Harry rolled his eyes. Dumbles obviously had a detection ward tied to the door. If it was supposed make the person believe that Dummy was all knowing it was pretty lame. McGonagall opened the door and Dumbles said

"Ah Mr Potter I was wondering when we would meet"

"Well that's extremely creepy"

"Mr Potter!"Gonagalls said warningly in a thick, coarse sco'ish accent

"Sorry" Said Harry without a trace of remorse.

"Quite alright Harry, quite alright" Nodded Wulfric.

Harry thought that he was either trying to defuse the situation or was socially retarded, probably the latter, he concluded.

"Now may I inquire as to why Harry, was brought before me?"

"Sorry Albus to bother you like this, it's just that Mr Potter has such incredible skill in Transfiguration I did not know quite what to do with him."

"I see " Replied Dumbledore in what he hoped was a wise tone but actually made him look like he was dim.

"Could you demonstrate for us Harry, your extraordinary talent that you were exhibiting in Minerva's class?" Albus asked.

Harry did not reply he simply waved his wand and the garishly bright, multi-coloured carpet transformed into an eagle which flew around Dumbledore's office for a bit. Harry then turned the eagle into a lion which had a tail of a snake. After a few seconds of watching the lion claw at its tail he transformed it back into its original form.

"Most interesting, I wonder Harry what else are you talented at? Charms, Potions?"

"Well I'm pretty skilled in everything but I would say that I am best at war magic Professor and I was wandering if you would be willing to mentor for a bit so I can reach my magical potential. And so I can be the best in the world and then proceed to beat Voldemort not because of the prophecy but because he's a bit of a twat, if I'm honest."

Dumbledore's eyes widened dramatically so that his moon shaded eyebrows seemed to vanish in his multitudinously wrinkled forehead.

"What?! How do you know about the prophecy!"

"Well Professor I simply performed a bit of the ol' Legilimency on you just to find out what you knew about me, your plans et cetera and what do you know that turned up!"

Dumbledore didn't know whether to be happy that Harry was so powerful or angry that he had read his mind without him noticing. Dumbledore was rumoured to be the best occlumens/legilimens around!


"Will you teach me the skills I'll need for fighting?"

"Well Yes bu-"

As soon as Harry had got the affirmative he dissaparated to just outside of the Ravenclaw Common Room. Fortunately no one was there to see him appear, the knocker on the door asked him in normal verbatim rather unsually since it only spoke in riddle to everyone else

"Lord Emrys-Gryffindor-Potter how fairs thee?"

"Well thank you, could I enter perhaps?"

"Of course my Lord "

The door swung open to reveal thirty odd Ravenclaws chatting amicably to eachother however most chat stopped when he entered. Everyone looked at him with an expression of awe and some looked at him through the eyes of jealousy. By now everyone had heard of his remarkable talent in one of the hardest magical subjects, transfiguration.

"As you were chaps " snarked Harry

He headed up to his dorm to tell Ron that they needed to see Gellert

"Ron are you there?" Harry said a bit worried. They had agreed that they would meet at their dorm at this exact time! Harry looked around more puzzled than worried when he saw a note on his own bed.

Harry picked up the note and it said in what Harry recognised as typewriter font.

Harry Potter,

Do not be alarmed you friend is safe and no harm will come to him if you simply do as your told. Go to the last room on the seventh floor, if you tell anyone about this note or do note appear within five minutes your friend will be killed.

Priest Noxall of the Sect of Hades.

"Shit, Shit, Shit SHIT SHIT!" Harry swore loudly. The Sect of Hades were a very mysterious and deadly cult. They had followers from all over the globe who all believed in one thing, but no one knew. Their followers were rumoured to include, corrupt presidents, terrorists magical and non-magical, Shamans, Ice warriors, thieves. The world had only seen them once, when they placed the Veil of Death in the Ministry. They had appeared in their thousands in 1667, all in dark black cloaks saying nothing. They left saying nothing only leaving a card saying

"For you O Lord of all dead and alive, mortal and immortal"

It was signed "The Sect of Hades"

Harry did some stretches to warm up his muscles and did some mouth exercises and apparated to the sixth floor with an almost unperceptible pop of apparition and climbed the stairs.

As soon as he set foot on the seventh floor he saw three men next to eachother with dark purple armour with black shimmering cloaks on appeared in front of him.

Harry smirked "Three pathetic li'l people to take me down?! I'm insulted"

One of the knights stepped foward and spoke in a deep, throaty and harsh voice ignoring his insult

"Drop your wand Mr Potter or Mr Weasely will be killed" At that point he flicked his wand and Ron was revealed behind the knights, gagged and bound ropes and chains of gold and purple. Another knight stepped back and pointed his wand at Ron remaining silent.

"I don' t think so ol' boy"

Harry swiped his wand at the knight guarding Ron. A sickly red curse sped towards him, the knight ,despite not expecting such a move from a seemingly weak boy, conjured a fine blue shield in the path of Harry's spell. The shield simply disintergrated as Harry's powered through it. As the spell impacted with the man's stomach he was blown back the length of the corridor, convulsing in the air. The man ploughed into a wall and with a crack his head split open with blood dripping out of the crevice .

Harry not pausing for thought, letting instict take over roared


From Harry's wand arced a thick white lightning bolt which travelled to fast for the eye to travel yet some how the priest and his minion managed to dive out of the way.

They shot back at the same time with the same spell


Harry's reactions were not on par with the Knights of Warpurgis and so barely managed to put up a shield in time to block the indubitably deadly spell.

Harry decided to try out a new idea for a spell chain,

"FUMOS CONFUNDUM" Out of Harry's wand thick grey smoke piled out at an astonishing rate within a second the whole corridor was thick with dark,black smoke which nobody could see through.

"HERBIVICUS ABNIHIL, ORBIS" Harry shouted in quick succession.

In the middle of the floor a plant grew and began to spin sucking up the smoke and anything near it, Harry could see paintings get pulled off walls and doors coming out of frames.

"Excellent" He thought "Now for the final touch"

"INCENDIUM GLOBUM" he spat and forced a lot of power into his spell, as he did a sphere of pure grey demonfire which headed straight to the center of the magical tornado. As it made contact the tornado was transformed into blisteringly hot magical fire tornado.

The Knights were slow to react due to the Confundus charm woven into the smoke but when they did they both shot an Unforgivable, again simultaneously.


Harry with a fairly large amount of effort moved the tornado in the path and to the Knights surprise the tornado sucked up the spells but started to lose its shape and was fluctuating wildly rather disturbingly.

"One more spell and it's going to explode" Harry thought.

He moved the tornado towards the men as the Killing Curse was on their tongues. When they cast it the tornado was only a few metres from them and just as Harry had predicted it exploded, although the blast radius was small it was packed a shitload and the two people of the Sect of Hades simply turned to ash along with a foot deep of stone in the ground.

Harry ran over to his friend concerned for his welfare.

"Ron can you hear me?!"

There was no reply.

"Dammit, it must be these chains, how can I get them off, if I try cutting them off with a really powerful cutting curse, Ron could get hurt, but I could heal him after, yes, I'll do that.

Harry focussed hard on the chain and grunted with concentration aiming as well as he could at the chain

"Diffendiaxum" The powerful original form of the cutting curse shot out of Harry's wand and at the chain. A deep notch which almost severed the chain appeared, but to Harry's shock, it writhed violently, almost semming alive and grew together the almost severed links, it was just as it was a few seconds ago.

After some heavy thinking, and many rare spells, Harry realised the answer. The Sect of Hades used spells and magic related to Hell, so logically if he tried Heavenly spells, they would work a lot better. Harry summoned some holy water, froze it and transformed it into a sword. With a yell he swung the sword down at the chain link on Ron's side, so if he missed there would only be a glancing blow to him. Harry's logic was sound and the sword hit the chain and with a unearthly scream and the whole chain shattered. Harry with his magically enhanced reflexes conjured a wall of Holy Water to block the shrapnel from the chains. Harry sighed with relief, neither he nor Ron had been cut.

Harry waved his wand and Ron became concious again

"Whu-Where am I ?"

"You were kidnapped by The Sect of Hades but don't worry,there gone Ron, look"

He gestured to the hole in ground with scorch marks around it

"Wohh mate that's awesome but bu-"

At this point Ron fell unconcious, Harry realised that he was bleeding profusely from his leg.

Harry grimaced in sympathy for his mate and with little hesistation waved his wand over Ron's leg and muttered


As Harry had expected the blood poured back into the wound in some

sort of bizzare time reversal spell thingymajub and the skin simply knitted itself back together.

Harry tried the 'enervate' spell and Ron was back to normal, albeit slightly more pale than usual.

"What just happened Harry, I was talking to you and...I fainted?"

"Yes, but it doesn't matter I fixed you up"

"Oh, ok " Ron said, somewhat confused.

"So what do we do now Harry?"

"Well we'll have to speak to Grindelvald about your training, you should have been able to stop them."

"Yeah right Harry didn't it take you sometime to take them all out?"

"Yes, but-"

"Exactly, so how do you expect me to be able to do it?"

"Yeah, I see what you mean, let's go to Grindelvald, we really all need to have a chat."

Harry stepped foward and grasped Ron's shoulder and apparated to Grindelvald's office.

As soon as Harry and Ron appeared Grindelvald whipped out his wand with unmatchable speed, however after seeing their faces, he sheathed it.

"Yes, what do you want?" He said in an irritable tone at being bothered.

Harry looked at him straight into his eyes.

Brilliant green met Deep blue.

"The Sect of Hades are back"

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