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Chapter 2

No easier...

It was now day two of working as a teacher, and Daisuke wasn't looking forward to it at all. He was walking into the school building with his elder sister, an irritated look on his face. He continued eye her with spiteful eyes, whilst she continued to ignore the fact that he was doing so. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to leave with both his father and his sister against him on the topic, he decided to give up on just asking to be let out of it. Instead he is now set on finding legit reasons to be let out of the job. That's when he remembered one of the children from his classroom.

That girl... if someone as strange as her won't get me out of teaching, no one will... however even if she doesn't I'm still sure as hell not giving up. He began to plan his simple approach on the topic, and when he had a plan, he looked up to his sister and began to speak.

"Hey, Shirai nee-chan, why is it that I have to continue this stupid teaching." His head looked back in front of him, as Shirai's turned towards him.

"Because it's what father wanted, why is it that you are so reluctant towards doing it?" She was unaware that she was leading herself into his plan, he on the other hand inwardly smiled, but knew not to get too excited.

His face stuck in its position, as Shirai turned her head forward as well. After a few more moments Aoki began to speak, "Well first things first, I wanted to continue my life as normal kids would have." She silently scoffed at this, but he chose to ignore it and continued, "and now I have new reasoning some of the children in there, one specifically, are rather... strange, to say the least." If nothing else, he had at least piqued his sister's interest.

"Strange? How so?" Once again he inwardly smiled at her words, but kept his outer appearance as a blank look.

They were now inside the building, and headed towards the teacher's lounge as their conversation continued, "Strange as in, the girl that I was just talking about, has a bit of a more... mature mind, and that being the case, I was asked to play a rather interesting game." These words made Shirai look his way, and he did the same as he looked up at her as well.

"...What kind... of game?" She started to grow suspicious and it was clear in her voice that she was doing so.

Aoki's face remained stoic as the conversation continued. Although realizing that it may not be the wisest decision to say out loud in the halls he stopped and signaled for her to bend down. She did so and he brought his mouth to her ear and he spoke of yesterdays incident. As the words left his lips and entered her ear, her face went red as she blushed. She quickly retracted her head and stood to full height as she stared at her younger brother with a face that held embarrassment.

"W...what happened!? Are you still a virgin!? Why didn't you say anything sooner!? L-l-l-lolicon!" The fact that she was yelling caused a lot of eyes to wander towards them, and he had to cover her mouth with his hand to make her shut up.

This, needless to say, he did not expect to happen. He closed his eyes, only to open them seconds later. He stared at her with a gaze filled with killing intent as he spoke, "I think it would be best if you shut up right now and calm down." His voice also held a sadistic tone as Shirai simply nodded her head.

He let go of her mouth and she began to speak, "A-alright, but you need to explain yourself." Her voice was now as calm as it was going to get.

He sighed and his gaze turned back to a stoic one, "I think you misunderstood something, but let's go over your entire little scene. First, I think you are forgetting my age, I can not be a lolicon, as I am now, and on top of that, the girl's age and my age aren't that far apart, only around three to four years. Second, Nothing happened, I declined her. Third, based of what I just said, yes I am a virgin, you dumb woman. And finally, I am not obliged to tell you everything now am I? Actually, I'm not obliged to tell you anything." His tone held more annoyance than anything else, the last thing he needed was his sex deprived sister accusing him of things.

Shirai simply stared at him as she calmed down, her face was returning to its normal stuck-up expression, to which Aoki sighed at as he continued to walk, simply pretending that conversation didn't happen. It didn't even matter anymore, he would rather deal with the adult minded elementary school student than his sister. At the very least he should have more control over what the girl thinks compared to what his sister thinks. They walked for a few minutes longer in silence, until they came to an intersection in the halls. Aoki turned to the left and headed to his classroom, and Shirai turned right, headed to the teacher's lounge, more than likely to see if anyone planned to sit around and slack off.

Daisuke continued to walk, ignoring any stares that he got from people who didn't know him, they were to be expected after all. Although, expected or not, he can't help but feel unpleasant. He has never enjoyed attention from others, but now he was forced into a job where he would have to deal with it. That thought alone made him dislike his family even more than he already did. He continued to walk, until he saw the door that held his fate, and led to a place that he never wished to return to. He sighed as he reached out to the sliding entrance.

As he proceeded to open it he instantly got glomped by the same girl that had previously filled his thoughts. And that one girl was already causing him problems as she lied on top of him. I can already tell this day is going to go very poorly...

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