"Katherine Kavanagh and Anastasia Steele for Mr Christian Grey. We have an appointment at 2pm" ,says Kate with her confident voice and the blond checked through a paper and says "Yes. Mr Grey is expecting you. You'll want the last elevator on your right and press for the 20th floor" and I nod at her holding my camera bag. She gave us a pass that has VISITOR stamped on it. I am definitely a visitor here.. I do not belong here. Everyone is dressed professionally and I am wearing my one and only pencil skirt with blue sweater and a jacket. I look grubby.

Why did I ever agree to follow Kate? I have to be at work this evening and I have my finals to study for. Damn Kate and her student paper interviews. I am her official photographer therefore I do not have a choice. We travel silently to 20th floor.

We reach the 20th floor and greeted by another blond, "Mr Grey will be here shortly. Please be seated Ms Kavanagh, Ms Steele." Does Mr Grey insist all his employees are blond? Kate will suit here well since she is a blond.. I mean strawberry blond, perfect figure and she is professionally dressed.

"How old is this guy Kate?" I whisper to Kate and at that moment we heard footsteps approaching.

A tall handsome man breeze trough the reception acknowledging the blond and enters the office.

"Mr Grey will see you now. Please go in. Need not to knock" says the blond and we walk into Mr Grey's office. Damn is huge. I just wonder why one man needs such a big space. From his office building to his personal office – its all vast! He has some artwork at one of the wall and it's breathtaking. I just could not tear my eyes away from it.

"A local artist. Turton" says Grey and he turns to Kate. I still murmured "Raising the ordinary to extraordinary" and Grey shot an admiring look at me.

She does have a good eye… and body! Stop it Grey.. She is a student… She is very different but I need to concentrate on Ms Kavanagh who has been bugging me and my PR people for the last three months for this damn interview and I DO NOT GIVE INTERVIEWS!

"Good afternoon Ms Kavanagh. I am Christian Grey" and he holds his hand out to Kate but his eyes was on me. So I just gave him a polite smile and nod. And for the first time I noticed that he is very young and attractive. Nice copper hair with deep gray eyes and those lips!

"Good afternoon Mr Grey. Thank you for your time and this is Anastasia Steele. My photographer for the day. I hope you don't mind."

"Nice to meet you Ms Steele" and I shook hand with him. I felt some electric current running through me when our hand touches. I wonder he feels it too.

"Good afternoon Mr Grey" and I pull my hand away." I will just prepare my camera. Please carry on"

Such a beautiful face and there is an electric jolt passing through me when our hands touched. I wonder if she feels that too. Where was she hiding all this while? Hold it Grey .I repeat! She is a student. Don't get any ideas and I slam my subconscious down and started concentrating on the interview.

While Kate was asking her questions – I started snapping some pictures of Mr Grey. Boy he is handsome. How could someone be so beautiful and enigmatic. And his grey eyes are so… Ahhhhh. Are you falling for him Steele? He might have someone already… look at him – you and he are poles apart. And with that I shut my subconscious. Damn she is always right.

"Are you gay, Mr Grey?" asks Kate and my jaws dropped to the floor and my checks were bright red. How could you Kate! And Mr Grey just raised his eyebrow and looked at me instead. Blue eye to grey eye and there is sparkle in his eye. He then looks at Kate and says "No Ms Kavanagh, I am not gay."

This is a question even my family member doesn't ask me and what this lady is thinking. She deserve some spanking. And the interview carries on.

"Thank you for the interview Mr Grey" and its my turn… "Thank you Mr Grey. Nice meeting you"

" Like wise Ms Steele. Did you get all the photos that you wanted?" I want to talk to her.. how can I make her stay longer?

" Yes Mr Grey, I got the pictures. Thank you very much for your time" and again I felt the electricity and his gray eyes are just mesmerizing. Its saying something but I can't understand it.

We hurried out of the building towards our car – or better said, Kate's CLK Mercedes.

"How did the photos turn up Ana? What you think of the interview? Say something!" exclaim Kate.

"Kate… I think you are the dumbest person in the whole United States! What the hell were you thinking when you asked him if he is a gay? Don't you have any sense?"

"Ana… He has not been photographed with a date neither seen with one. What do you expect me to think?"

What ever… I can still remember Mr Grey's expression. Damn it's embarrassing.