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Beth was being gently caressed by her husband. She groaned tenderly as Al kissed the silky flesh of her belly. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on pleasing her, affectionately bringing his hands upwards to cup her breasts.

Again, Beth moaned. She began to reach down the Calavicci's underbelly to stroke his already hard groin.

Al's groan resonated through her ears, hearing it thrum over and over again. The male's eyes reflected a malicious amount of red as he commenced Beth's torture. The teasing of tongues over damp beads battled for dominance – Al completely forgetting that he had to be at the Project within the next two hours and it took him at least an hour and a half to get there.

The female gently nibbled on his collarbone and the Admiral craned his neck in order to receive more pleasure from the love bite. Then it clicked in Al's mind when he saw the time on the alarm clock, Sam needed him more than Al needed Beth.

"Sorry Beth, baby. Gotta go help Sammy at the Project and see who he Leaped into this time… Resume this when I'm back?" Al hoarsely croaked at his wife.

Beth huffed angrily. Ever since they had been back together, Al still was spending more time assisting Sam instead of getting the love she deserved from him. She pushed him away from her stubbornly and quietly sobbed to herself as he journeyed to his wardrobe in disgrace.

The wardrobe doors slid open and he picked out his loud weapon. The bright blue Caribbean shirt covered in luminous green palm trees and the even louder cyan silk trousers that hung tight against his frame. He was looking forward to retaliating in fun at Sam's often rude comments that he made.

The garage held his red convertible and he started its engine which roared into life – loving every second the steering wheel buzzed underneath his fingertips. As soon as he was ready, he placed the pedal to the metal and accelerated rapidly towards his best friend – eyes still faintly flickering red.

And he thought.

'I'm coming for you time bungler… Even if I have to use his feelings against you!'

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