautifully carved, full of flowers and doves. She had him stand under it and wait patiently. Others soon began to gather around. Tsukune waited nervously and twiddled the white flower in his hand. Everyone's eyes were on him and they whispered quietly to themselves.

"I wonder what you guys would think about this arranged marriage?" Tsukune said to himself thinking about his parents.

Then slowly a very faint sound of music began to play and everyone went silent. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once and it grew stronger and more beautiful. Everyone turned to look down the aisle to where Mizore had appeared lead by her dad. They walked slowly down the aisle as everyone watched them. Mizore's father handed her over to Tsukune and gave him a very curt nod.

Tsukune looked into Mizore's eyes and he got lost in their depths. She smiled and it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She didn't look sad anymore, she looked happy. As he looked at her everything else faded from existence and the world itself stopped spinning to get a better look. Her beautiful smile, her light purple hair, her deep blue eyes and her soft white skin was all Tsukune could think of. The snow began to lightly fall around them and a snowflake fell on Mizore's cheek and he gently reached up to brush it off.

"I think I'm in love." Tsukune and Mizore thought.

The Snow Priestess began the ceremony but Tsukune was too enchanted by Mizore's beauty to pay attention. She looked so beautiful when she was happy. He had not expected to start feeling these feeling, especially so soon. His heart began to beat faster and time seemed to slow as everything but Mizore faded to white.

Mizore had hoped to be able to fall in love, and had not expected this at all. He was kind, considerate, good looking and she did not know why she was so. . .infatuated with him. His smile made her feel so. . .warm, but in a good way. He looked so weak and lonely like she was, but his demeanor told a completely different story.

Then abruptly to Snow Priestess and the music stopped and cries of alarm were heard in the crowd. Tsukune's loving gaze was torn from Mizore by an all to familiar presence, that demanded attention. He turned to face one of the most scary and powerful rivals he had.

"Hi Tsukune!" she said happily and waved to him.

She took a step and tripped on her dress and fell flat on her face. She recovered quickly and smiled as if nothing ever happened. He smiled and waved back.

"Hi Kahlua! I hope your not here on business." Tsukune said and gently pushed Mizore behind him.

Mizore was confused, he seemed to be friendly with her but he was so tense.

"I'm sorry Tsukune." Kahlua pouted.

"I really didn't want to ruin your wedding. It looks so beautiful and romantic." she told him sadly.

"I would have invited you but everything was on such short notice. Not to mention that you work for Fairy-Tail still." Tsukune said.

"This clumsy girl works for Fairy-Tail? And he was going to invited her to the wedding?" Mizore wondered.

"Then let's take this away from the village." he told her with a smile.

"I'm not here for you. I'm here for her." she said and pointed to Mizore.

Tsukune's smile faded and he looked her seriously in the eyes.

"She is under my protection and if I have to. . .I will kill you." he told her and Kahlua seemed a little shocked.

"She must mean a lot to you if you would hurt another girl for her. You must be in love!" she said giggling.

"Well. . .um that's a long story and I'm not sure how it's going to end." Tsukune said turning red and scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Your going to have lots of children right, since your a snow fairy? Can I come to your baby shower? I can make the best teddy bears! Can they call me aunty Kahlua?" she asked them, jumping up and down in joy at the thought of it.

Now Mizore was really confused, as she looked back and fourth from Tsukune and Kahlua. Kahlua was so happy and care free. Tsukune was acting friendly but so tensed up. Mizore couldn't tell if she was a friend or an enemy.

"Um. . .Tsukune?" Mizore asked in response to Kahlua's questions.

She didn't understand why Tsukune was acting so defensively around this clumsy girl.

"Her name is Kahlua. She is a powerful vampire and a skilled assassin. We have crossed paths many times. We are sort of. . .friends and enemies at the same time. I think it will all be cleared up in a minute." Tsukune told her keeping an eye on Kahlua.

"Tsukune I'm sorry. I dont really like fighting but I'm all out of time." Kahlua said starting to cry.

Tsukune's grip on Mizore tightened as he held her behind himself.

"Whatever you do, don't interfere and stay back." Tsukune told Mizore.

Tsukune took some steps towards Kahlua leaving Mizore behind him.

"You don't have to do this!" he told Kahlua.

"I have to. I do what I'm told and I was told to kidnap her." Kahlua said crying and she reached up to pull off her limiter.

Tsukune was upon her before she had completed her transformation. He delivered a quick blow to her stomach and then swung his leg around towards her head. Only to have his kick stopped abruptly in Kahlua's left arm. Her right arm was already transformed into razor sharp bat wings with her blood dripping down it. Tsukune quickly spun around to swing his other foot at her head narrowly dodging her bat arm. It connected and the two were temporarily separated.

Mizore was stunned at the sudden power and the violence between the two combatants. They went back and fourth, dodging and blocking each others attacks. They were so fast Mizore couldn't keep up with them and that scared her. More than being scared, she felt admiration, he was fighting to protect her and he had been so unexpectedly. . .strong.

Kahlua charged at him bringing around her bat bladed arm, taking advantage of his opening. Tsukune sacrificed his left arm and shoulder to block the attack but quickly delivered a powerful blow to her midsection. Kahlua coughed up blood all over Tsukune. He backed away from her letting his useless arm hang lifelessly. Even though he delivered a crippling blow Kahlua stood ready to fight.

"Dam it. She is charmed." Tsukune thought as he noticed her glazed over eyes.

Usually a punch like that would have knocked her out or if not he would have used that brief moment to escape. He couldn't have escaped this time though because he had to protect Mizore.

"I don't have a choice, I'm going to have to use my youjutsu. Please forgive me Kahlua." he thought as he brought up his right hand to strike, the energy flowing through his body.

"Stop!" a man called out before Kahlua or Tsukune could strike.

"That's enough Kahlua. You don't have to kill anymore." the man said as he walked up to Kahlua who became uncharmed.

"I don't?" she said weakly and collapsed in his arms.

"This round goes to you, Tsukune. If she would have kept fighting you would have killed her, wouldn't you?." he stated.

"Who are you?" Tsukune asked him suspiciously.

"Miyabi." he said simply and in a flurry of snow they disappeared.

Tsukune suddenly felt very fatigued and he collapsed in the snow. He had passed out from blood loss as he embraced the coldness around him.

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