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Surprisingly, Murasakibara was the first person who noticed them. The others were too focused with the conversation.

"Ah. It's Kuro-chin and Kagami," the purple haired giant said when he saw the pair standing there. The rest of the group turned their attention on them, staring so intently that Kagami had to resist the urge to fidget. They looked surprised, as if they didn't expect them to finish their work so early. Only Akashi had this calculating look in his eyes, determining just how much Kagami and Kuroko had heard.

"Are we interrupting something?" Kuroko asked, almost sounding casual. His bowl of food was cold. Kagami decided to let him do the talking. He would probably give away the fact that they'd overheard possibly the most important part of the conversation as soon as he opens his mouth.

"Not at all,' Akashi said. His tone was light, but there was a hint of wariness in it. "I see that both of you are done with your duties."

Kuroko nodded, making his way towards the group. With slight reluctance, Kagami followed suit.

The group was unusually silent as soon as the pair joined them, which was a bit unnerving. Kagami thought it felt like the calm before a storm. He found himself bracing for something - though he wasn't sure what.


Kagami's attention snapped up. "Y-Yeah?"

"You heard what Satsuki said." Akashi's tone made it a statement, not a question.

Kagami didn't see any reason to deny. "Only the last part."

"So you know that they've found out about you being in this village."

He nodded. "Yes."

Akashi's eyes were stormy. "We have a change of plans."

Kagami stared at him wide eyed. He would suicide if he told him that they no longer needed the script that he'd painstakingly memorized. "Wait. What?"

"We'll still be using the script," Akashi said, waving his hand dismissively. It was as if he'd read his mind. Scary. "But we'll try a different way of approaching."

He explained what he had in mind, and the temperature seemed to drop several degrees in a few minutes. For the umpteenth time, Kagami started to regret his decision on agreeing to help them. Akashi's plan was dangerous, risky, and probably not very sane. But it also made a lot of sense. Compared to the millions of other possibilities, it would be the easiest way.

Kagami suddenly lost all his appetite. His cold meal of meat stew didn't seem so mouth watering anymore. But it wasn't from nervousness. In fact, he wasn't that intimidated at all. Something else was boiling inside him, making his stomach churn; something more intense, fiery. At first, Kagami was hesitant with everything because he thought it didn't concern him. He thought he was just an unfortunate traveler dragged into the villagers' problems. It was different now. He had lived with them, served their food, washed their dishes, shared the same bathing spot, and even saved one of them. No, Kagami no longer felt like a stranger. He was one of them now. The village was also his home.

Which was why he felt anger and resentment boiling within him. He wants to mess with us? Well bring it on! Kagami wasn't going to let one person - especially that one person - ruin everything they'd all worked for. Haizaki could spread all the stories he want. Kagami would still do what he was there to do.

Kagami could tell that the group gathered there was also thinking of the same thing. There were no traces of shock on their faces; just indignation. Haizaki dares look down on them by using such a trick? Well, they planned on rubbing it hard on his face by showing that his actions were futile. They will still win, regardless of what he does.

"It's crazy," Kagami spoke up, breaking the silence. "But I suppose it's the best shot we got."

Akashi nodded. "Indeed."

Kagami exhaled slowly through his mouth. "I guess I'm crazy, then." A feral smile graced his lips. "I'm in."


The meeting/gathering/conversation adjourned soon after Kagami declared himself crazy. Kagami stayed behind with Kuroko while the rest of them went back to their daily routines. Kise wanted to stay behind with his Kurokocchi a little while longer, but he couldn't since Akashi assigned him to go to the main city with Aomine. The bluenette didn't look happy with that either, but he gave in. Unlike some upstarts, he valued his life.

Kagami scooped a spoonful of stew into his mouth. Maybe it was because it was cold, but it tasted awful. The meat was hard and difficult to swallow. The gravy was too salty. The vegetables still tasted raw.

It was all nothing compared to the silence that befell to two of them.

Conversations with Kuroko had always been hard to start. And to top it off, Kagami wasn't much of a talker either. But once they'd warmed up to each other, it was okay. Kagami would talk, and Kuroko would listen. Kuroko would talk, and Kagami would listen. It was as simple as that.

Now everything felt awkward. The quietness felt suffocating. Kagami didn't know what to do. Should he say something? Crap about the weather? Bemoan his exhaustion from kitchen duty? Ask if Kuroko's feet were getting better?

Mention that one part of the conversation earlier that they'd accidentally overheard?

"..Kagami-kun is amazing."

Kagami averted his gaze to the pale boy. "Eh?"

Kuroko kept his eyes trained on his bandaged feet, as if he suddenly found them extremely interesting. "You're still willing to help us despite knowing how much danger you'll be putting yourself in, Kagami-kun. You're amazing."

Kagami blushed, taken aback by the unexpected praise. Then he broke into a wan smile. "I just didn't want to think that I'd wasted all those days of memorizing for nothing."

"Still," Kuroko shifted his legs. "It takes a lot of guts to agree on following Akashi's plans. Especially that one we've just discussed."

"I guess you could say that I'm fond of challenges." Kagami shrugged. "And to be honest, I'm kinda fired up this time."

Kuroko lifted his head, regarding the redhead. "Why so?"

"Because by doing this, we'll indirectly be going against what Haizaki plans to do." Kagami grinned. "I'm so looking forward to seeing his face when all this is over and done with."

Kuroko was insanely good at keeping a stoic mask, but Kagami had learnt over the weeks to look at the shorter's pale blue eyes whenever he wanted to figure out his emotions. With a smile still on his face, Kagami watched as the fear temporarily flickered in Kuroko's eyes at the mention of Haizaki's name. It wasn't the first time. Kagami had seen that look in his eyes several times before.

"What happened last time?" Kagami blurted out before he could stop himself. He'd expected him to avoid the topic, but Kuroko only once again fixed his gaze on the ground. He sighed, as if he had anticipated and dreaded this moment. He did promise to tell Kagami everything.

His fingers clenched the bowl he was holding tighter. "..Five years ago," he started, but paused abruptly, hesitating.

"You don't need to tell me if you don't want to," Kagami quickly said, waving his hands elaborately. Kuroko shook his head, indicating that he was fine.

Kuroko took in a deep breath. "Five years ago, I was kidnapped and sold in the city. And the person behind it all was Haizaki-kun."


"Kurokocchi~! Can I stay over at your place tonight?"

Kuroko turned to look at their newest recruit. Kise Ryouta had only become part of the Generation of Miracles two days ago. The blonde was like the sun; always warm, cheery and smiling. The flames of the small bonfire they'd set up casted a bronze glow on his pale skin. When Kuroko and Akashi first found him, he was half dead. He warmed up to them quickly enough. After a while, Kuroko thought - as mean as it seems - Kise resembled a puppy, since he was so eager to please and was always demanding for attention.

But somehow, Kuroko felt fond of that overflowing positive energy of his. With Kise there, their days almost felt livelier. Wait. Not almost. It was definitely livelier with him around.

"Are you kidding, Ryouta?" A boy materialized behind Kuroko, casually draping an arm around the smaller. "We're growing guys, you know. Who knows when you might just have the urge and do something to our little Tetsuya?"

Any person who is not blind would probably be able to notice how uncomfortable Kuroko was under Haizaki's touch. But Kuroko was too polite to say anything.

Haizaki was one of the very first members of the Generation of Miracles, along with Akashi and Kuroko. Even at the age of ten, he was very tall and had a large built. His pale blond hair was a rat's nest. He had a playful grin plastered on his face, but even Kise couldn't see it as amiable. No one could explain why, but Haizaki just gave off this dangerous vibe whenever he was around, which was really unsettling.

Haizaki stole for fun, for one thing. Unlike the rest of the Miracles, who stole out of sheer desperation to keep the village alive, Haizaki stole for his own enjoyment. He could care less about the village and the villagers. Akashi had threatened more than once to tied him up and dangle him in mid air on a tree branch if he were to enter the main city without proper reason again, but of course, Haizaki ignored him. He was one of the only people in the world that actually dared to disobey Akashi on daily basis.

"Haizaki-kun," Kuroko's voice was a monotone. "You're heavy."

"Eh? Really?" Haizaki barked out a laugh. He untangled himself from the pale boy. "Sorry 'bout that."

"Why do you always think so negatively?" Kise pouted, offended by Haizaki earlier statement. "I won't dare do anything to Kurokocchi! Sheesh!"

"Hey, I was just joking," Haizaki said lightly.

"At any rate," Kuroko cut in before the two could start an argument. "You can't, Kise-kun."

Kise's face fell. Tears filled his eyes as he turned back to Kuroko. "Why?"

"You have to learn to sleep alone," Kuroko said calmly. "You can't expect to be afraid of the dark forever."


Kise's protest was cut short when Kuroko stood up, obviously unwilling to change his mind.

"Now if you'll excuse me," Kuroko said, not even looking back. "I've got some cleaning to do before bedtime."

"You're so mean, Kurokocchi!"

Kuroko walked off, pretending not to hear that. Once he no longer heard Kise's loud whines and was sure he was away from the blonde's sight, Kuroko tilted his head skywards, gazing at the full moon that somehow seemed unnaturally large that night. A soft sigh escaped from his lips. He was so tired. He'd spent the whole day running here and there, courtesy of Akashi - who, wanted to get him used to sneaking into the city. Kuroko was still trying hard to control his nerves whenever he was there to steal.

Saying that he had cleaning to do was just an excuse. Kuroko wanted some peace and quiet, and he doubted he could get that if Kise were to be there. Now that his adrenaline was gone and he had a full stomach, Kuroko's eyelids began to droop. He shook his head roughly in an attempt to keep himself awake. He just needed to stay awake until he reaches his home.

Kuroko barely made it. He stumbled in through the front door, landing face first on his pillow that was conveniently placed right there on the floor. He let out a big yawn, turning on his side. He closed his eyes, rubbing his cheek against the softness of the pillow to find that one comfortable spot. And then he drifted off to sleep.

Kuroko always slept lightly, and would always be woken up by the slightest of sound that his ears deemed unusual. But that night was an exception. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. His arms and legs were already tied up. A piece of cloth was stuffed into his mouth. In a fit of panic, Kuroko opened his eyes, but all he could see was darkness.

A hand circled around his upper arm, yanking him upright from his sleeping position. Kuroko trashed, but the grip on him was like steel. The air around him suddenly stopped moving. It was stuffy. He couldn't breathe. His fingers touched canvas, and with growing dread, Kuroko knew he was trapped in some kind of cloth sack. He was being kidnapped.

Kuroko felt himself being lifted off the ground. His captor was taking him somewhere. There was the main problem. Kuroko didn't know who the person is. He didn't wake up in time to catch even a glimpse of the person. Kuroko cursed his own carelessness.

Kuroko had tried hard while he fought exhaustion. He'd strained against the bonds on his limbs. He'd tried spitting out the cloth so he could call for help. He'd tried to reach the back of his head to untie the blindfold around his eyes. He'd even tried bumping onto his captor - hard - in an attempt to make him release him.

But everything was futile. Kuroko had never felt so helpless. He tried calming his heartbeat to think of a decent plan. But he was scared and tired. He couldn't think straight. What's going to happen to him now?

After a while, Kuroko realized that they'd stopped moving. He was set down roughly on the ground. Everything was silent except for his heavy breathing. Kuroko stayed very still, and waited, bracing himself for the worst.

And that was when he heard the voices.

"About time. How much is she?"

The first voice obviously belonged to a man; gravelly and rough. Kuroko didn't recognize it. The man wasn't anyone he knew.

"It's a boy. I couldn't get you a girl."

Kuroko tensed, eyes widening.

"Are you kidding me? What do you want me to do with a boy?"

"Oh, compared to most girls, he's even better. I assure you that."

The second voice. Kuroko knew that voice.

"Let me see how he looks like," the man demanded.

"Yes, yes." Haizaki sounded fairly irritated. What was Haizaki doing? Kuroko felt the canvas around him shift, and for a brief moment, he could inhale fresh air again. Unfortunately, he wasn't given a chance to enjoy the moment. A thick stench of alcohol and tobacco promptly invaded his nostrils.

"Hmm," the man hummed as he ran a finger under Kuroko chin. Kuroko wanted to swat that hand away, but he had yet to break free of his bonds. All he could do was to bite down hard on his gag and endure it. "A little thin, don't you think?"

"All children there are thin," Haizaki stated nonchalantly.

Kuroko wanted so badly to cover every bit of his own exposed skin as he felt hungry eyes trained on his whole body. Or even better. He wanted to run off, to sprint back home as fast as he could to crawl into a hole and hide. But with his feet tied up, he knew he couldn't make it far even if he tried. Belatedly, he regretted not letting Kise accompany him for the night.

"Beautiful skin, huh?" Haizaki crooned, watching the man practically salivate over Kuroko's alabaster figure. The man could only nod as he moved to feel Kuroko's soft, silky blue hair with his fingers.

"State your price," he said.

Price? Kuroko's mind quickly processed what was happening. He was being sold. He didn't know where, but he got the feeling it was somewhere in the city. Panic surged through his veins. He'd heard of children being sold as slaves or child prostitutes in the city, and he'd hated all those stories. Now it was happening to him. Oh god. Why was Haizaki doing this? What's going on?

Kuroko renewed his struggles on his bonds. He didn't want this. He was not going to let them have him. He had to escape. Somehow.

"Whoa. Calm down, boy."

Calm down? How the heck does that filthy man expect him to calm down in this situation?

"I guess we have no choice."

A piece of cloth was held over Kuroko's nose. Kuroko held his breath for as long as he could. His heart was going crazy. His lungs ached. Finally, he gave up. He had to breathe. He inhaled once, tentatively, slowly, but that was enough. All he could remember before his mind blacked out was the scent of some sort of chemical.

When he came to again, Kuroko noticed several differences. His mouth was sore and dry, but he was no longer gagged. His legs were not tied up. His hands were tied above his head instead of behind his back.

Kuroko opened his eyes. He still could not see anything, which meant he still had that stupid blindfold on. His limbs felt heavy as lead. His mind was groggy, but he managed to remember what happened. That's right. He was about to be sold before he was drugged.

Panic, fear, and anxiety cleared his brain quickly enough, but once again, Kuroko felt helpless to the point of frustration. He could barely lift a finger, much less struggle against the thick ropes that circled his wrists and bound them to some kind of pole. The stuff that he'd inhaled must still be in his system. He could only lie there, praying again and again and again that someone would come to his rescue.

The loud bang of the door almost made him jump out of his skin. He could hear labored footsteps making their way towards him, as if the person who'd entered was dragging his legs across the floor rather than walking properly. The smell of alcohol that followed was nauseating.

Kuroko knew at once that he was in danger. But he couldn't do anything. His whole body was quaking. He was so scared. He wanted to scream, but since that piece of cloth was removed from his mouth, he knew that screaming was probably useless. No one would hear him. His fate was sealed.

The sinking feeling in his heart grew worst when he felt a presence over him. This is it, he thought. I have no choice but to endure it.

And that was the start of a nightmare. Kuroko hated, above everything, the hands the most. They slipped under the ragged shirt he wore, and roamed everywhere around his body; his chest, his back, his arms, his legs. Kuroko's weak squirms only seemed to encourage them. They were greedy, always seeking to touch his porcelain skin more. Kuroko tried shutting everything out, especially the awful feeling of being touched at the most intimate places that made him want to kick the man in the soft spot. He shut his eyes tight, and took in shuddering breaths. He bit his lip so hard, blood started gushing out of the damaged flesh. Just a little longer, he kept on telling himself. Just a little longer and it'll be over. Then he would make his escape. He wasn't sure how, but he will.

Kuroko started screaming around the time the licks and bites started. He couldn't take it any longer. Everything felt disgusting and wrong. He was being violated. He didn't know he could even produce such a loud sound, but it wasn't a time for him to care. He screamed and screamed, hoping and hoping that someone would hear and save him. He wanted this to stop. This had to stop.


Part of Kuroko that hadn't gone crazy with fear heard it. Someone was calling his name. And there was only one person who called him that.

"Kurokocchi! Where are you?!"

Kuroko almost sobbed with relief. They were here. They were here to save him. Knowing that gave him newfound strength. Taking in one deep breath, Kuroko shouted in the loudest voice he'd ever used in his life.

"Aomine-kun! Kise-kun! I'm here!"

The man on top of him grunted in confusion, wondering why had this kid under him suddenly shouted a full sentence instead of his incoherent screams. He hadn't even processed it all when the door slammed open.

He wasn't sure what surprised him more; the fact that a group of children were standing at the entrance of his room, or the fact that once of them was actually strong enough to haul a grown adult off the bed and onto the floor.

"You bastard!" Aomine yelled at him, his eyes burning with rage. He grabbed the man by his collar and shook him. "How dare you do that to him?! I'll kill you!"

Meanwhile, Kise released Kuroko from his bonds. When he removed the pale boy's blindfold, he realized one thing that scared him badly. Kuroko, who was always emotionless, calm, and stoic as far as he knew, was crying uncontrollably.

Kise's first instinct was to hug his friend tightly, pressing Kuroko's head against his chest. "It's okay, Kurokocchi," he said softly, blinking back his own tears. He had to stay strong for now. He could cry later. "We're here. It's okay now."

Kuroko only cried harder, fisting the front of Kise's shirt with his hands. Akashi, Midorima and Murasakibara had gathered around them now. Kise rubbed Kuroko's arms soothingly, trying to stop him from shaking. Guilt washed over him like a wave. He should've insisted on staying over earlier.

"Tetsu." Aomine walked over, having done dealing with the man who was anything but sober. He paused in his tracks upon seeing Kuroko's condition. He saw how terrified he was. He saw just how badly he was shaking. And then he started feeling scared. Aomine was afraid - afraid that something in his precious Tetsu had been permanently broken. He was afraid that after all this, Kuroko will never be the same again.

And it was all their fault. It was their fault for acting too late.

"Akashi," Aomine's voice quavered when he spoke. "Will he.. Is Tetsu going to be alright?"

Akashi had one hand on Kuroko's shoulder. His mismatched eyes were full of pain. He didn't meet Aomine's gaze. His fists were clenched hard. Aomine could tell that even the redhead was blaming himself for everything. "I.. don't know, Daiki. I don't know."

Aomine cursed once under his breath before walking over to join his companions. He knelt down before Kuroko's curled up figure, and reached out, tenderly stroking the shorter boy's hair. He felt a pang of pain in his chest, and had to swallow the lump forming in his throat before he could speak. "Come on, Tetsu. Let's get you home."


"Haizaki-kun disappeared right after the whole incident, but Akashi-kun and the others tracked him down. Then.. I don't know what happened. I was only told that much. Akashi-kun must have said something to him, as Haizaki-kun left us alone for a long time - long enough for me to recover and get on with life. But he still returned occasionally, as how he did recently," Kuroko said. The whole time he told his story, he kept his gaze fixed on the wooden floor of his home. His eyes had a vacant look in them, as if he was replaying everything from scratch in his mind. "With each return, he attempted to take someone with him. He almost got Kise-kun and Momoi-san once, but we managed to stop him in time." Kuroko paused for a breath. It's been a while since he said so much at once. "So now you know why we feel so paranoid as soon as the word is spread. We never know who will be taken."

Kagami stared at his pale companion in stunned silence. His eyes were wide and his mouth was agape with bewilderment. He did the math. Five years ago. They were all fifteen now. Which meant Kuroko had to go through that nightmare when he was only ten. That confirmed his suspicions and explained everything. Kagami now understood why Kuroko was terrified of Haizaki. That bastard dared to do that much when he was ten. Imagine what other horrors he could do after so many years.

Part of him also wondered: who was more twisted? The people of the main city who were willing to buy innocent kids to satisfy their impure desires or Haizaki who, at the age of ten, was willing to sell his own friend to those bastards just to get some cash?

"Gosh, Kuroko," Kagami said when he'd finally found his voice. He raked his hand through his already messy hair. "I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"I didn't want to tell you this," Kuroko admitted, almost sounding guilty. Kagami wasn't sure why.

"Because you're afraid?" he guessed. "Because you wanted to forget everything?"

Slowly, Kuroko nodded. "Yes. And.. I didn't want you pitying me."

Kagami wrinkled his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"You were the first person in a long time," Kuroko explained. "Who didn't look at me like you might just loose me any day. And you were also the first person to no treat me like a delicate piece of pottery that could be broken by the slightest touch. I've gotten over everything. I wanted to be stronger, but everyone just wouldn't let me. I didn't want you to know, because I'm afraid that you might just end up treating me like everyone else."

"Then," Kagami started. "Then why did you tell me anyway?"

Kuroko finally turned to face him. He stared at him skeptically with those big, honest blue eyes of his. Only now did Kagami realize that they had a shattered look in them. "Because I trust you, Kagami-kun. I trust you not to do that."

Kagami wasn't sure how to react then. Should he feel happy? Honored? Embarrassed? He must've been making a very strange face, because despite everything, Kuroko suddenly let out one loud snort.

"What?" Kagami demanded, feeling his cheeks heat up.

"N-Nothing," Kuroko stammered, trying hard to control his laughing fit. For a moment there, Kagami was almost worried that Kuroko had lost it. "It's just - Kagami-kun's face-" And he started chuckling all over again.

"My.. face?" The redhead turned towards the small piece of broken mirror hanging above Kuroko's sink. His own reflection stared back, making a face like he was having a bad case of constipation.

Kagami wanted to stay angry. Really, he did. But he found his frown fading, replaced by a smile. Then a grin. And then he too, laughed. He was looking like that the whole time? He was glad no one came barging into the place when they were having that solemn conversation. The laughter that would follow would ruin the mood.

It was the first time he'd heard Kuroko chuckle like that, and it was strangely contagious. The tension broke. Kagami felt relieved that Kuroko was still sane. He had to respect him for his mental strength. He wasn't sure if he could even keep on living after that experience, let alone laugh.

Kagami knew he wasn't mistaken when he called Kuroko strong.

"I guess I'm honored," Kagami said as a reply to Kuroko's earlier statement. He reached out, and ruffled the shorter boy's hair. "Thanks. For believing in me."

Kuroko had gradually stopped laughing. Strangely, he didn't protest about Kagami's gesture. "You told me a lot about yourself. It's only fair for me to do the same."

Kagami retracted his hand. "I guess so."

"So what are you going to do?" Kuroko had reverted back to his usual emotionless self. "Now that you know what's going on."

Kagami thought about it. "I'm not very smart," he started slowly. "But judging from what we heard just now, Akashi and the others are probably planning something else behind our back. I'm guessing it has something to do with stopping Haizaki."

Kuroko nodded. "I'm having a vague suspicion about that too."

"I will not involve myself with that," Kagami said. "We'll leave that to them."

Kuroko wrinkled his brows. "So what are you trying to say?"

"Even if Haizaki is stopped, there's no guarantee that there's no one else out there that's like him." Kagami's eyes shone with determination. "I'll make them respect us. I'll show them that the people here aren't as lowly as they think."

His declaration brought a small smile on Kuroko's face. For the umpteenth time, he silently marveled at just how amazing Kagami was.

"We'll be counting on you, then," he said. Kagami grinned back at him, full of confidence.



Haizaki was thoroughly pissed off.

He only had that much patience. He hadn't been able to make a good 'catch' for months now, and his clients were starting to get grumpy. Not to mention the fact that he was also running short on a little something called money.

Cursing aloud, he kicked a pebble with the tip of his shoe and sent it flying several meters in front of him. He was already having quite some trouble dealing with those Miracle brats alone, and now a foreigner just had to interfere. Haizaki rubbed his left cheek bone. What was that guy's name again? Kag-something or another? At any rate, he was so going to hunt that guy down and pay him back for almost disfiguring his face.

Haizaki knew Akashi enough to guess that the redhead has some kind of plan involving the foreigner. He failed to stop the smile from creeping onto his face. He knew Akashi would think of another way (let's face it, that guy always does), but it still felt good to spread those rumors and perhaps ruin their plans a little. They'd interfered with his job long enough.

"You sure are confident, wandering around by yourself in such a dark night."

The voice that had suddenly spoken caught Haizaki by surprise. He stopped in his tracks, looking around for its source. The trees and bushes around him rustled. Aomine and Kise rose from some bushes, casually brushing leaves off their clothes. Midorima materialized from behind a tree. Haizaki turned around, only to find his way blocked by a giant; Murasakibara.

All of them stared at him coldly, eyes hard with anger. Haizaki was surrounded.

"Hello, Shougo." Akashi materialized behind him, arms crossed. His faced showed that he will not hesitate to kill, necessary or not. "It has been a while."

So for those of you who realized, I stated that everything happened five years before the main storyline. If you go back and skim through the first chapter, I also stated that the GoM was in action for five years. and some chapters back, I mentioned that Kise joined them about a year after they were formed. So you'll most probably be wondering: what the heck is Kise doing there?. so to clear THAT up:

the keyword is the word 'about'. I never mentioned specifically just when Kise joined them. to make it simple, let's put it this way: the GoM was officially formed on February. Kise joined them maybe about eight months later? Which means it'll be October - if my maths skills have not completely died - and its still in the same year. I know, its confusing. It took me a while to come up with something at least A LITTLE logical to explain that. but if it's still confusing and refusing to make any sense, then just inform me. I'll do the necessary changes. Thank you for reading!