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Wife… Christian's wife? For heaven sake I am only 21… What will my mother think? She will be happy… Indian girls gets married early… but what is going to happen to my carrier. I don't have one… but with Christian owning SIP… I might get my job back.

He has asked me to be his wife but I sincerely feel he had asked me because of his fear of me leaving.

'Ana.. Mr Grey has lost his mind… He has never reacted like this before. He is not being himself. Usually he has control over everything in his life… but when it comes to you, he seems to be losing his control. When you walked out of the apartment, it was like the day has ended and it never started again until you called him before leaving to India. He loves you but it is just that he doesn't know how to show it… how to express it. I hope you won't hate him for what he has done.'

I know boss is a jerk… he is a looser when it comes to relationship because he never had one but he is reacting differently around Ana… reacting more human than a predator. I can sense love is in the air but Mr Know It All Control Freak doesn't sense it. I wish I can pull the trigger at his forehead and make him sense it but too bad he is signing my payroll end of the month and I am here to protect him. I have told Ana what I think and I hope she will know what exactly is in Mr Freak's mind. Poor girl, lying down in the hospital bed after being injured. If only I can get my hands on Leila, I will personally rip off her esophagus and hang it around her neck for injuring my little girl.. Ana is also like Sophie to me and I just couldn't hold back my anger when she was hurt.

I have asked Ana to be my wife but I don't understand why she doesn't want to agree immediately. Maybe she doesn't trust you my mind say. If she doesn't trust me… then why is she with me? She trust me but maybe all this is so sudden and with Leila breaking in… she needs time to calm down. She needs time to compose herself. Ana has always been a very composed and self-controlled person and maybe by asking her out of the blue, she might think that I am having doubts.

Christian is fast asleep and it is already 7. I quietly slip out of his arm and walked into the bathroom. After a nice hot shower, I put on a nice dress and walk out heading straight to my study. It's Mrs Jones off day and she is not around. I want to go out for breakfast. So while waiting for Mr Sleepy head to wake up, I decided to get some designs ready. I didn't know how much time has passed but I manage to finish 15 designs and there was a soft knock on the door. I turned and it was Christian, all freshen up and dressed in black jeans and white shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned. How can this sexy man wants me to marry him…

'Are you out of your mind?' I asked.

'Why?' he looks confused.

'How can a man like you… want to marry me?'

'And what is wrong with you?' he sounds confused.

'What do I have for you to like me in the first place?'

'You have everything that I want,' he replies… sounding more confident.

'I am plain, jobless, penny less… and you have everything that any human can name.'

'And your point?' he raises his right eyebrow.

'You are definitely out of your mind.' This has been running through my mind through out the night even in my sleep. Christian walks slowly towards me and holds me around my waist and I am standing facing him.

'Anastasia…. You are beautiful… talented… graceful.. and the woman who make me realize that I have love in me… I have a heart in me. All those plain jobless and penny less is nothing… I don't want your job… or money… I don't care if you are plain… because I can see what you have… how you can help me… how you make me complete… '

I look straight into his eyes and I can see that he is sincere.

'Marry me Anastasia…'

'I will!' I said… my voice is crystal clear in the morning calm and tear build up in my eyes and Christian's eyes widen in shock and then returns to normal and his smile broadens. He lifts me and churns around in joy…whispering thank you Ana repetitively. Finally when he puts me down, my head starts to spin.

'I love you so much baby…'

'I love you to Christian….' And we kissed.

We drove out for breakfast. Christian drove to the jetty where Grace is docked and we had breakfast at a simple restaurant near it. After stuffing myself with pancakes, we took a walk at the beach. The morning sun does give some shine to my skin and Christian is smiling away.

'Why are you smiling like a lunatic?'

'You said yes baby…'

'It means so much to you?'

'Yes… it means the universe… It makes me very happy… I never thought you will agree so fast… the way you spoke to me last night, I really thought that you will take forever to reply me.'

'I love you Christian… but when you proposed, you actually threw me off guard. I needed the time to compose myself… think through it… I am still young. Still afraid of making decisions… '

'All those don't matter… you are the one matter to me and I am happy that you have agreed. I must ask your father.'

Dad?! Oh dear… I wonder how he is going to take this. He has been busy fishing lately and he never called me. Yah.. Right… I am also busy and didn't call him after returning from India… I am a bad daughter.

'No … wait.. let me talk to him…'

'We will drive down to meet him Ana… you have not seen him for a long time. The last time you saw him was for graduation.'

As we pull up at dad's house, Jose Sr is talking to him at the porch. Phew this is going to be tough. I step out of the car after Christian opens it. We decided to drive on our own but Taylor and Sawyer were following us closely. As I was stepping out, both men notice us.

'Annie!' my dad shouts followed by Jose Sr, 'Ana!'

'Hie… ' I hug both of them.

'Christian.. Hello young man.'

'Hello Mr Steele.'

'Call me Ray… this is Jose Rodriquez… Jose's father.'

'Hello Mr Rodriquez'

'Come in…'

We walk in and settled at the living room. This place looks small for Christian… he looks really out of place.

'So Annie… you are famous huh… all over the papers' Jose Sr chimes.. still grinning.

'Oh.. that…'

'Jose.. stop it. Don't embarrass her.' But he too was grinning. This is going to be tough.

'I am going to make tea…' I said after getting on my feet. I throw a glance at Christian and jealousy fills me in. He looks so relaxed and composed. I wonder how he is inside. Knowing this man for quite a while, I realize that he is very good at hiding his feelings from the outside world. I walk towards the kitchen. After boiling hot water, I place four cup and saucers and some tea bags with a pot of milk. By the time I got that ready, the water boiled. As I pour the hot water into the teapot, Jose Sr pops in the kitchen.

'Annie.. no tea for me. I am leaving. I have doctor's appointment in 20 minutes time and I am late.'

'Why to the doctor? Something wrong?'

'No… routine checkup. I just wanted to say goodbye and no tea for me.' He smiled.

'Alright… take care.'

He kisses me on my forehead and disappears again to the living room. Minutes later, I hear his truck thundering and leaving the house. I let a big sigh and lift the tray and started walking towards the living room. Dad is facing away from me and facing Christian. Christian is sitting opposite dad and he can see me walking to the living. His eyes lights up. It is time to break the news to dad. I place the tray on the small coffee table and kneel beside the table pouring hot water into all three cups. I place the bag on the saucer and give one to dad and added milk and sugar for Christian and pass the cup to him. After popping the teabag into my own cup, I sit beside Christian. This is it!

'Ray… I have something to ask… I have asked Anastasia… but I still need to ask you.'

'What is it Christian?' Dad turns his attention to Christian and from his look, I know Christian got his undivided attention.

'I am here today to seek permission from you. As you know, I love Anastasia with all my heart and I cherish every moment I spend with her. I would like to spend my entire life with her and I have asked her to marry me. She has said yes but I am here to ask for your blessing.' I look at my dad and he is just looking blankly at Christian with his mouth slightly open. What is he going to say?