Wow...I'm actually POSTING something on Person of Interest? How blasphemous!

Well, this something I thought up a long time ago and during a seemingly endless class lecture...I had ended up finally putting this all down onto paper. I decided to type it up and now...viola: a VERY prolonged thought process on the transitions of Reese's life. Very little dialogue. Might be a bit dry. Might be very boring to you. ^_^

Either way, thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this!

Post and Pre

Based on Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Before Reese got past his late twenties, he was…well, he smiled. He laughed. He could make a mistake and not have it eat away at the back of his mind for months and months afterward. His back didn't strain with the weight of his guilt and sin.

In summary, he was happy.

Then the twin towers were targeted as a principle epitome for terrorism, taking down nearly 3000 people as a permanent reminder. And, suddenly, the death toll took on the ripple effect, reaching him in a way he never thought possible.

It made him another statistic.

It wasn't obvious at first though. It started with the realization of knowing he just had to do something. Something that would appease the "noble heroics" gene hardwired into his DNA. But as it always has been, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It was only then, though, did he realize the life-shattering validity behind it.

And everything after that…was history.

So, for a few years afterwards, that was how he defined the segments of his life: pre-9/11, post-9/11.

And then he met the CIA.

He thought he already reached rock bottom. But as it turned out, rock bottom was only the beginning.


That was when he volunteered nine years of life to asphyxiating darkness and moral nonexistence. And just when he believed there would be no end to it, he had finally reached it. But it wasn't through the "heroic" transition into a "casualty of war." No, he had reached the aftermath of his choices–forced to suffer for them–through a more different, unfathomably crueler death…


…He came back to a city that had Jessica's body buried six feet under. Because of him. Because of his ignorance, his selfishness. His jaded knowledge of reality and his loss of faith in life. He came back to a city to escape the hell he had left behind, only to find out he had simply reached the opposite end of hell itself.

And things didn't end from there.

The angel that piled up the bodies became the angel haunting the graves. The brink of a cliff down spiraled into outright deterioration. He went from simply being nameless to barely having a head screwed on his hollow body. He was helpless. Hopeless. Pathetic.


But after two years of finding himself in that never-ending limbo, it took a matter of just 3 days for Reese to find himself believing that could all change.

It took a matter of one offer and a single explanation for him to tentatively start believing Harold Finch–or whoever that man really is–could really make that all change. It was to a point where it hurt to think that way. It's just been so long since he's ever had that kind of hope before. Even longer since it's been outright given to him.

That's why it just made things easier to think of Finch as some bored, rich guy. Much easier than compared to thinking of him as a loaded, sincere human being who was in desperate need for his expertise. It was…safer.

He still contemplates that even now, when he's gradually starting to have faith in Finch's good heart. And the only thing that is holding him together at this point is–

"You need a purpose."

Damn right he did. But could Finch deliver one?

Despite his better senses of self-preservation, Reese was also beginning to think that maybe, maybe, that man really could. The process is flawed–his first ever case with the two-faced Diane Hansen did more than just wake him up to that fact–but even his diamond of a pre-9/11 life was filled with jagged cracks. In all honesty, his post-9/11 life was him simply falling into those chasms.

And either way…

"If you want to leave, I'll give you enough money to get as far away as you need. Disappear."

Anything was better than disappearing again.


Especially when there's a reason not to. Especially when there was someone who was giving him a reason not to.

"And if I stay?"

But if it did turn out Finch wasn't everything he seemed to be…if his new alliance with this eccentric, yet humane billionaire showed it was nothing more than another cruel lie cloaked with promises and hope…

…Well, he knows exactly what his next segment in life will be.

And in that scenario, there's no more post or pre.

"Sooner or later, both of us will wind up dead. Actually dead, this time."


Hmn...I feel like this needs to be continued...well, I'll see if I can think up something. For now, though...