Unfinished ice blocks along with candy wrappers, sweet liquids, freshly made pastries and all things that would be considered as a delicacy surrounded Murasakibara as he sat on the timbered floor, legs crossed. He let out a light sigh, shoving a broken piece of cinnamon donut in his mouth as he felt a pair of hands run through his long lavender coloured hair. The fingers glided smoothly through his locks which gave Murasakibara a loved and calm feeling that shot through his large body. He savoured the piece of food in his mouth before chewing and swallowing it. He then cleared his throat.

"Akachin… just cut it." Murasakibara said with his voice slurring. He ended that demand with yawn, as if to further express his boredom which did not sit well with Akashi. The red head tsked, adjusting his position as his fingertips singled out every strand of hair on Murasakibara's head. Akashi was on a small pedestal on his knees to match their height as he had scissors on the floor next to him at his disposal to presumably cut the taller one's hair. Murasakibara needed a cut anyways as his hair just barely passed his shoulders. It was long and bothersome, which made Akashi question why doesn't Murasakibara just cut it short as most male teens would have their hair.

After a few more minutes of just sheer silence, Akashi reached down to grab a hold of the scissors, placing his fingers in the loops of the sharp object. He prepared himself to cut his team mate's hair and with a little snip, he commenced nervously—not that he would ever admit that to anyone in this life time. The red head took his time, snipping cautiously until he got the hang of it. Eventually, he cut Murasakibara's hair to a reasonable length, but he had only worked on the back of the taller one's head.

"Atsushi, turn your head to the side." Akashi commanded, expecting the said male to follow and obey his words.
"Ah? Just cut it at a perspective. It's too bothersome." Murasakibara complained, opening a new packet of some sort of sweet smelling snack.
"Do it. It isn't that hard." The Captain sighed, rolling his eyes at his team mate's laziness to complete such simple task.
"But if I do, then this will happen."

Murasakibara twisted his upper body around to the point where he was almost parallel Akashi before planting his lips upon the younger one's mouth. He felt the red head's initial shock but the Captain remained calm as usual. Akashi didn't show any signs of rejecting the kiss but nor did he accept it either—he just stayed in the position he originally was in and decided to act when Murasakibara eventually pulled away. That 'eventually' couldn't come any faster as the Captain felt Murasakibara massage his lips with his own as if to find an opening to slip his tongue in. Choosing to humour his team mate, Akashi slightly parted his lips and before he knew it, Teikou's Center took the chance to slide it in.

Akashi suppressed a moan as a sweet sensation entered his mouth. Murasakibara was being too forceful—the same as he was when he'd get a new flavour of snacks to munch on which, if it continued, would make Akashi show his vulnerable side to pleasure. Deciding to end the kiss, the Captain brought the pair of scissors up, cutting the front of Murasakibara's hair in perfect level with the back. That sudden movement caused Murasakibara to flinch back in surprise, thus breaking the kiss. He saw a light shade of pink colour Akashi's cheeks as his lips looked moist. But his eyes looked lifeless as ever. The Captain's mouth soon curled into a mischievous smirk, causing Murasakibara to cock his head in confusion as Akashi parted his lips yet again to speak.

"See? I told you it wasn't that hard."

黒子のバスケ © 藤巻 忠俊
Kuroko No Basuke

I hope this wasn't confusing!