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Ch6: training, results, and rewards

Ryouzanpaku dojo: outside training ground

"Faster faster faster" these words could be heard through the dojo as Apachai the death god of muay Thai boxing was training Takeda the puncher. Currently they were working on some basic punching combinations.

"Come on I know you can go faster" Apachai pushed his student who was throwing jabs at high speeds at the hand mitts Apachai was using Takeda was sweating profusely as they were on hour 4 of training.

"now is time to dodge" apachai shouted throwing one hand forward which Takeda managed to narrowly dodge by moving to the right but was completely caught off guard by a side kick from apachai which sent him flying into a tree.

"Aw he went flying again" Apachai said looking disappointed "how we going to train if he sleep."

The elder came and put his hands on Apachai's shoulder "don't you think you're pushing him too hard I mean you usually are more encouraging when it was with"

Apachai hit a tree in frustration "but elder that's just it Apachai was loving and caring with Kenichi and he got stolen I need to make Takeda stronger than ever so that no happen again." Apachai slumped his shoulders in frustration "but I know you're right elder but how come it feels different then when I'm training with Kenichi, Takeda has natural talent right, he's faster and stronger right, then why do I feel like I have to hold back even more than I did with Kenichi."

The elder sighed "it is complicated to say but while Kenichi did lack natural martial arts talent he did possess immense reserves of untapped potential one of which was a level of stamina that allowed him to endure the kind of training and situations that we put him through" he then looked to Takeda "try training Takeda in a different way play to his strengths."

Apachai smiled getting up with a new idea "ok apaa"

Takeda woke up to a splash of water to the face "huh what happened"

Miu was standing over him "you lost consciousness again" Miu handed him a towel.

Takeda whipped his face "seriously how did Kenichi do this stuff man I feel like I'm on the verge of dying every day and I'm just now showing any kind of results what's wrong with me." Takeda pounded the ground in frustration.

Miu picked him up "you have to stop beating yourself up over whats going on I can see your improving even if you can't keep working I believe in you."

Takeda smiled clinching his fist "thanks honey I don't know what I'd do without you."

Miu smiled at Takeda's kind words when she saw the elder and apachai walking towards them "grandfather he's awake now."

"ahh excellent Miu now let's get going we have to travel to the mountains to continue your training we will be back in a month to make the final decision." The master said putting miu on his back as he jetted off.

Apachai looked to Takeda "alright now what bout you."

Takeda dropped to a knee "master Apachai I promise to work as hard as possible shall we continue."

Apachai smiled putting his hands behind his back "we try something new now you strike I just dodge strike hard as you can we work on your combinations, technique, and stamina all at once."

Takeda put his gloves up confidently swinging his fists at apachai he started with a series of quick jabs to push him back, but even with Apachai's large body he flowed past the punches like a falling leaf in the wind. Takeda began incorporating straight and hook punches into his attacks to try and catch him of guard.

Apachai stepped back to avoid the hook but ended up stumbling and losing his footing and had to fall forward a bit to catch his balance.

"Illusory left" Takeda said as he fired a straight at the stumbling apachai which shifted direction so quick it looked like two punches coming at once.

Apachai was caught off guard by the quick punch but managed to spin off of the blow by a hairs edge and moved behind Takeda. "Not bad but you need do better than that to hit me"

Takeda spun around like a tornado throwing a left hook which Apachai caught Takeda then sent a right uppercut which Apachai caught as well. "You fight good but why you didn't try and kick me you had a chance for a roundhouse kick muay Thai is art of eight limbs you can do more than punches."

Takeda struggled against Apachai's iron grip "I don't kick or throw elbows because like I told you im a boxer I am not going to change its apart of who I am."

"Mmm Apachai understand completely I would never abandon muay Thai but you have strong legs If you would learn to kick you be twice as good how bout we compromise Apachai make you histories strongest kick boxer." Apachai said smiling as he let go of Takeda's arm. "in fact I even teach you two of strongest techniques."

"Hmm kick boxer I could work with that" takeda said throwing a combination of punches and trying to incorporate a random straight kick he remembered seeing kisara doing.

"Perfect by time elder come back from training Miu we have you twice as strong apapapa." Apachai got overzealous and kick his student into a training post "we start when you wake up" Apachai was holding on to a set of rope gloves he had made "I'll give these to you; I will make new ones when you get strong and we find Kenichi!" the muay Thai fighter said to his unconscious student

Ryouzanpaku dojo sparring room:

Ukita was charging at akisame sensei he attempted to get ahold of his GI and throw him. Akisame calm as always grabbed Ukita's arm and put him in a joint lock and swept his legs from under his feet sending him falling to the ground.

"Ow ow ow I give you can let go of my wrist" Ukita stated trying to get up to his feet.

Akisame let go of ukitas wrist and helped him up "I understand that your name is ukita the thrower but you need to expand upon your moves even your throws are basic you fight more like a wrestler than anything else"

Ukita looked down he knew he needed work but was it that bad. Just as he was about to respond to what akisame said akisame came in with a set of stone Buddha statues. "What are those for."

"Well we are going to gauge how much weight you can throw using just sheer strength" akisame said as he pointed to the first one which was no bigger than Kenichi's sister honoka.

'Seriously I could throw that thing in my sleep' was what Ukita was thinking but he was in no position to question Akisame's process, Ukita went up and like he usually did picked up the little statue and threw it over his head effortlessly. The next one was roughly the same size as Kenichi, once again it was easy. The third was the same size as akisame and this time it was harder than previous but in the end he still managed it. The next was the same size as Ukita himself and ukita struggled greatly trying to lift the stone thing and by the time he got it up he looked drained of energy. The last one was as big as Thor and try as Ukita might he couldn't lift it.

"Raw strength will only get you halfway there Ukita you must be rounded your technique and strength both must be increased if you are to see your desired results it is not just about your strength but how you use it effectively" akisame said as he took the Thor sized statue and swept its feet from under it then tossed it over Ukita.

Ukita looked at him "ok then how do we do that."

Akisame smiled as he jumped on Ukita's back "with training my boy now run around this dojo while carrying me on your back, then we shall work on your stance then we shall begin technique training then we can cool down with some easy weight training then last we'll work on some techniques."

Ukita was preparing to say something in response when master Akisame pulled out his trademark training whip and lashed at Ukita who took off.

When they got back from the run Ukita was sweating and panting when master Akisame jumped off of his back "now let's work on your stance and technique."

When ukita got inside he was told to get in his usual stance immediately after getting in it master akisame came to him and demonstrated the flaws by breaking throw his defense and tossing him off his center of gravity "first step bend your knees and bring your arms closer to your body you need to protect your center then extend your hands outward that way you can be better prepared to get a grip."

Ukita made the adjustments and found that they felt more controlled then his original stance "thank you this does feel better" next thing Ukita noticed was akisame bringing in a strange device that had electric hands some open some that looked like fists not to mention what looked somewhat like cpr dummies.

"This is the special technique teacher device it will help you learn to focus more on chops and locks then throws as none of these parts will be affected but they do have components that work like human body so if you use a choke hold or joint lock I can gauge how affective it is if you make it affective enough the harness that holds the dummies in place will disengage and you can throw them." Akisame proceeded to finish setting up the machine then helped Ukita get in his place in it.

Ukita was immediately caught off guard as soon as the machine started and a mechanical arm tried to grip him he barely managed to move away when another hand this time a fist came out hitting him in the head and into one of the dummies how then knocked him into another grabbing arm how held him in place when a new fist came and knocked him out.

Akisame sighed but smiled at his new student "don't worry we will work on it rest up and then we'll try again when the master is back your skill will be much improved" the man then went to a bag and got out a Jujitsu uniform similar to his except with basic pants "sorry it took so long I had to refit it all over again" those words were spoken with a bitter melancholy to them.

Ryouzanpaku dojo: training area

Sakaki and Shinnosuke were doing some basic work on the heavy bag, when Shinnosuke started going crazy on the bag swinging wildly so Sakaki held him back. "Calm down kid the key is control and focus don't just swing wildly we all know you have power now focus it" Sakaki said as he sent a powerful rotating punch into the bag knocking the bag off of its chain.

"Alright I get that but tell me what's the secret technique or thing you did that helped Shirihama get so strong?" Shinnosuke asked as he punched the air.

Sakaki picked up the heavy bag and brought it back to the chain "secret, kid the secret is hard work determination and training the same way I became the 100th degree street fighter and the way Kenichi got strong and you can do it too."

Shinnosuke smiled "so there is no secret just standing on your feet and working hard huh I like that"

"Alright then let's begin its time I taught you my special stance you seem to have gotten the basics down." Sakaki said getting in his signature stance.

Ryouzanpaku doju: Shigure's room

Freya was decked out in an outfit similar to shigure's except orange. Currently she was working on some combinations with her bo staff striking at a practice dummy of Shigure's which conveniently had Kensei Ma's face plastered on it she struck at the arms chest base and crown of the head all with perfect precision.

"You… use the… staff well… try….this" Shigure said pulling out a set of tonfa.

Freya grabbed the wooden items spinning them in her hands striking with force enough to knock the dummy into a wall.

"Good now …. Deflect" Shigure said tossing shuriken at Freya's tonfa.

The brown haired girl swung the tonfa knocking away the shuriken until she lost her grip and one shuriken knocked the tonfa out of her hand.

"Your… grip is….too forced….make it….more natural" shigure said handing her the tonfa again while she went to get something out of her drawer.

"It's just easier to work with my staff I mean I know how these weapons your showing me work but it's not the same"

"It's because… you're forgetting the cardinal rule…. Use a weapon like an extension of yourself." Shigure pulled out a sword wrapped up so only the handle could be seen "here try this"

"I told you when I agreed to be your student I will not violate my one rule and use a lethal weapon" Freya sighed as she pulled the sword out of its wrapping but was in shock when she found it was made entirely of wood.

"I…remembered….this….isn't lethal…and it looks just like mine"

Freya swung the sword and found it light and easy to work with she also noticed something interesting "this seems unused like brand new but you had it in your dresser and the wrapping has dust is this old and just unused?"

Shigure blushed a bit when asked about the sword "it's not… that old….it was ….a gift…for Kenichi I hoped this would … let him train with me without being afraid."

Freya was surprised 'does Shigure sensei care for Shirihama as more than a student?' Freya was snapped out of her thoughts "well then ill honor this weapon you've given me."

Shigure jumped up and clung to a wall holding up the tonfa "no….you will honor…. all these weapons." Shigure then pulled out a set of nunchucks and what looked like a fan.

Hakabis restaurant: basement

"Alright Renka now let's start the training with some tai chi" kensei said getting into a basic stance.

Renka scoffed as she mimicked her father's movements "fine but tell me again why we are here and not back at the dojo?"

"Renka I told you all the training areas in the dojo are occupied so uncle Hakabi said we can work out here. We can train together just like we used to when you were little." Kensei said feeling a rush of nostalgia.

"You mean before you left china, the phoenix alliance, its one thousand followers, mama, and me?" Renka said with a condescending tone "accidently" swinging a kick at her father.

Kensei narrowly dodged the blow and frowned "yes, look Renka I'm sorry about what happened I let you and the alliance down in fact I will make you a deal in a month we will see who has made the best progress and they will be chosen to lead the team of disciple's against yomi if you can manage to be the strongest then I will come back to china with you when this is all said and done, deal?" Kensei looked back at his daughter.

Renka began jumping up and down like crazy "what are you waiting for then lets get to the real training.

'I really hope these others are training harder' Kensei thought.

Outskirts of the forest

"so grandfather why did we come here to train" Miu asked observing her surroundings and seeing no sign of civilization for miles.

"we are going to teach you to concentrate immense levels of power" with that the elder then let his own ki loose for a second and it began to stir up winds like a hurricane knocking over trees and sending miu flying. "And that is only the beginning of what you will learn."

Miu looked stunned at the calamity that came from her grandfather letting loose his power and she could tell that still wasn't the full extent of his power, "but grandpa how am I supposed to do something like that."

The elder put his arm on Miu's shoulder "Miu as you know you have an immense level of ki so much so that you can stably use it when your emotional state gets to intense you even lose control of yourself. What we are going to do is help you gain control but before that we are going to see just what is the extent of your emotional state and ki is."

Miu looked at her grandfather with confusion "how are you going to do that."

The master walked miu to the middle of the forest "it's quite simple we will train with no inhibitions no limitations and you will not see kenichi or any of your friends until you do"

Miu closed her eyes and focused on why she was holding back she began to experience memories of pain including the loss of Kenichi with that she let go, her ki exploded, and in an instant she had totally lost control attacking everything in sight

'the key to a true martial artist is to have physical and spiritual strength but also to have control over both so we must develop Miu's capability for using her true power.' The master thought as Miu attacked him full force though they did not faze him he was amazed at her destructive potential the master decided to head deeper into the forest with Miu in hot pursuit trying to kick him but ultimately just snapping branches.

The elder used his blinding speed came behind Miu knocking her unconscious. 'When she wakes up she will continue her rampage her current level of dou ki even exceeds my expectations I will need to teach her how to use it properly, it's going to be a long month'

End of chapter 6

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