Title: Oadriax (13/13)
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural, Sci Fi, Drama, AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence and warfare, adult themes including sex, canon character deaths, demon xenophobia, swearing, gore (in a war situation), PTSD and an attempted non-con situation. Kind of m-preg this chapter. Sorta.

It was a long tiring trek back to the base, the three of them trudging along beside Chevy. The chain link fence was twisted, crumpled, and as Dean clambered over the destroyed metal, cheers roared out across the tarmac.

The base lay in ruins, but they'd won the battle. The defeated demons sat cross-legged on the debris strewn tarmac, sullen and quiet as stern faced angels watched over them. Dean found Bobby, Ash and Jo in the crowd of cheering humans. The three were standing around Crowley, the demon sitting on a crate. Raphael was crouched in front of him, examining a cut on his forehead. Dean pushed through the crowd towards them, spotting a bedraggled Ruby give him a thumbs up.


Dean craned his head and saw a shape peel away from the crowd.

Gabriel was smudged with dirt and blood, wings jerking wildly as he ran towards Dean's little brother, grinning like a lunatic. Sam didn't look any better, throwing his arms out and laughing as Gabriel barreled into him. With a flap of his wings, Gabriel locked his legs around Sam's hips, and the human stumbled back a step as Gabriel latched onto him.

Dean rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a smile as Sam's hands spread along the back of Gabriel's thighs, the two of them kissing like horny teenagers. Dean was too tired to be grossed out, not surprised at all that Sam had found something to keep him occupied while Dean was fawning over a different angel.

Seemed the angel fetish ran in the family.

Castiel laughed, hand catching Dean's. The pad of his thumb brushed against Dean's bruised knuckles, and Dean shot him a tired smile, squeezing his hand.

They had done it, they had won.

Raphael straightened, pulling away from Crowley as the two approached, the iadnamad's eyes grave.

"Michael fell in battle," she said quietly, looking at Castiel. "I believe Lucifer joined him. Our clan is in need of a leader, Castiel."

Castiel swallowed, but nodded. He buried the grief of another brother gone, wings puffing with authority.

"You will lead us then, Raphael," he said boldly. "You have led our people through times of strife. You would make a fine leader."

Raphael smiled. "My time has passed young one, and my soul is weary."

Castiel looked around uncertainly. "Then certainly Gabriel-"

"Hell no!" The sea of people parted, Sam moving into view. Gabriel was still latched to him, and the baltoh shook his head, wings curling protectively around Sam's shoulders. "I can't even take care of myself, let alone hundreds of angels. Forfeit!"

Raphael chuckled softly and Castiel turned to look at her worriedly.

"It is you, Castiel," she murmured. "I believe it was always to be you."

The crowd quieted.

"Me?" Castiel swallowed nervously. "But…I…"

"You were born special, Castiel," Raphael continued, and the other angels moved slowly through the crowd to stand around her. "You were born with the powers of the iadnamad. Many did not understand it, but this has always been your destiny."

Raphael gazed around them, at the burning complex, the defeated demons, and the humans that milled together with angels. "You were born to bring about change. It is Geiad's will."

Castiel dropped his head, staring at the ground. "I see only death, Raphael," he muttered. "My brothers lie dead."

Raphael looked at him pityingly, reaching out to touch his cheek softly. "With peace, there is also great sacrifice. Balthazar, Michael, and Lucifer will not be forgotten. Nor will the humans who have died, or the demons. Even-"

Her dark eyes found Dean's, and he met her stare proudly. He had nothing to hide, not anymore.

Raphael nodded. "Even Azazel will be remembered, for good, or evil."

She cupped Castiel's chin, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss against Castiel's forehead. "You are our leader now, Castiel. You and the toltag, for you are bound through destiny."

Gabriel grinned, nuzzling Sam's chest happily. "Geiad works in mysterious ways, so they say."

"Wonder where I've heard that before," Bobby muttered grumpily, and Jo smacked him in the stomach, forcing a surprised grunt of air from his mouth.

Slowly, the angels began to bow as one, kneeling in the dust and ashes. They were bowing to Castiel, wings arching respectfully, as they murmured Enochian as one.

Castiel stood there, uncertain. Dean smiled, joints protesting as he dropped to one knee, shoulders dipping.

But a firm hand grabbed Dean's shoulder, pulling him back to his feet.

"No," Castiel whispered, blue eyes huge and bright. "Not you. Never you, Dean."

Dean kissed him, open mouthed and desperate as the angels bowed around them. Castiel pulled back to breathe out shakily against his lips, and Dean dug his fingers into the angel's dark wings.

"You mean that, Cas?" he asked breathily. "You've seen what kind of crazy shit us Winchesters bring. You sure you're not gonna get tired of me and my-"

Castiel shut him up with another kiss, pressing smaller kisses against his cheeks and nose.

"You bow to no-one, beloved," Castiel whispered, and Dean clutched the feathers in his hands harder. "You are my equal, in all things."

Castiel nearly fell over with the force Dean slammed into him, the human wrapping himself around the angel until it was impossible to determine where one started and the other ended.

Gabriel's laughter was loud, carrying over the smoke as Crowley immediately started bitching about no-one wanting to kiss him until Jo planted a sloppy kiss across his cheek and the demon blushed a deep red.

It was over, and they had won.

A few years later


Dean raised his head, blinking the sleep from his eyes. The comforting sight of his nest swam into view, the blankets beneath him soft and warm. He struggled to sit up, yawning tiredly as Sam's head popped through the nest's entrance.

His brother looked disheveled, hair in disarray as he pushed away the tanned leather hide that served as a door. He smiled brightly as he noticed Dean, Castiel curled tightly beside him.

"Oh, hey guys," Sam said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry to barge in."

Dean glared over at him half-heartedly. "Knocking out of the question?"

Sam stuck his tongue out at him childishly, looking around the interior of the nest curiously. John's I.D tags were pinned to one rough wooden wall, several other knick knacks from the brothers' previous life tucked away in different places It wasn't the best, but Dean was pretty damn proud of the little house he had managed to put together. Castiel had helped of course, but this was Dean's baby. Each woven branch, every carefully placed blanket and twig had been planned and executed to perfection.

At least that's what Dean told himself. Castiel wisely kept his own opinions to himself.

"Sorry, mom," Sam teased, apparently satisfied with whatever he found. "I was just, looking for something."

Dean groaned. "You lost him? Again, Sam?"

Sam blew his hair out of his eyes, cocking a hip. "We never lose him, he just, hides well."


Gabriel's shout could be heard by every angel in the vicinity, and Sam jerked his head back outside the nest.

"Found him?" Sam bellowed back, and Dean winced at the noise. He could see through the entrance that Gabriel was gesturing towards the Levithmong field.

"He's been spotted by Uriel! Operation bedtime is a go!" Gabriel hollered, and Sam disappeared in a flurry of hair and limbs, Dean laughing as he watched his brother go.

Castiel stirred, eyes opening, and Dean arched an eyebrow down at him knowingly. The angel's wings were curled forward around himself, like a feather blanket.

"Something I should know?" he drawled, stroking his hand along Castiel's warm wing.

Castiel smiled bashfully. He lifted his wing, revealing the tiny slumbering fledgling cradled in his arms. Inias had Sam's hair and Gabriel's eyes, with tiny delicate honey colored wings. The little stumps twitched in his sleep, and Dean reached over to run his finger through the fluffy baby down.

"Cas, you can't go around stealing people's kids," he said, amusement curling in his voice. "And getting Uriel in on your terrible scheme? That's devious."

The angel pouted, and Dean immediately melted as Castiel reached up to press a kiss to Dean's cheek.

"Just a little longer," he murmured, and Dean laughed, snuggling back down to join him. Inias yawned in his sleep, snuggling closer against Castiel's chest.

"Alright," Dean submitted. "But then we have to give him back, okay?"

Castiel nodded happily, tucking his wings back around the slumbering youngster. Dean let his mind wander, sleepy and relaxed.

It had been stressful at first, selecting a new home tree to house all the angels Dean suddenly found himself jointly in charge of. He had to grow accustomed to a life out in the wild, without the modern comforts he had grown up with, but Dean found he didn't really care.

Castiel was there every step of the way, and Dean found he actually liked the simpler life of the Ne'gassagen, the freedom which came from living his own life in the forest.

Despite Bobby's attempts to dissuade him, Sam followed Dean. Sam had found something worth more than research, and Dean respected his brother's decision to leave that life behind as well. Bobby had grumbled of course, but understood.

The old scientist took over as head of the science division at the newly refurbished complex. Roman Enterprises had finally decided to become a pure science base, and according to Bobby, things were going well. Dean and Sam still got to see the old grump quite regularly, and Bobby got to continue his science. Sometimes, Jo would come with him to visit the clan, and the fledglings would clamber over her excitedly, tugging at her blonde curls and examining the swell of her stomach.

She and Ash had gotten married during the spring. They were expecting a family now, the first human family to begin life on Oadriax, and Dean knew Bobby was proud.

Ruby had returned to Hel, and Dean wished the demon the best of luck. She had made him promise he would visit her one day, but Dean didn't think he could ever return to Hel. Even though he had put the past to rest, he still dreamt of Hel sometimes. In those nights, Castiel would curl into him, understanding and quiet.

Crowley stayed as the corporate administrator. Dean didn't see much of the demon, but knew Bobby was in good hands. According to Crowley's reports, the Winchesters had been killed during the base revolt, an occurrence caused by a highly disturbed security chief. The Winchesters were free to live life among the Ne'gassagen and they liked it that way.

And what a life.

No-one had been surprised when Gabriel announced that he and Sam had decided to go through with the mating ceremony after Sam's induction into the Ne'gassagen. The two were connected at the hip, and only a few months later, Gabriel disappeared with Raphael into the forest for a day. When he returned, he was carrying a fledgling.

Sam's fledging. For the first time in his life, Dean was an uncle.

Sam had been blindsided by it at first. He had never expected to be a father, let alone to a hybrid alien baby he had never thought possible, but with Gabriel and the clan's support, he had developed into a great parent.

If only Cas would stop stealing the kid all the time.

Dean shifted his shoulders and Castiel mumbled against his shoulder.

"You know, you spend too much time with that little terror and you'll get broody," Dean said offhandedly, eyes still closed.

He could feel Castiel's smile against his shoulder and the angel pressed closer, lips ghosting across Dean's skin.

"That's the idea," he whispered, and Dean laughed, rolling over to kiss him. Castiel's eyes glittered as he pulled away and they smiled dorkily at each other for a moment.

"I love you, Dean," Castiel murmured, and Dean winked at him.

"I know," he said smugly, earning himself a smack to the chest.


Their playful jostling awoke Inias, and the little fledgling let out a confused yawn. Castiel smiled, pulling the little one closer into his neck, crooning softly. Dean watched as the angel rocked the little boy back to sleep, whispering Enochian against the fledgling's soft hair.

"I love you too, Cas," Dean whispered, reaching out to touch Inias's tiny wings, looking forward to the day Castiel would hold a different child in his arms.

Dean's child.

A lifetime of possibilities was open to him now and Dean couldn't wait.

"Always?" Castiel asked quietly.

Dean nodded, leaning forward to kiss him. "Always."


A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, and is also the culmination of several months of work. If anyone was wondering, I used Enochian as the angels' language, and tried to translate as closely as I could. I probably failed :P I would love to explore the world further but we'll see :P This was written for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang on livejournal, go check out the other fics and the amazing art, lots of awesome stuff to choose from! Thanks for reading! :D