Humph… your waitress! He doesn't need a waitress… the way she is swaying her hips… soon it will dislocate at one of her spine bone or she may trip and fall and break her neck because of the super high heel she is wearing.

'Your seats sir… maam.' She purrs hovering her eyes over Christian longer than necessary. We sit and she places the menu in front of us and leaves us to decide.

'Anastasia,' Christian says after Jennifer leaves, 'you have no reason to be jealous.'

'I am not.' I denied.

'I can see.' He smirks. I just smiled and concentrated on my menu. He is just sooo right.

'Tennesee Chicken with fresh orange.'

'Do you want some mushroom soup?'


Christian signals the waitress and she comes again swaying away.

'Tennessee Chicken and Lamb Chop medium rare, fresh orange and white wine. Give us some mushroom soup while waiting.'

'Very well Mr Grey… do you need anything else?'

'No.' but Christian's eyes is fixated at me. Serves you!

'Anastasia, GEH will be issuing a press release today and tomorrow about us.' Christian says after the waitress leaves.

'What is it going to say?'

'Simply that we are together and you will still continue your dancing and singing. The email from your mother says that you have opportunity from music directors to sing and if you decide to sing, I will not stand in-between.'

'Yah.. I had few but I have not said anything. I don't want such fame. I want to be a normal person. Those directors heard me singing while I was studying in India and they have been asking me to sing since then. My only interest is dancing and I am going to give that up. '

'Anastasia… no… you have talent! You can't give that up just because of this nonsense. I liked your dancing and I want you to continue.'

'Christian.. I just don't know what to think. I …'

The waitress brings our soup and she still smiled seductively. I just couldn't care about it.


'This is good.' I say after taking the first sip.

'Anastasia… do you want me to talk to your mother?'

'No Christian… she will be fine. She trusts me.'

We had empty chitchat mainly on my dancing and Christian continued pestering me to sing. When we were about to finish, an older looking lady who is elegantly dressed approached us… but smiling away to Christian. Who the hell is she?

'Hi Christian… nice to see you.'

Christian turns towards her and I can see him pressing his lips together. A sign that he is annoyed.

'Elena.' She hugs him and it is pretty long… longer than necessary.

'It has been ages since I saw you.'

'Busy… Elena… this is my girlfriend, Anastasia Steele.'

'Hi Ms Steele… wonderful… very pretty.'

I shake my hand with her but I already hate her… that Mrs Robinson! Child molester!

'Alright Christian.. I don't want to take your time… since you have a wonderful company, I will call you very soon.' She says while eying me. After she kisses his cheek, she leaves… leaving me more irritated.

Christian nods and turn his attention towards me. I have heard him yelling at her to leave him alone. Can't she get the hint?


'I hate her…' I cut him off.

'Please don't let her ruin our afternoon.'

'I hate her… she looks like a bored doll waiting to sink her claw on any boy that she can find.'

'Anastasia.. you are saying this because you know her true story. She was nice to you.'

'She was faking it. You think I am stupid?' I just can't control my anger.

Christian reaches for my hand and says, 'Anastasia.. she can fake it.. but it is immaterial I don't bother about her.'

'Christian.. I am in no position to criticize your relationship with her but with all due respect, I hope not to see her again.'

'Will you be happy if I don't see her?'

'It is not my position to comment on that. I know that she is your business associate and you can't cut all your ties with her so I am just saying that… I would be happy if I don't see her.'

'Understand.. '

I have to snap out of this upsetting mood. 'Won't the paparazzi get our pictures having dinner?' I change topic.

'No Anastasia.. this is my club.. and my privacy is secured here.'

'I see… fine.'

'Shall we leave Ana?'

'Yes.. I am done.. and I am full.'

'I am taking you somewhere.'


'You will see.'

We got into the R8 and started driving… I dozed off.

'Anastasia… wake up..'

I stir to and opened my eyes… the sun is shining brightly.

'Where are we?' I ask and my voice is hoarse. Christian smiles and says, 'We are at the sea side. I want to show you something.'

I step out of the car and stretch myself and turned my attention to sea… it is very beautiful. Christian holds my hand and started walking along the jetty towards some of the yatches docked. At the third yatch, Christian stops and turns to me.

'This is mine. My company built this.'

'Really? She is very beautiful.' I walked to get a good look at her and my eyes catches her name.

'Her name is Grace?'

'Yes… I named her after my mother.'

'So sweet of you….' I smile at him.

'Come.. let me show you inside.'

Christian helps me onto the deck and I had to grab Christian for balance. The waves are pretty rough and the yatch is swaying.

'She is beautiful… the view is beautiful…'

'Come.. ' Christian takes me into cockpit..

'This is where the control is. There is a master bedroom' When I enter I see a similar color concept room as his master room at ESCALA.

'Same theme?'

'Yes… less hassle to think'

Immediately Christian turns to face me.

'Anastasia… I love you a lot… I love you so much… I can't live without you. You mean the world.. the universe to me.'

'I love you to Christian…'

Christian kisses me and I forgot everything that has been happening for the past few days. The paparazzi, Mrs Robinson and the lunatic ex-sub who broke into the apartment. We spent the whole afternoon on the yatch and at 5, Christian drive back to ESCALA. I head straight to the bathroom to take a nice cold bath and get ready to temple. Somehow… all the lovemaking on the yatch has calm me down and my mind feels light. I am least bothered about the paparazzi now. GEH is going to issue a statement about our relationship and Christian wants me to have a life on my own… I may choose dancing or singing or both. And he has never stopped me from following my religion. I walk into my closet with my bags still lying at the corner. I need to organize my wardrobe. I have told Gail not to do it for me. I rummage through my bag and found my green saree. I drape it around me and started brushing and drying my hair. Christian walks in to take his bath and stand still. I turn around to look at him.



'What is wrong with me?'

'You are … beautiful'

I roll my eyes… he has been telling this umpteen times just today.

'Thanks. Are you dropping me to the temple or are you getting Taylor or Sawyer to send me?'

'I have some things to do… Sawyer will take you. Are you fine with it?'

'Yah.. no problem.'

After spending 3 hours in temple praying and meditating, I felt calmer and confident that the problem that I am facing will end soon. Sawyer is outside waiting for me and it is almost 9.30. I walk up to the priest to get final blessing before leaving. As I am walking towards the exit, a lady stopped me.

'Excuse me … you are the dancer right? Susila?'


'I am Radha. My daughter is a great fan of yours. We were at your performance at Seattle Cultural Center.' She says as she gestures her 6 year old girl. She looks adorable.

'Oh.. Thanks. Hi there… what is your name?'

'I am Shasha..' she answers in a child voice.

'I read the news about you.' the lady says.

'Oh that…' I sulk but surprisingly my mood didn't tumble down.

'You won't stop dancing right?'

'No.. I won't.' I smiled.

'thank god… please don stop dancing. You have created your own flair in classical dance and it would be a waste if you stop.'

'I won't. Thank you for your concern.'

'Will you get married to your boyfriend?' she asks still smiling. I can't hold my laughter back.

'I might… I have not thought of marriage yet.'

She laughs with me… 'sorry that is your personal life. I should not ask about it.'

'I guess a lot of my personal life will be available for public to read.'

'I am sorry to hear that. The media just doesn't know how to shut.'

'it's their rice bowl. Anyway.. Nice meeting you. I got to go now.'

'Nice seeing you too..' and the small girl tug my saree. I bend down and kissed her check and told her, 'you start dancing… and you will be a well known dancer too.. okay?'

'Yes maam.. I am learning to dance… I wan to dance like you one day.'

'Okay.. I am making a move' I say to the girl's mother and walk out of the temple towards the SUV. The drive back to ESCALA was short due to the low traffic. I can't wait to see Christian. As we were going up the elevator, I started having some bad feeling like something bad is going to happen. I just can't lay my finger on it.

'Anything wrong Ana?' Sawyer asks.

'No..' I whisper… my voice betrayed my feelings. Sawyer was quick to catch my horror filled face. The elevator stops at our lobby and when I step out, I notice the tulips vase is broken and the white tulips are all over the floor. At that moment, Sawyer's phone rings.



'Yes' he looks at me.



'What?! What happen to Christian?' I ask frantically.

'We are instructed to wait here until Taylor gives us the go.'

'What is happening..'


'Look… I am not stupid… or blind… I can see the vase is broken. Tell me now… what the hell is happening.'

'Someone broke in.'

'I am going in!' I say. I just can't stay put thinking that Christian is in there harmed.

'No.. the person is armed.' Sawyer inform - more the reason to go in.

'Move Sawyer..'


'MOVE LUKE!' and I push him aside and open the door wide. A lady… very thin looking lady is standing with Christian at the main room. They were about 5 feet apart and she is saying something to him. Her voice is very low that I can't make up what she is saying. Christian turns to me and he looks shocked.

'Oh.. so she is the one…' she says cynically and turns to me and moves few steps forward and now I can see her clearly. She has wavy brunette hair and very pale looking skin. Her eyes are dark… maybe brown… and very skinny… her face is oval pointed. She would look prettier if she is a little fatter.

'What do you have that I don't… what did master see in you that I don't have?' she grips her gun harder.

'Leila… don't move!' Christian yells. Luke and Taylor are ready to attack anytime.

'Master… she is not the type of girl you want…. She is not good for you… I can give you everything that you want…'

'Leila… I don't want that…'

'I wanted more master… you didn't want more with me… but' she whispers… then she looks at me with a vengeance look and said out loud, 'WITH HER… YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE MORE!' and she fires and misses me by hair breadth. Her bullet hit the wall… I am too stunned to move. I hear some pictures falling and glass breaking. Taylor and Sawyer didn't waste any second. They leap to her and pin her down to the floor… Christian quickly holds me.

'Anastasia… you are bleeding…' Christian whispers.

I am still staring at Leila who has been pinned down by Taylor and Luke and she still yelling at Christian.

'Master… help me… they are hurting me… you don't want them to hurt me… you love me… I love you…'

Hah… love? My eyes started tearing. I feel numb all over my body and feel my legs are giving away. Christians holds me around my waist and says, 'Leila.. Listen… I never loved you… our arrangement was purely a business arrangement.'

'But ..'

'Shut up Leila!' Christian yells. He lifted me and walked into our room calling Gail to bring the first aid kit. I hear another two gun shots and I look frantically at Christian. I have lost my voice. I can't utter a single word. Thank god Christian knows me so well that he can answer me just by looking at my face to understand what I am asking.

'Taylor and Luke are trained in firearms… she can never harm them.'

'What happen?' Gail looks worried looking at me and I am still not sure why they are worried about me. Gail and Christian started examining my right arm and shoulder.

'There is glass pieces Mr Grey…'

'Anastasia…. Aannaa' was the last thing I hear.