I am sorry Ana… Please call me

Sent 2.15am, 17 May 2011

28 missed calls and 52 texts all saying sorry. Since I walked into the apartment, Christian has been calling and texting me. I can't bring myself to reply neither answers my phone. In between, Jose has been texting me apologizing for the mistake he has done. I am a person who would not tolerate betrayal. Jose has betrayed my trust. He spiked my drinks. Kate is with me on this. Kate has also told Jose off on his behavior. Now, Christian has betrayed my trust. I do not tolerate betrayal but in Christian's case, I love him. I love him a lot and that love brought us together. I trusted him. I trusted him not to cause pain to me but he just got carried away. Whatever the maybe is, it is still not acceptable. I can't sleep and I know Christian can't too. He would not be texting me if he is asleep.

Ana.. don't hate me. Please..

Sent 2.30am, 17 May 2011

It is going to be a long wait before I reply him. I drift into troubled sleep after silencing my phone. After a good one hour meditation, I feel calmer.

Ana… I am terribly sorry for what I have done.

It is already weeks and I realize my mistake.

Please call me.

Sent 10.10am, 17 May 2011


'Ana! Thank you … thanks for calling. I thought you will never forgive me.'

'Jose… what you did was not acceptable. I am your friend and how could you spike my drinks and try to push your luck! I have never had any feelings towards you. You were more like a brother to me.'

'I know Ana.. I was stupid. I am sorry.'

'What do you want now?'

I am still annoyed but he is still a friend. Maybe I should learn to forgive people.

'Ana… I have an exhibition coming up. I would like you to come.'

'You mean your photos? Congratulations. When is it?'

I know I don't sound excited but the truth is I am but it is drawn with my thoughts on Christian.

'It's the first Thursday of June at Portland Exhibition center.'

'Sure Jose. I will be there.'

'How is Kate? Has she left to Barbados?'

'Yes Jose. I am leaving to India tomorrow morning. I will be back next Friday. '

'Visiting your mom huh… have fun. Okay I got to go. Catch u later Steele.'

I feel refreshed after the phone call but still not in the mood to eat. I sat down and started watching crap TV. My mind kept on drifting to Christian.

At two, the entry phone rang.


'It's Taylor ma'am'

'Come up…'

I opened the door and Taylor came in. He is holding a box.

'This is from Mr Grey ma'am.'

'How is Christian?' I asked sincerely. I am a little worried about him but he has to pay for what he has done. My back still stings when I sit.

'He is not doing well. May I speak ma'am'

'Only if you call me Ana' I smiled.

'Ana… he is devastated. He broke all the wooden rulers in the playroom, and few other items. He slept in the closet which houses your dresses. Maybe you should call him but I am not forcing you.'

'Hmmm… He can't get away with everything. What he did to me is traumatizing. I need time away. I am leaving to India tomorrow. I will be back next Friday. I will speak to him when I return.'

I slowly opened the box and I find a dozen of white roses with a note.


I could only sob. Be strong Steele.

'Please thank him for me. Tell him I will contact him when I am ready.'

'Sure ma'am. Have a safe journey.'

The smell of the roses was heaven. I clutch the box and drifted into a troubled sleep. It was late evening when I wake up. I quickly put the roses in a vase. I have decided to call Christian tomorrow from the Airport. After booking my cab for tomorrow morning, I wrestle up a sandwich and gulp it down. After checking my luggage and ensuring I have everything, I head to bed.

My flight is at 7.20 and I have to be at SeaTac before 5.20. My watch says it is 3.30 and my cab is due in 15 minutes time. I got my luggage ready at the door. Knowing Christian, I would not be surprised if he gets Sawyer to guard me until I check in. My cab arrives on time. While loading my luggage I notice Sawyer's car but decided to ignore. Once I reach Sea – Tac and head in. I decided to call Christian. Something tells me that he is not asleep. He picks up on the first ring.

'Ana! Anna… I miss you so much.'

He did not let me say a Helo.. damn this man.

'Hi Christian… How are you. Why are you awake?'

'Ana… I can't sleep. You are always in my dreams when I sleep. I don't want you in my dreams.. I want you physically… to hold you…to hug you Ana… '

'Christian. I got the flowers. They are lovely. Thank you. Now.. I want you to go to bed and sleep. I am at SEATAC but I think you know because I saw Sawyer.'

'Ana… it is for my peace of mind. You are going away today… I don't know how I will survive eight days without you.'

'You will be fine. I will e-mail you. Can you text me your email address?'

'I will send you an email straight away.'

'Oh God.. Christian… what else you know about me?!'

'Ummmm technically everything… including the flight that you are going to take.'

'Stalker!' but I laughed. My anger vanished. I love him.

'Witch! You have bewitched me and got me wrapped around you.'

'Go to bed Christian… Good night.'

'Good night baby… safe journey.'

I ended the call and head to the Cathay Pacific check in counter.

'Ma'am, your ticket is upgraded to first class. Please proceed to the first class waiting lounge. Have a pleasant trip ma'am.'

What? Upgraded?

'Are you sure?'

'Yes maam. Anastasia Steele – Upgrade 1st class.'

'Thank you.' I know who did this. I pull out my phone and it pings – an email. My personal email. This man has no boundaries.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: My Email Address

Date: May 19 2011 04:30

To: Anastasia Steele

Ms Steele,

As promised. A mail from me.

Hope to see you soon.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Thank you

Date: May 19 2011 04:32

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

Thank you. I miss you too. See you next week.

Anastasia Steele

I reached Chennai Airport the next day. Boy it is hot. After immigration checking, I head out and found my mom waiting for me.

'Mom!' and I hugged her.

'How are you darling!'

'Good mom… come..'

We reached her house and I quickly head to the kitchen to se my grandmother.

bolded conversations are in tamil

'Hi ammama(grandmother)… how are you?'

'I am fine… How have grown so much.'

'I have graduated!'

'I know darling… congratulations. What do you want me to cook for you?'

'Ummm… thosai and hot chatuni?'

'Okay… go and freshen up and I will get them ready.'

Before I hopped into shower, I typed out an email to Christian.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Arrived

Date: May 20 2011 16:32

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

I have arrived at my mother's place safely and now waiting for my favorite dish. I am still angry with you for what you have done.

Anastasia Steele

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Why?

Date: May 20 2011 02:32

To: Anastasia Steele

Ms Steele,

Glad that you have reached your destination safely. For upgrading?

p/s: What is your favorite dish?

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Angry

Date: May 20 2011 16:34

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

For hitting me AND upgrading!

p/s: Nothing that you will like

Anastasia Steele

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Sorry

Date: May 20 2011 02:36

To: Anastasia Steele

Ms Steele,

I have said I am sorry. What can I do to get into your good books?

Christian Grey

CEO and Food Inquirer, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Angry

Date: May 20 2011 16:34

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

I will think about it. You are not allowed to contact me unless I contact you.

Anastasia Steele

Moments later I was at dining table enjoying my favorite dish. Mom has gone to work. She will be taking leave next few days to keep me accompanied.

The next few day, I went shopping and visited Mahabalipuram. An ancient site where temples and idols. On Wednesday, just two days before I leave to Seattle, mom was called back to work. She works as the Human Resource Manager for a shipping company. She need to get back to work because there is a visitor from US and she is doubling up as translator and coordinator. I decided to hitch a ride with mom to down town as I would like to do some shopping. After dropping me off, she heads to her office which is in the same road. A good 2 hours shopping was worthwhile because I manage to get few stuff for Kate and myself. As I reach my mom's office, I noticed Taylor. What the hell is he doing here?!


'Ms Steele… Nice to see you.'

'Anastasia…. ' I turned around and Christian is standing beside my mom. My mom looks surprised.

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