'Christian… this is so sudden. Have you discuss with Annie?'

'Yes Mr Steele… but '

'Dad… I love Christian…' I chirp in.

'I don't know what to say. It is so sudden… of course I am happy for Ana… '

'Will you give me away on the wedding day dad?' I asked.

'Definitely… sure… of course you guys have my blessing…. I only want Annie to be happy.'

'Mr Steele… I will lay the world at Anastasia's feet.'

'I know son…' I peep at Christian and he looks relieved. After tea, we asked dad to follow us for lunch but he said that he has to fishing with Jose Sr.

'Thank you daddy…'I hug him and dad kisses me and says, 'Annie… I just want you to be happy. I can see how happy you are with Christian.'

'Thank you dad…'

'Good bye son… '

'Good bye Ray.'

'Pheww.. that was the most nerve wrecking moment in my whole life. I was never tensed like that before and I don't think I want to do it again.'

I can feel Ana's head turns slowly to me and with a mocked anger… she asks, 'Again? You mean you want to ask some other..'

Gah.. stupid woman… I didn't let her finish her sentence. Instead I crush my lips against her soft lips.


'Suzi… how are you… how is things? I saw the statement issued by GEH. I hope things are more settled now.'


'How is Ray?'


'What is with the monosyllabic answers? What is the problem now?'


'Don't give me the nothing story.'

'Amma… be calm.. I have something to say.'

'Now you are scaring me..'

Hmm.. here go nothing.

'Christian has asked me to marry him.'

'Hah?!' Are you pregnant?' she whispers..

'Mom… no!' I exclaimed. How could she think of me like that.

'Sorry honey.. it is so sudden… I am sorry.'

'No ma… I am not pregnant… He just dropped on his knees and asked me. I took time to think… I love him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.'

'I only want you to be happy. Have you told Ray?'

'Yes… Christian asked him the traditional way…'

'So sweet of him.' I couldn't help but smile. It is very difficult to get into my mother's good books and I think Christian is already in her good book.

'Suzi… have you met his family?'

'Yes… they are very sweet.'

'Have you set a date?'

'Not yet ma.. I will let you know when the date is fixed. Is ammama there?'

'Honey… I will let her know… we don't want to give her a heart attack don't we?' My mom laughs away.

'Yes… '

'Visit us honey… '

'Sure mom…'

'Bye dear.'

'Bye Ma..'

Pheww… that went smooth.

'Anastasia..' Christian calls and I turn to look at him. I am in my study facing a beautiful sea portrait.

'Yes…' Christian walks closer and finaly holding me around my waist.

'Your mom?'


'How did she take it.'

My eyes started tearing. She actually thought I am pregnant….

'Baby… why… what is wrong?'

'Mom thought I was pregnant…'

'Ha… why did she ask that… doesn't she know we have protection?'

'Christian… please! We don't have sex before marriage! I can't tell my mother what we do!' and he laughs..

'See… I got you to forget your sorrow.'

'Pig! Seriously… I am upset …'

'Baby… what did she say?'

'I told her I am not pregnant and that I love you. She felt happy for us. '

'Do you want to visit her?'

'Not now… but later… I need to get some you know.. stuff.'

'You mean sari?'

I smile sheepishly. I don't know how he is going to accept Indian side of me.

'Fine… I will get you the finest silk… you know.. that place… ummm wait… ' he started snapping his finger thinking.

'KANCHIPURAM! The city of silk sari!' Ow… I am surprised.. he ..

'How did you know?'

'Anastasia… I know you love sari and suites… I saw you more in those than jean and t-shirt. I want you to be happy… and I want you to have all the silk in the world.' He carries and twirls me around. He knows how to make me giggle and I just can't stop giggling.

'Anastasia… I have got the engagement ring and it is waiting for you at Fairmont. Is half an hour enough for you to get ready?'

'More than enough if I am Samantha from Bewitched… but I can try.' I smile to Christian and walk to the room to get ready. After showing, I wrap myself in the fluffy yellow bathrobe and walk out just to see a nice chiffon blue dress with V neck on the bed. Closer inspection shows it is one of my designs. Christian walks in and sees me holding it and says, 'it is one of yours… I saw it on the day we brought all your portfolios and I like this. I asked a tailor to get this ready. Please wear this tonight.'

So thoughtful. I nod and walk to the closet to get dressed leaving him to get ready himself. After getting ready, I walk to the big room and Christian is holding a glass of wine admiring the view from his tower.

'I am ready…' he turns and see has the widest smile.

'You look happy…'

'Yes… because you are mine.'

Taylor drives us to Fairmont and drop us off at the entrance. I walk in hand in hand to a private room.

'Anastasia… I just want you to be happy..' he says before opening the door. I am not sure what he has planned. He opens the door and a mini Cartier shop is set up in the room.

'Welcome ma'am. We have set up our engagement rings range just for you to choose from.'

Huh? He brought the Cartier's show room just for me to choose one engagement ring.

'Are you out of your mind?' I whisper.

'No… I want the best for you. Come.'

He sits with me on a stool and they start showing me the rings… I am just lost… and happy I found a man who loves me so much and puts in so much of effort to show that he loves me. Finally I picked a ring that I fell in love with instantly. It is a platinum ring with a heart shape diamond in the middle and 4 small diamonds at its left and right.

'Please engrave this.' Christian orders. I wonder what he is asking them to engrave.

'You don't have to bring Cartier here… we coul..' he places his index finger on my lips to silent me.

'Anastasia… nothing here is more valuable then you… you showed me that I am also capable to love… you showed me love… without you I would still be a husk of man without any feelings. You made my mother happy… you make everyone happy and I can't thank you enough for that. This is nothing. Really.'

'Come… dinner is waiting.'

'How about the ring.'

'You will get it.' Christian leads me to a dining area which is secluded.

We sit and I am too excited to feel hungry but knowing Christian, I have no choice but to eat. While having our main course, a violinist enters playing a beautiful classical music. I turn to see and I saw two more waitresses enters with two beautiful bouquet of roses and finally another waiter with holding a baby pillow with his both hands. The two waitresses stands beside me and the waiter beside Christian. Christian raises from his seat and stands beside me. He drops to one of his knees and takes the ring from the pillow. Oh my god… I close my mouth with both my hands.

'Anastasia Rose Steele, Susi…, I love you dearly and would like to look after till forever. Marry me.'

'Christian… yes.. yes..'

He slides the ring to my finger and hands me the bouquets.

'Red roses for my undying love for you and white roses for my sincerity.'

'Christian… I love you… I love you soo much.'

'What the hell! How can this happen?!'

Oh my… who is Christian yelling at early morning. I sit on the bed looking at him marching in the room.

'Find who is it.' He throws the phone on the bed.

'Who is it?'

'Welch.. he said there is a fire at GEH.'


'Server room.'