Oh Dear… What the hell is he doing here?

'Hi Anastasia. Nice to see you here.' He offered a handshake. My mind started to think frantically what to say to my mom. Yes she is open minded but about what I have been doing since I met Christian is not something that she can accept. I took his hand.

'Mr Grey. Surprised to see you here.' I look at my mom and decided to introduce both.

'Amma… this is Mr Grey. Christian, this is my mom, Sanjana.' This is so awkward.

'How do you know him Susi?' my mom asked smiling but her eyes… I know I am in trouble.

'I followed Kate as a photographer for an interview. He conferred our degrees. Dad met him during the graduation ceremony.'

'Alright. I have to go now. I will be finishing at 4.30.'

'Ok amma. I will wait for you here.'


'My home name.'

'Ic… '

'What are you doing here?' stalker! I added quietly. My blood started to boil.

'Business. Let's do tea. I heard ..'

'No. I am still mad at you. '

'Ana..' and he reaches to my hand. I quickly pulled my hand. Few other staffs started to gather. My mom was there too. This is too embarrassing.

'Christian… talk to you later. People are waiting for you. And don't you dare touch me.' I hiss quietly.

I turned my heals and walk away. I know my mom is going to go thermonuclear on this issue. She has been controlling me on whom I see and which boy I talk to. She knows all my friends while in India. After I moved to States, she does not shadow me as how she use to but she still keep tabs on my where about and who I am mixing with. Christian was the only exception. I can't tell her … amma.. this is the guy who deflowered me and he is into BDSM. It is a taboo here!

My local hand phone rings and it is from my cousin.

'Yes Divya…'

'Hey Su… I am at . Wanna catchup?'

'Sure.. Where?' I am still too distracted with Christian.

'Saravana Bhavan? Are you ok?'

'I am fine. I will be there in 10 minutes.'

'I will grab a table.'

I started walking. As promised I reached the restaurant in 10 minutes. Divya waves her hand from a table. It is almost after lunch hour so the crowd has subsided. I head to the table and ordered banana leaf meal.

'Su… what is bothering you? Did your mom say something?'

Divya has been my very close cousin. She knows all my secrets and I usually confide into her. She is like Kate in India… I need someone to talk to and I can't call Kate. I know that if I talk to Divya, my secrets will stay with her.

'Div… I have a problem.'

I have got her full attention. After the server serves our meals, I start talking.

'I met this guy in States just before graduation.'

Divya continues staring at me. I love this girl for always being a good listener.

'His name is Christian Grey and he owns his own multi million business. We sort of hit off and dad knows him as my boyfriend. He says he loves me and we sort of are together. We had a small misunderstanding before I left and I was not talking to him. I only mailed him when I got here. I refuse to talk to him.'

She is still quiet listening.

'Today I went to mom's office to see how she is going and to ask if she can grab lunch and I saw him at mom's office. You know how mom is on things related to boy issues.'

'Yes … you did not….' And I know what she is asking.

I blushed and she understood.

'Are you sure he won't dump you?' I know why she is asking. In India it is common for guys to sleep with a girl and later to dump her. That is one of the reasons why Indian mothers are protective towards their daughters.

'I don't think so. Now I don't know what to tell my mom. She looked pretty upset when she knew that I know this guy and never told her about it. I have never kept secrets from her… ' I started eating. After a quiet 5 minutes, Divya came up with an idea.

'Just tell your mom, you guys know each other from States and you were not aware that he is here. Don't give her any other things on your relationship. Go back to States… solve your problem with him but frankly… If possible solve it here. Is he here after knowing you are here or it's a coincident?

'He knows I am at Chennai but how can he know where my mother is working and get a business deal with the company.' I eliminate the stalking tendancies.

'Susi… I know you won't fall for any guy… I think things will work out… but I know your mom needs convincing. You must convince her before she goes barreling to you on relationship and stuff…'

'I told her how we met. I am sure she is going to drill me more.'

'Don't mention that you have done it… if you get what I am saying.'

I nod. I know I can't tell her. After lunch, Divya wanted to get some saris and we head to one of the silk stores. After leaving me at my mom's office, Divya left but she made me to promise her to tell her how it went with my mom later on. God save me!Mom was out of her office at 4.30 sharp and when she sees me I know I am in deep trouble. The drive home was deathly quiet. After bath, mom calls me to the terrace and I know what it is about.

'Susi… We need to talk.'

Her voice is stern but calm. I hope I am not in trouble.

'You told me you knew Mr Grey while you were in States. You followed Kate as a photographer.'

'Yes amma.'

'Is there anything that I need to know?'

My fingers are knotted on my lap and I know my mom can read me like a book.

'Amma… he said that he loves me. I like him to but before coming here, we kind of had an argument.'

'IC… You are a big girl… you know how to protect yourself. I hope you know how to take care of yourself. May I know what the argument is about?'

'Ummm he was sort of a control freak. I felt caged.. and he argued with me. So I blow my top off and left.' I can't tell her he has hit me… she won't understand.

'He seems to be a stable person and if you were to proceed to continue your relationship with him, I approve but know your boundaries.'

'Yes, I understand.'

'Tell me about him. I want to know what kind of guy my daughter is going out with.' She smiles. I am safe!

'He has his own business. I have met his family for dinner once where he told that he loves me. I have never been in any relationship so does he..'


'Umm yes… he has not been in a relationship.' I can't tell about his 15 subs!

'Ok.. I trust you. Now.. let's have dinner. Your favourite kaara chatuni with idli.'

'Coming now mom. I need some time.'

My mom smiles and left. I wonder if being with Christian is a good choice. He is being secretive… well I have not asked him anything personal. I like his family. I hope they like me too.. He is soo rich. He has businesses all over the world. I don't have anything but my student load. Will this work? I walk to the dinner table and my mom looks more relaxed after the talk. Middle of the dinner, my US phone rings and I answered … my roaming charges is going to hit the roof. After answering, I returned to the dinner table with a bright smile on my face.

'What?' my grandma asks.

'I have got a job! At Seattle Independent Publishing. Assistant Editor.'

'Congratulations!' My mom and grandma hugs me.

After talking to Divya, I decided to e-mail Christian.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Blending into India

Date: May 24 2011 22:36

To: Anastasia Steele

Ms Steele,

You looked lovely. India suits you… I think it suits me too.

Christian Grey

CEO and going to be Indian, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: You Indian?

Date: May 24 2011 22.37

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

Thank you for the complements. I was surprised to see you. Why didn't you tell me that you are coming to India?

Curious Anastasia Steele

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Shipping to India

Date: May 24 2011 22:38

To: Anastasia Steele

Ms Steele,

The shipyard in Taiwan is not possible. As I told you before, I have to find a place in ASIA and Ros found the company I went to today. Your mother is a lovely and friendly woman. Now I know where you got your traits from.

Christian Grey

CEO and half way being Indian, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Apologies

Date: May 24 2011 22.40

To: Christian Grey

Mr Grey,

Thank you again.

Christian… I have thought hard about us. I accept your apologies.

Forgiving Anastasia Steele

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Happiest Man

Date: May 24 2011 22:41

To: Anastasia Steele


You have no idea how happy I am. I want to hold you now… but I know it is not possible. Thank you baby. I love you a lot and I missed you so much. How did your mom react about us? Have you told her about us?

Christian Grey

CEO and almost there Indian, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Happiest Woman

Date: May 24 2011 22.42

To: Christian Grey


I have spoken to my mother about us and she is happy. She trusts my decision. Anyway, I have news for you. I have been offered a job at Seattle Independent Publishing as Assistant Editor. I am starting next Monday.

Anastasia Steele

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Working Adult

Date: May 24 2011 22:45

To: Anastasia Steele


I am happy for you. Something to celebrate. Can you sneak out? I want you…

Christian Grey

CEO and almost there Indian, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Good night

Date: May 24 2011 22.48

To: Christian Grey


Yes something to celebrate and yes I want you too… but I can't sneak out. I will see you in Seattle. Good night and sweet dreams.

Anastasia Steele

I shut the machine and dozed off with a smiling face.