"Tsukune!" Mizore screamed as she ran up to his uncounsiuos body.

He was loosing blood and fast. She ripped off the bottom of her dress to wrap his arm and shoulder in. The only people left on top of the hill was Tsukune, Mizore, her parents and the Snow Priestess. They all crowded around him trying their best to help him. Soon after he collapsed two member of the Wong family showed up to carry him to the helicopter. As they were loading him in Mizore said goodbye to her parents and the Preistess and boarded the helicopter.

"Even though the ceremony was interrupted I am still your wife." Mizore thought as she borded the helicopter.

"Besides it looks like I will have to protect you now." she said out loud as she stroked Tsukune's face.

She at least owed him that, since he got hurt because of her, something that no one else had done for her before.


Mizore's parents returned back to the village leaving the snow priestess alone on top of the hill. She stood still in one of her many trances as she watched the helicopter exit the barrier. She blinked once clearing away the many passing images before her eyes.

"What such great and terrible power." The Snow Priestess said out loud.

"Yes. . .how interesting." the ominous, dark voice of Jack Frost emanated within her.

"Even with Mizore by his side, there is no guarantee that we have prevented anything."

An eerie silence engulfed the snow covered landscape.

"Everything is in their hands now."


The helicopter ride was fairly short as it jumped between barriers. As they landed they were greeted by a young man in a ponytail. The two guards pulled Tsukune out and the man looked him over.

"Wow you really are feisty." he said looking up at Mizore, who was standing in a ripped up and blood covered wedding gown.

"What? No, that wasn't me!" Mizore stuttered getting very scared and embarrassed.

"I'm kidding. This happens all the time. By the looks of the wound I'd say it was Kahlua." he said and smiled at her and she forced herself to relax.

"My name is Fong-Fong, heir to the Wong family." he said politely and bowed to her.

"I'm Mizore Shirayuki." she said and returned the greeting.

"Not Mizore Aono?" Fong-Fong asked as the medics started wrapping up Tsukune's arm.

"Well the wedding was sort of. . .interrupted." Mizore told him weakly.

She was afraid that they would send her back since they weren't 'technically' married. Since that had been the arrangement, they would have every right to send her back.

"So what happened?" he asked her.

"During the ceremony, Kahlua showed up and at first I thought they were friends but then they started fighting. She crippled Tsukune's arm and he struck her hard enough to cough up blood. Before they could finish a man named Miyabi stopped the fight. He said Kahlua would have died if the fight was continued. Then we came here." Mizore finished telling him.

"Hmmm, that's interesting. He must really like you if he would go against his own code to hurt or kill a woman. He usually tries to avoid them and only defends himself when necessary." Fong-Fong said still pondering something.

"Are you going to send me back? Since we didn't get married?" Mizore asked worried as she shuffled on her feet.

She did not want to go back to where they could find her. She wanted to stay here to be protected and close to Tsukune.

"What? Of course not! You are under the Wong family's protection and we always keep our word." he said as if appalled she would ask such a question.

"Unless. . .you want to go back?" he asked and Mizore shook her head rigorously.

"Well okay then, welcome to the Wong family!" Mizore smiled quite relieved.

"Will he be okay?" Mizore asked Fong-Fong and he smiled.

"Of course he will. This always happens when he runs into Kahlua. It's Akuha you have to watch out for." Fong-Fong said as he laughed it off.

"Who is that?" she asked him.

"Akuha? She is Kuhlua's older sister. Although she might not be as scary as Kahlua but she is definitely the better fighter. Where Kahlua uses brute force, Akuha uses deadly precision and advanced fighting styles. She is more commonly know as the Black Devil." Fong-Fong to Mizore, filling her in.

"So he runs into them often?" she asked him getting very interested in the two enemy assassins.

"Yep. . .and he is always the one that losses. Since he won't hurt women or children. . .usually" he said as he looked skeptically between Tsukune and Mizore.

"Why won't he hurt women?" she asked him puzzled, he shrugged.

"At first I thought it was because his mother and cousin were brutally murdered in front of him. Then I thought that he was in love with either Kahlua or Akuha, but now I'm not to sure." Fong-Fong to her.

"What's he like?" Mizore asked twiddling with her popsicle.

"Tsukune? He's a good man, nice, caring, protective. He is also our best fighter, strong, lethal and. . .troubled." Fong-Fong explained to Mizore.

"Troubled?" she asked.

"He does his best to hide it, but he is angry, always angry. Ever since his family was murdered. We have done our best to help. We gave him a home, power and a family and he is grateful, but still angry." he told her as they watched the medics put Tsukune on a litter and carry him off.

"Maybe there is something you can do for him." Fong-Fong smiled and they followed the medics.

Fong-Fong offered to show her to her room but Mizore declined. She just wanted to stay by Tsukune's side and keep him safe.

"What are these feelings I am having? I only just meet him, but he makes me feel safe. He makes me feel like I'm not alone anymore, like he will always be there for me." Mizore thought.

She gazed down at him, he seemed to just be sleeping now. She crawled up next to him and fell asleep, letting her weariness overtake her on the comfortable bed.


The next morning Tsukune woke up cool and refreshed. He looked down to a sea of beautiful, light purple hair resting on his chest. Even if they had been almost married it still was an awkward position for the him, they barley knew each other. Also, Tsukune couldn't really move, because one of her legs was wrapped around his and she was practically on top of him. The medics had cut off his shirt to treat his wounds, so the cool touch of Mizore's skin touching his was all to relaxing and stimulating. He reached up his good hand and gently ran it through her hair, delighting in how soft and silky it was. She murmured in her sleep and her hand clutched at his chest.

Mizore stiffened as she woke up and realized the very awkward position she was in. She could hear his heartbeat, and was hoping that he was still asleep.

"Mizore?" Tsukune said softly.

"EEEK!" she screamed and out of instinct, she froze him solid.

She quickly regained her composure and unthawed him, but she was still blushing madly.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean too. I was just tired and. . ." Mizore babbled.

"I'm fine, it's ok." Tsukune said shivering.

Tsukune looked at her and could tell she was extremely worried and maybe embarrassed. He wrapped the blanket around himself to get warm.

"You know your very cute when you are sleeping." he told her.

If she wasn't embarrassed then, she certainly was now.

"You think so?" she said playing with the lollipop in her mouth, something she always did when she was shy or nervous.

She was still blushing very deeply and Tsukune could start to feel the warmth come back to him. He swung his legs off the bed and stood up. He winced at the pain when he tried to move his injured arm. Mizore was quickly by his side and placed a hand on his injured shoulder. Her cold touch gratefully numbing the pain in his arm.

"Thanks." he sighed in relieve from the pain.

He tired to take a step forward, but tripped on the blanket, as Mizore tried catch him but only fell on top of him. At that moment Fong-Fong came busting through the door, without knocking.

"Hey Tsukune. . ." he yelled out but stopped at the sight of the two.

He looked back and fourth and, smiled.

"Well I'll just leave the two of you alone." he said exiting quickly.

Mizore started blushing again as she hurriedly tried to get off him. She ran out the door before Tsukune could stop her.

"That was so stupid of me! He probably thinks I'm some kind of a sex craved succubus. I should have just stayed in my own bed." she said out loud to herself as she wandered the corridors.

She found someone to show her where her room was, though she didn't stay long. The servants told her to only ask if she needed anything.


Tsukune had the medics change his bandages before he went to see Fong-Fong. He knocked before he walked into his office, obviously a lot more than Fong-Fong would do for him.

"Good morning!" Fong-Fong said as Tsukune stepped in and Tsukune nodded in reply.

"So whats on your mind Fong?" Tsukune asked him.

"I have another assignment for you." he told him giving him an envelope.

"Already?" he grumbled as he roughly took the envelope from him. He pulled out a picture of a beautiful girl with dark brown hair and reddish brown eyes.

"What! Am I supposed to marry her too?" Tsukune said outraged that that they had played some kind of joke on him. . .again.

"Not unless you want to." Fong-Fong joked.

"Achoo." a soft sound came from above.

"What was that?" Fong-Fong said looking around for the source of the noise.

Tsukune shrugged for he did not hear anything.

"Well anyway. . .Its not a joke and you don't have to marry her." he told Tsukune.

"Then get someone else. I don't assassinate women." Tsukune told him.

"Mizore said you weren't holding back against Kahlua."

"Aachoo." another noise sounded again.

"There it is again." Fong-Fong said looking around. Tsukune looked up at the ceiling having heard the sound this time.

"Hmmm? Well there is no one else and it is very urgent. There are reports that she is raising an army of plants to unleash on the humans, very soon. So you are going to have to find a way to deal with it." Fong-Fong said.

"Fine, when do I leave?" Tsukune asked, turning his attention back to Fong-Fong.

"Today, it will take you a while to get there. It is all the way in Japan and there are no dimensional portals to get there. So you sould be about healed when you get there." Fong-Fong said straightening some papers.

Then all of a sudden the air vent in the ceiling burst open and Mizore dropped down from it. Fong-Fong dashed under his desk, papers flying everywhere screaming, "Assassin!".

Tsukune fell backwards in the chair he was leaning in, landing at the feet of Mizore.

"I want to come!" she said brushing off the dust.

They recovered themselves after her mare than dramatic entrance.

"What were you doing in the air vents?" Tsukune said pointing to the ceiling.

"So what's the mission?" she asked avoiding their questions.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Fong-Fong said.

"Why not?" Mizore threatened him with her ice claws.

"No reason!" he said as he hide back under his desk.

"It's because it's not safe." Tsukune told her.

"I'm sure that you will protect me." Mizore said leaning on him and giving him a very cute smile.

His defense began to shatter under her smile.

"Why does she make me feel this way? I barley know her!" Tsukune thought but still faltered when she smiled at him.

"It's not that, it's me. I'm not safe to be around when. . .when I'm working." he told her.

"I think I can handle myself." she told him as she played with her lollipop.

She looked him up and down and they both blushed a little.

"What is he so worried about?" Mizore wondered.

"Well its settled then. You two will be leaving within the hour." Fong-Fong said and he straightened out all of the papers again.

"Um ya, wait what?" Tsukune asked at the sudden realization of what Fong-Fong said.

"Good luck." Fong-Fong said as left the room.

"Hopefully you can get through to him." Fong-Fong thought to himself as he closed the door behind him.

"So is this the target?" Mizore asked in a strangely professional tone.

Tsukune's attention was pulled back to Mizore who was holding the envelope. Mizore was looking at the envelope with the information in it as she handed him the picture. Tsukune examined the beautiful girl that he was supposed to marry, instead of the photograph.

"What kind of information do we have on her?" she asked him.

"Well, um." he said as he looked at the contents of the envelope.

"Her name is Rubi Tojo. She is a powerful witch, most likely A-class. There is a physical description that fits the picture. She lives in a place called Witch's Ranch. There have been multiple 'human' disappearances in the area . Relatives: Unknown. Accomplices: Unknown. Motivation: Unknown. Past: Unknown. There isn't much else that we have on her." he told Mizore going through the papers.

"So we are supposed to 'assassinate' her?" Mizore asked going through the papers on her.

"Have you done this before?" Tsukune asked her.

"When I was little I used to play spy with my mom. I guess I got a little carried away." Mizore blushed, she really had just wanted to impress him.

"How are you supposed to 'assassinate' her when you won't hurt girls." She asked him.

"All I have to do is stop her, one way or another." Tsukune told her.

"You mean that 'we' have to stop her." she countered.

"I work alone." he said firmly.

"Not anymore, you don't." she said quickly.

"Come on let's get ready, we have to leave soon." she said.

"Mizore I. . .you. . ." Tsukune mumbled and sighed in defeat as he was lead out of the room.


They boarded the Wong family's private jet and took their seats. Tsukune and Mizore sat down next to each other. Both of them were very nervous but for two very different reasons. The Ling-Ling started up the engines and the plane began to move forward.

"This is absurd we are going to die. There is no way this chunk of iron can fly!?" Mizore said gripping the seat tightly.

The plane began to shake as it bounded forward from the Wong families private runway.

"No matter what happenes I have to stay in control! I have to stay in control!" Tsukune thought to himself.

He did his best to slow his breathing and he closed his eyes and tried to relax his muscles. The plane leveled off in the air and Mizore relaxed but she noticed that Tsukune was still very tensed up.

"This is not right! She shouldn't be here! Dammit Fong-Fong!" he thought angrily to himself.

"Tsukune? Are you okay?" Mizore asked him assuming that he must be terrified of flying.

She gentle touched his hand and he jerked it away.

"Huh? Ya I'm fine. Do you want something to drink?" he asked standing up.

"Some water please." she asked him feeling very thirsty after the very scary takeoff.

Tsukune nodded and walked to the back of the plane. He grabbed a couple of bottles of water and poured himself a shot of whiskey to calm his nerves. He was shaking so much that he poured it everywhere. He slammed the bottle down angrily. He gave up on the alcohol, he never liked the stuff anyway. He returned to his seat and gave Mizore one of the water bottles.

"Thanks." she said before quickly drinking the bottle.

She felt refreshed and relaxed a little. She looked over at the very tense Tsukune that was sitting next to her.

"Do you not like flying?" Mizore asked him, thinking it would be something they had in common.

"Huh? Oh no, I don't mind flying." he told her honestly.

"Then why do you look so tensed up and nervous?" she asked him.

Tsukune tried to control his breathing and he leaned forward on his knees.

"There is a reason why I work alone. I'm not safe to be around."

He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax a little. Mizore gazed at him with her enchanting eyes, silently waiting for him to continue.

"When I'm working sometimes, I get angry. Every now and then I will black out and when I wake up everyone around me would be dead. I don't know what happens and there are never any witnesses. The only person that knows what happens to me is Akuha, but she would never tell me. She was only only person who has survived when I black out, I didn't see her for six months after that. It's a secret that only me and the Wong Family know about. I'm not even sure Akuha knows exactly what happened, she probably thinks I just went into a berserker rage or something, or at least I hope that is all that happens." Tsukune told her while she listened patiently.

He closed his eyes trying to force out the bad memories.

"I know you would never hurt me. I knew it from the moment I met you." Mizore said as she wrapped herself around his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks Mizore." he said and griped her hand in his.

"So what's with Kahlua? Are you guys friends or what?" she asked him still holding his good arm.

"I think of her as a friend and I know she does. I think I'm the only friend she has and I feel bad for her because she is always forced to do things she doesn't want to do, hence the crying. She is one of the best trained assassins out there, but she is a child at heart and a good person. I always try to reach out to her. I tell her she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to and I offered the Wong families protection but nothing got through to her. When we run across each other on missions she always wins our 'duels' but I usually complete the objective. One day I hope we can be friends and not have to fight." he finished telling her and laid his hand down on hers.

"So what about Akuha?" she asked him.

"Akuha. . .well she scares the hell out of me. She is much stronger, faster and way more skilled than me or Kahlua. She almost killed me once, I would be dead if I didn't black out. I woke up and she was gone, six months later I ran into her on another assignment. She beat me of course but for some reason she didn't try to kill me as usual, like she was afraid of whatever happened last time would happen again. That single thought is what scares me the most."

Mizore pondered Tsukune's words, but she was just glad he trusted her enough to share such dark secrets. As for Tsukune, he was not sure why he told her these things, or even why he allowed her to come. She was such a beautiful mystery to him. He was so relieved that she wasn't afraid of him, like everyone else was. Except for the Wong family, his reputation scared most people and made it hard for him to make friends other than Kahlua. He just desperately hoped that she was right and he would never harm her.

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