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Chapter 1: worst has come to worst

Ryozenpaku late at night

It was a dismal feeling tension flowed through the air of the large dojo as 6 people sat at a dinner table not touching their food. They were an interesting bunch to say the least a large man in a leather jacket and jeans with a scar across his face black hair and a dangerous expression, a tall incredibly muscled tan skinned man with a yellow tank top shorts and wrappings on his arms and legs, the third was a small man of Chinese heritage with a large mustache dressed in a green Kenpo outfit, the fourth was a man in looking to be in his early forties with spikey brown hair deep philosophical eyes and a thin mustache wearing a judo outfit, the fifth was a young girl in her twenties in a purple outfit with chainmail underneath she had a long black ponytail and a katana on her back while a mouse was on her shoulder, And the last was a giant of a man with blond hair and rippling muscles in a green martial arts uniform with arm guards on his arms and legs and tremendous ki These people where the masters of ryouzanpaku considered strongest in the world but right now they were not themselves.

All was quiet until the large man dressed in a brown leather jacket in jeans slammed his hands down nearly lifting the table "it's my fault I should've done something to save him." As the man uttered these words tears ran down his face, A very large tan man in a yellow tank top put his hands on his shoulder "ApA it not your fault Sakaki we were snuck up on during the fire and who would've thought he'd bring assistance with him Apachi is worried too but we've got to figure out what to do as there is a lot more that will be happening soon." "Apachi is correct Sakaki we must not let our emotions cloud our judgment we must think back on what was said today and think about our next move" said the large blonde giant holding back his frustration as he thought of what has happened to them.

Flashback: afternoon warehouse district

The heated battle was still underway between the local gang Ragnarok and the infamous shinpaku alliance. This long standing feud between these two was reaching its climax as a boy with brown hair by the name of Kenichi Shirihama was fighting for his life against ragnarok's leader Odin.

The two fought hard exchanging blows little did they know that not far from their current fight both the masters of ryouzanpaku and a man with white hair known as Kensei (or the great sage fist by his student odin and the rest of ragnarok) were watching their battle and Kensei had already made a firm decision he wanted to take that boy Kenichi as his own as well. The battle was fierce as odin had unleashed a devastating power and was losing control he had full intent to kill Kenichi as he tried to crush Kenichi's head under his foot Kensei decided to act fast and collect the two disciples before things got out of hand.

As he traveled to interrupt the fight and collect his prizes he was to be interrupted by the man in the judo outfit "well if it isn't the philosopher and judo master Akisame here to stop me are you" said kensei in a fight stance ready to defeat Akisame "ho ho he is not alone a master should not interfere in a disciples battles" said the large blonde elder standing behind kensei with the rest of ryouzanpaku surrounding them watching the fight in which Kenichi had seemed to muster up strength that seemed to come from nowhere as he pounded back Odin with furious punches he took everything Odin through and in the end kenichi was victorious and odin was simply holding on to a broken part of the roof. As kenseo grabbed his disciple and the elder caught kenichi "you're too soft on the boy the way you care for him is like cultivating a bansai tree" kensei said staring down the elder the elder laughed as he said "yes but the basai I grow will be the strongest in history."

As the elder said this a fire had broken lose in the ware houses and as the masters of ryouzanpaku where stopping the fire they didn't notice a shadowy figure on the move. Kensei chuckled as he looked at the elder still in the flames that where now flying out of the top of the building do to the force of ryouzanpakus punches "im going to just tell you one thing furinji before I leave yami is on the move" kensei then did something completely unexpected he threw his own disciple towards the fire as the elder moving at high speeds tried to catch odin he was intercepted by of course kensei but also a young voluptuous woman with black hair who with one hand grabbed kenichi from the elder as well as odin and tossed them both to kensei who took off at insane speed with both boys leaving the woman with the other masters "Mikumo Kushinada" was all the master said as he looked at the woman who never changed her facial expression from her cold stare.

"Hello hayato I'm sorry I had to get involved but I owed kensei a favor and he said to assist him with getting the boy would make us even though im not sure why hes interested in that no talent worthless boy anyway" she said with a dark smile. All the masters spirits were flairing they wanted to rip her apart for what she said about kenichi but the elder stopped them "so this is yami's plan to steel our disciple so you can say you won by default" mikumo smirked as she got moving her last words were "no this is kensei's plan we have plenty of talented disciples if you wish to have him back then I'd be glad to give him to you but he'd just be dead against the true power of yami.

End flash back:

"well… what now" the girl in purple said as she stuck to the ceiling "im not sure shigure but one thing is for sure yami got the jump on us and now we know there planning something big and now we don't even have a disciple…" the elder sad as he was interrupted by sobbing from a blond girl of about seventeen wearing cat print pajamas "Yami, Yami, planning, problems what about Kenichi not one of you seem worried about his wellbeing at all" the girl said tears running down her cheeks "Miu we all care about Kenichi but we need a plan or worse things could" the chinese man named kensei ma said and

Miu knew he was right but she wasn't sure how to deal with the situation nor was she ready for what here grandfather the elder would say next "we also may need to prepare a new disciple to deal with yami for the time being cause as mikumo said they have many disciples I recommend we each pick a candidate."

End of chapter 1

Author's notes: hope you guys enjoy the first chapter I wanted to do more but that'll be for later I wanted to focus more on the situation of what's going on next chapter will be more detailed promise. Any questions comments or feedbacks feel free to say. Also a little author game who do you think each individual will pick as a candidate hint each of them will be from the shunpike alliance