"That is it! He is dead!" I growled standing from my table and stomped over to his. His stupid cute smirk was the first thing I noticed when I went over. "Hey look if it isn't-" before he finished his sentenced my hand collided with his face creating a loud SLAP. I heard my friends run towards me and dragged me away before I could do anymore damage. "You mess with my friends again and I will wipe this entire Hall with YOUR blood!" My friends, Megan, Tsi, and Cassi laughed and took me to the outdoors. "Now chill" Cassi ordered. "I am chill. That made everything ten times better." I smirked as Megan threw a roll at me to eat. "What did he do this time?" Tsi asked. "He… He just ugh. He does everything." I groaned. "So, he didn't do anything. You just hit him." Megan laughed. "No! He called Cassi dirty blood!" I growled. "You know I don't care what he thinks. He's Malfoy for goodness sakes." She laughed.

I walked to my dorms but was grabbed and pulled into the nearest classroom, "What is the big idea Rowo?" Malfoy growled and I didn't reply. He glared at me and then he held my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. I tried pulling away from him but he was too strong and eventually I gave in to whatever my heart wanted and I kissed him back. He smiled in the kiss and pressed me to the nearest wall making me gasp at the cold stone touching my back and bringing me back to my senses. When he pulled away I pushed him with everything I had, "that should not have happened!" I shouted. "But it did, and enjoyed every moment of it." He whispered in my ear. I kicked him and ran to my dorm. Not stopping until I was safe in my dorm room. "Come on Megan! Let go! I do not want to go to the Great Hall!" I shouted gripping my headboard as Megan was pulling me out of bed. "Come on! We are going! The gang is waiting!" She growled. I finally let go and we both went flying to the floor with a THUD! We went down to the Great Hall and greeted by two angry friends. "Blame ReiRei!" Megan accused. "What is wrong with you today ReiRei!" Cassi asked. "Nothing… Draco kissed me" I whispered the last part. "What?" "Draco kissed me…"

"Louder?" "DRACO KISSED ME!" I shouted and before everyone turned to see who said that we were outside the Great Hall hiding. "He did what?!" Megan screamed. Then I told them what happened, "You aren't angry about that?" Tsi asked astonished. I shook my head, "I think I like him…" The girls gasped. "No way! Not Draco Malfoy!"

"I believe that's what she said." He smirked as the girls turned to face him and Cassi went to punch him, but he stopped her fist. "Cute, really. I just came to see her" he pointed at me. "Why?" Tsi and Megan guarded me. "She and I have something to discuss."

"Like hell!" Cassi growled. "It is ok. I will be back in a bit." I glared at Draco and let him drag me away to a classroom. "What?" I asked him as I sat on top of a desk. "Same here."

"What?" I asked confused. He faced me and his hands were on either side of me, "I like you too." He restated. He didn't give me time to reply and his lips captured mine into a passionate kiss. This time my arms snaked around his neck and pulled him closer as his snaked around my waist.

This time when we pulled away he held my hand and we walked out to see my girls. "You two are dating?" Cassi gapped. I nodded then turned to him, "If you want to stay with me you have to be nice to my girls and their friends and family." I told him and he reluctantly agreed and kissed me again before going to his friends. I turned and stuck my tongue at my friends, "My first kiss and I am the first one of our group with a boyfriend." I winked then ran through the Great Hall with my friends chasing me angrily. This was the life…