After my Yoga and meditation, I head to our new apartment. I caught Sawyer following me. I think I need to put a stop to this. I have not gotten over Mrs. Robinson and I now I am beginning to hate being followed. Over the days, Sawyer has made himself more visible compared to earlier days. I must address this to Christian.

I busied myself cleaning the apartment until Kate arrives with Elliot and the movers. After whole afternoon of sorting and arranging our furniture and stuff we are drained. After a quick shower, I log on to the internet – Google maps to be precise. While the page is loading, I check my phone and there were messages.

I am missing you. Can I see you for dinner?

Sent 2.05pm, 14th May 2011

Have you settled into your new apartment?

Sent 2.20pm, 14th May 2011

Where are you Anastasia?

Sent 2.30pm, 14th May 2011

I am not driving myself there because Elliot has confirmed that you

are busy rearranging your room.

Sent 2.45pm, 14th May 2011

Text me when you done. Else you will find me at your


Sent 3.00pm, 14th May 2011

I am not a patient man, Anastasia.

Sent 4.30pm, 14th May 2011

What the hell is his problem?

'Ana… I am going for early dinner with Elliot. Do you want to join?' Kate chirps from my door.

'Nope.. You go ahead. I will find something to eat later or just call pizza. Have fun.'

Once Kate is out, I quickly typed out my reply to Christian bugging Grey.

Mr Grey.. I have been busy the whole day.

As you are aware, I am shifting house today and

since you have not done it before

I believe you are not aware how tiring and how much

work is involved in it. I am extremely drained at the moment

and wish not to be disturbed.

Sent 5.30pm, 14th May 2011

There… That will give him something to think about. He can't expect me to reply his messages immediately. I hear the entry phone buzzer goes off and I head to the living room.


'Let me in Anastasia'

Oh my god. It's Christian and he does not sound warm. I let him in. seconds later he is standing at my front door. Lucky Kate is not at home.

'Aren't you going to let me in?'

'Come in Christian.' I turn around and he enters the house closing the door behind. He immediately pulls my arm and turned me around and kissed me hard and long. It was more of a possession claiming hungry kiss. When he let go, I was panting for breath.

'Why are you here?'

"Aren't you happy to see me?'

'I am .. But I am also tired.'

'What was that text about?'

'I saw your texts and it was very… constant.. Why? You do know I am busy and you can't expect me to be keeping tab of my phone.'

'Ana… I expect you to keep tab of your phone. You must reply when I text you.. You must answer when I call you. You can't ignore me.'

'Umph… I am not ignoring. I was busy. I believe you will do the same when you are busy!' I can't help but to raise my voice. I am getting a little irritated with him.

'Don't you dare to raise your voice to me Ms Steele. I will never ignore any of your calls, messages or emails.'

His voice is quiet… deathly calm and that sends shiver down my spine. I swallow hard.

'I would not mind spanking you Anastasia for what you have done.'

' I mind that Mr Grey. You can't spank me. I am not your sub' I replied with equally quiet voice.

I can see he is getting angry but what I have said is the truth. I am not his sub and he has no rights to spank me. I could not help wondering what has happen to the love dovey Christian that I knew till last night. This Christian is scary. Is this what he refers to as 50 shades of fuckedupness. He runs his hand through his hand and closes his eyes. After 15 seconds, he opens his eyes and it's brighter. He hugs me and I just stood there did not know what he is going to do next.

'I am sorry Ana… I am not use to people defying me. You are the first one. This is the first time I argued with a woman and being told off. If you were my sub, you might not be able to sit for a week.'

'Why… you would have cane me?'

'Maybe worst!' he smiles. I feel like punching his face so his smile will disappear.

'Well… I am not your sub so you can't cane me. If you want me around you… then I think you should get use to this. Now... Why are you here?'

'I was worried about you. You did not answer my texts. I had to text Elliot to find out if you are fine. Once Elliot and Kate went out, I know you are on your own. So I came over.'

'Christian… I am a big girl. Grown woman. I can take care of myself. I also wanted to talk to you about Sawyer. I am not comfortable with a man following me where ever I go. Please remove him. I don't want him following me everywhere.'

'Ana. He is there to protect you.'

'From what?'

'From all those sexual predators out there.'

'Huh… Are you out of your mind? I did not have anyone following me for the past 21 years and there were no predators around me. '

'You want a list Ana?'

'You have a list?'

'Jose, Ethan, Paul and few from your University.'

He is crazy.

'Christian… I am tired. I want to go to bed. Please leave.

'Dinner first' and he holds my hand. He looks so hopeful that I can't resist him.

'Fine.. let me change.'

I head to my room and change into a white Punjabi suit. Christian drove me to a nearby restaurant and we had pasta. Over dinner I could not help but asking about Mrs Robinson.

'Why do you still talk to Mrs Robinson?'

He laughs and looks at me as if I am dumb.

'She is a business associate.'

'She also finds subs for you!' I snapped.

'She did… she won't anymore.'

'I don't like her.'


'Christian… she took advantage of you.. A young boy. Seduced you and introduced you to the world of BDSM and you can't come out of it.'

'Ana… as I said. I needed that diversion. She channeled my anger towards sex. That helped me to be a better person. I stopped brawling, able to concentrate in studies and I was able to excel in what I was doing. I became a better person. '

'How old was she'

'Old enough to know more.'

'Answer me. How old was she?'

"Ana.. I am not used to people asking me and commanding me. Can you stop it?'

'You have to get use to it Christian.'

'Do you know something? You are the most frustrating woman in the whole world.'

'No Christian, you are the most frustrating man in the whole world. You expect everyone to be as how you expect. I want you to know something. I am not like that.'

I am done with my dinner and I have given Christian something to think about. I hope I did not scare him off.