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Name: Marley Johnson
Age (between 16 and 19): 19
Gender: male
Appearance: wears hoodies, t-sirts, tuxedoes (some occasions), jeans, converse sneakers
Personality: nice, protective, sporty, caring
Hobbies: collects guitar pics, plays any sport, guitarist
Family: 1 brother-Grayson, Nina-cousin
Relation to Nina or Eddie or both: Nina's cousin
Friends: Nina, Eddie, anyone else
Enemies: N/A
Crush/GF/BF: N/A

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Our New Shared Life

Chapter 20- Marley

Nina's POV

P.E. was exhausting! Do you know how hard it is to run like this? Anyways, after changing back to our uniforms, we took off to our next class: Music. You know music reminds me of my cousin Marley. Wait-he should be in the same class then! Yay! I miss him. He plays any sport and is a really good guitarist! He plays both electric and acoustic guitar, and he's amazing at it! Marley also has a brother, Grayson. And one thing, he's a stunning drummer! As soon as I entered the music classroom, packed with musical instruments like pianos, guitars, violins, drums, and more, I was tackled with a huge hug. I admit it hurt, but when I saw who hugged me, a laugh escaped my mouth. It was Marley. He released me and I took a look at him from head to toe. Brown shaggy hair, blue eyes, rock 'n' roll hoodies, black jeans, and blue high tops.

"Hey Marls!" I greeted him. "These are Amber, Alfie, Joy, Fabian, Patricia, Jerome, Mara, Mick, and you know Eddie." I pointed to each one of them.
"Hey, I'm Nina's cousin, Marley." He said with his signature smile.

Someone else hugged me from behind. It's Grayson. Like Marley, he has black shaggy hair and blue eyes. Like I did earlier, I introduced him to the Anubis gang.

"Guys, this is my cousin, Grayson," I spoke for him. "He and Marley are brothers." Marley and Grayson were talking about their music. They all seem to get along. That's good.

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