Christian left to work at 8.30 after much persuasion from me assuring that I will be fine working from my new study… converted from the playroom. Christian said that I could change the color scheme and put in whatever I want… and decorate this room however I want. Even though entering this room the first time after it is converted to my study, I am still haunted with vision of Christian with the wooden ruler. Christian saw my hurt and he was quick to comfort me and assured that he doesn't regret what he has given up to have me. Even though I am working at home, I still opted to dress professionally. I wore a nice blue sundress and a nude shade sandal and settle down in the study. I logon to my email and to my shock there were about 50 emails… few from my mother and friends from India and from my Uni-Mates. All asking about Christian. I opened my mother's e-mail first.

From: Sanjana Sadashivan

Subject: In the news?

Date: May 29 2011 07.25

To: Anastasia Steele


An article from Tamilnadu Times was brought to my attention. Below is the extraction complete with pictures.

'Our darling dancer – Susila – has been caught kissing an American Billionaire in Seattle International Airport upon her arrival in Seattle. Susila was in Chennai visiting her mother for a week which was right after graduating from her higher studies from Washington States University. There were rumors that the Billionaire was also here and visited Susila at her residence and to get acquainted with her mother and grandmother. Was he here to seek their permission for marriage?

Susila had performed recently at Seattle Cultural Center and the same Billionaire was seen leaving the event with our very own Susila. They were seen entering In At the Market and the billionaire leaving few hours later.

Susila has been our asset in classical dance arena and has created her own style and movement. She has won several awards and she even has a movie proposed waiting for confirmation. Several music directors have approached Susila to sing in their movies but nothing has been confirmed yet. Susila has been a dancer since her young age and now, with a billionaire under her belt, will she be able to perform?

Are you serious with Christian? You did not tell most of this. I just hope that you know what you are doing and please don't damage your reputation here. People are following your moves. Be careful.


Your Mom.

Oh Dear… how the hell the papers got this. I quickly forward the mail to Christian – just to let him know and reply my mother.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: In the news?

Date: May 29 2011 09.30

To : Sanjana Sadashivan


I am so sorry that you have to read the news. It is all over the tabloids and internet. It is only one welcome kiss and the whole thing has blown out of proportion. We have paparazzi squatting out at the apartment. Christian asked me to stay with him until all this subsides. He is afraid if any harm might come my way. His father has also advised me to stay indoors. Another sad news is that, my employer asked me to join the company after I sort out all this. I am so upset. Christian has setup a study in his house where at the moment I am working on my designs. I have 3 boutiques who have ordered some designs. I can survive with that. I will write to you more when all these have subsided.

Please don't worry about me. I am a big girl and I will take care of myself. I will not do anything that will damage anyone's reputation. I give you my word.

Take care mom.



Hmm.. my mother is upset because of the news. This is not good. I have not heard from my father but he is not internet savvy… unless my mother informs him. My phone rings.


'Anastasia… how did the news go to India?'

'I don't know. Internet? Mom is pretty upset with the news. I have assured her that nothing will happen and I will take care of myself.' My eyes started tearing. It is hover dam waiting to burst.

'Anastasia… this will end soon. I promise you.'

And the dam burst. I start sobbing. I just want all this to end. I can't concentrate in anything. I disconnect the line and sit with tears running down my eyes. I don't know how long the time has passed and suddenly I fell two strong arms encircling my neck. From the scent, I know it is Christian. I rise from my chair and face him.

'Anastasia… I am so sorry.'

'It's not your fault Christian… I just need some time to adjust.'

'Anastasia… I want to take you to a place where you can relax.'

'No Christian… I am not in the mood to go anywhere. I just want to go to temple.'

All this has taken a toll on my little Anastasia. That one little kiss in the airport has brought so much of havoc in our life. How am I going to make this easy for her? Damn she did warned me about it at the air port.

'Christian… Do you have a minute?'

'Yes Ros..'

'We have to issue a statement. Things are getting out of hand… if nothing is issued… it will affect our share rates.'

'Fine… get the PR to say that I am with Anastasia Steele. Other matters are private and confidential.'

'Done that. This is the write up. See if it is fine?'

'Have you read it?'

'Yeah… you read it too.'

'Fine..' After going through the write up which states that I have met Anastasia during a student paper interview and things moved on from there. I am currently dating her and things are progressing smoothly. I am no longer available. Just as I am about to reach the end of the write up, an email from Anastasia arrives.

'One minute Ros.'

Oh god!

'Ros… our news is in Indian Newspaper. Anastasia's mother sent an email with the write up about our relationship complete with photo.'

'Is that going to affect our deal there?'

'I don't think so because my name is not mentioned but it did mention Seattle and WSU and her dancing.'

'Fine... Maybe we should include on your liking in her dancing and she will continue.'

'You think we should?'

'I think I will get PR to rephrase it. Something along, you will not interfere in her dancing stuff. Is that fine?'

'Yeah… I think you should include that. The write up is talking about her opportunity in singing for movies and dancing may be affected by me. I want Anastasia to do what she wants to do… but funny she never mentioned anything about the singing.'

'Fine.. I will get this going.'

'I will call her.'

I must get to Anastasia. She is crying and she is so broken. She sounds so down and low even on the phone.

'Andrea… gets Ros to handle all my meetings. If she can't then cancel it. I am leaving for the day and I will back maybe next week. I will let you know my schedule.' I dash out to be with Anastasia.

Anastasia is staring blank when I reach her in her study. She has been crying and now no tears left. I am going to take Anastasia sailing. That should make her relax. But after talking to her, her reply was simply, ''No Christian… I am not in the mood to go anywhere. I just want to go to temple.'

'Fine baby… anything you want. When do you want to go?'

'Evening. You think no one will follow me?'

'I will make sure that you are safe. At least allow me to take you for lunch.'

Anastasia just nodded in agreement. I can see how broken she is and I just need to fix her back. She needs to talk back to me… fight with me… she being emotionless like this is killing me. I decided to take her to my club – the mile high club. After a big sigh, 'I will go change.'

'Ok baby…'

'Ros! Make sure the article is out today and tomorrow. Pass me to Andrea.' Few seconds of waiting, 'Andrea… informs my club I am bringing Anastasia for lunch. I will text you shortly if I need vegetarian food.'

I walk to my room and Ana is brushing her hair in the bath. I must get a dresser for her… maybe I should let her decorate this room to her liking… buy any furniture that she needs.

'Anastasia… '

'Yes..' still brushing her hair… her hair is beautiful and I don't understand why she brushes it vigorously.

'Why are you torturing your hair?'

'No I am not.. I am brushing it so it will be bouncy and shiny.'

'Your hair is always beautiful and shiny and smells good.' I walk close to her and hold her inhaling her wonderful scent. She is in a wonderful yellow blouse and black pleated skirt. She looks adorable and I love her for that.

'Thank you… Are you taking me for lunch or what?'

'Yes.. Anything specific?'

'Nothing… anywhere will do.'

I decided to drive the R8 and got Taylor to follow me with Sawyer in another car. I just want some time alone with Anastasia. We reach my club and we took the elevator. The charge started charging and I know Anastasia can feel it to. She peeks up to me and smiles shyly. That's it! I know how to cheer her up… she needs to be out and I am going to take her out after lunch… sea side… spend some time in my yatch and get back home in time for her to get to temple.

'Christian.. what are you thinking?'


'Do you feel it?'


'Then why haven't you launched yourself to me?'

I burst laughing… I can't stop laughing…

'Anastasia… hahahahah that Christian is gone… I love you and I respect you… I won't launch myself to you uncontrollably.' But while speaking to her… I have moved closer to her and holding her around her waist. Anastasia tip toed and kissed me on my lips lightly.

Ping! The elevator opens and I hold her hand out to the club and one of the waitresses is waiting for us.

'Mr Grey… welcome. I am Jennifer, your waitress. May I lead you to your table?'