Hello I'm back again with a new story which contians a cuteish little KyouMado just a little since I love that pairing soo much!But it seems like some people are missing where are are they and how Find-out in the story!ENJOY!


Ginga:7 years

Madoka:5 years

Hyouma:7 years

Kyouya:7.5 years



"Gotcha!"Ginga ran towards was holding Hyouma by the collar tightly so Hyouma couldn't escape" Madoka,Tsubasa,Hikaru I caught him! I caught Hyouma ,see? where are you guys?"Ginga shouted."looks like they're gone!"Hyouma shrugged."well atleast leave me then!"Hyouma tried to struggle lightedned his grip and finally let go."Fine you guys wana play hide'n'seek I'll find you !I'm good at that!"Ginga shouted.

They were playing in a huge meadow. Cows were grazing walking in groups,sheeps playing and the sheepgatherer running like lunatic after his sheep."Where could they possibly go?" Hyouma asked puzzled, he had a point where could his friends go ? It was nearly sunset,Ginga had an idea"Hyouma , we can go check out in the old mill!" That old mill was their living place all of them,"Great idea Ginga why didn't I thought of that one before?" Hyouma exclaimed."I know why,'cause you're not like me!"Ginga laughed.

"Very Funny " Hyouma gave a fake 'haha' laugh " Who would want to be like you? pea-brain ,lolly head!" "I know who !,you!"Ginga replied.

Both of them reached the mill as fast as they could on their little legs . Kyouya was standing at the corner with a quetioning look on his face. "What took you guys so long and where are" Kyouya peeped behind Ginga to make sure nobody was there "where are the rest of them,where's Hyouma ?I'm sure I saw him with you"kyouya remarked. Ginga looked around and surely noone was to be found."Hyouma,Hyouma,Hyouma!" Ginga cupped his hands into a megephone and began calling his name but the he stopped "You mean, Madoka and the others are not here? it's dark out there where could they go?"Ginga asked. "who knows I thought they were with you it IS getting dark by the way, lets go and find them before it gets too late!".Both of them went searching for Hyouma Madoka ,Hikaru and Tsubasa.

"leave us alone you beast!"Madoka shouted , Madoka was in tears,she was wearing a pink mini skirt and a cute little shirt,pink, and her hair was clipped with with a bow

Kyouya had a heavy feeling in pit of his stomach.'god please be them all safe specially Madoka'Kyouya blushed a little while thinking this 'cause he thought Madoka was cute

Well this is when all of them are young but no mean reviws!