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The mysteries never happened.


Our New Shared Life

Chapter 1- Welcome Back

3rd Person's POV

Everyone was already at Anubis House waiting for Nina and Eddie to arrive. They were waiting for the 2 Americans they all loved.

Everyone was doing their own their own thing. Mick, who decided to stay, was bouncing a soccer ball on his knees. Joy was with Mara trying to come up with new topics for "Jack Jackal". Amber was reading celebrity gossips, as usual. Alfie and Jerome were planning pranks to do on their fellow Anubis housemates. Fabian was reading his new copy of "My Solar System is Your Friend". And Patricia was on her laptop, chatting with Piper.

Amber occasionally looked up from her magazine to gaze at Fabian and Joy, who has gotten together over the break.


Eddie and Nina were sitting on the seats of the cab they're in.

"Eddie?" Nina asks looking up at him.

"Yea?" Eddie replied meeting her gaze.

"Do you think they will know about "it"?" Nina questions him emphasizing "it".

"Maybe…" Eddie trailed off.

"You're okay with it, right?" Nina asks hoping for a positive answer.

"Of course" Eddie said with a wide grin on his face.

Nina then giggled and laid her head on his shoulder as he threw and arm around her shoulders. Then a peaceful silence filled the cab that was heading to Anubis House to start a new term.

Eddie and Nina walked up the stairs that led them to the door of Anubis House. They knocked twice and waited until somebody opens the locked door. Trudy opened the door with a smile.

"Oh dearies, you're finally here! They've been waiting for you two." Trudy said happily and Eddie and Nina returned the greeting.

"Thanks Trudy." Both said in unison.

They left their bags by the doorway where Trudy has told them to leave it and entered the common room to see all Anubis students doing their own things.

Amber noticed the 2 and threw her arms around Nina.

"Neens, you're back!" Amber screamed with her arms still around her.

Nina started to feel uncomfortable.

"Ambs…I missed you too…but, I have to breathe…" Nina says struggling to get Amber's death grip of her. It took Jerome and Alfie to get Amber off Nina.

Eddie and Nina have said they're greeting to every one of them and everyone left to unpack.

They're back home. Home at Anubis House.

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