"The Sect of Hades are back"

Grindelvald said nothing for a few moments, just looking at his obsidian ring, which glimmered mysteriously. He then looked up at Harry and uttered

"We must head to Greece, it is of paramount importance, we leave at once. The Sect are based there, we must try and learn their motivations for capturing you, if they spent the time and resources to penetrate the formidable ward defences of Hogwarts just to try and capture you then you must be important."

"What about Dumbledore?" Harry retorted

"What of him? We will leave in the Christmas Holidays, he will suspect nothing."

"Do you think we should recreate the golem at Privet Drive? It could fail at any time now, and that would create...complications we don't need right now"

"Very well, Harry, I'll go there later and take care of the Golem,"

"What about me?" Ron cut in sharply with indignation

"We'll take you with us to Greece but one condition, you do exactly as we say, if we say run, you run. If we sayonly step in our footsteps, do so, capisce?"

"Yes, I understand, I'm not experienced enough like you guys, however you don't have to treat me like a complete moron, capisce? "

Grindelvald did not reply to Ron but spoke to Harry.

"We'll have to fashion him some Runic Armour, sorry, you will, I haven't got the time, although I'll check over it and the end if you want."

Ron looked extremely interested in the idea of Runic Armour

"Sounds cool!" Ron thought

"Understood Gellert,"

Harry suddenly gripped Ron's shoulder and apparated him to their dorm. While Ron was in a state of confusion Harry whispered


Ron fell foward and Harry caught him and lowered him gently into his bed.

He smiled, as Ron snored so loudly his pet rat Scabbers squeaked in shock and scampered away.


The next day as the early Saturday sun rose, Ron ran to Harry's bed and shook him lightly.

"Hey Har-"

Harry not even fully awake yet twisted violently to the right and pushed outwards with both his hands. Ron went flying and luckily for him and Harry's conscience he hit his own bed with a loud thump.

Harry now aware of what he did to his friend said

"Sorry about that, you alright?" Harry asked Ron somewhat drowsily.

"Yeah, yeah don't worry about me just tell me about this Runic Armour, it sounds so epic!"

Harry now completely awake said with a grimace,

"Sorry Ron but I'd like to do some other stuff first."

"Wha-come one, it's like important! Right?"

"Yes, that's correct, but it can wait"

"Ok, so what are we doing?"

"No offence, but we aren't doing anything yet today, we'll meet after lunch"

"Fine, I guess that's -"

While Ron was talking Harry finished dressing and dissaparated.

Harry appeared outside the library and bowed his head and muttered a quick basic charm, but nonetheless, very useful; the Notice-me-not charm. For most of the magical population it would detract attention from them so people would barely notice them. However with Harry and his enormous magical core, the spell made him impossible to detect without using magical means which was perfect for what he was about to do.

He walked brashly into the library rightly confident in the strength of his spell and walked down the aisles of the large library.

It was not long until he found who he was looking for, Hermoine Granger. He looked around the surrounding area and silently cast a Notice-Me-Not charm on her, hoping, praying she wouldn't notice, his skill paid off, there was no change in her demeanour. She was still hunched over some huge tome, reading carefully.

Harry then stunned a trying to inject as little magic as possible into his spell, he wandlessly stunned her. He was extra careful to scramble his magical signature as much as possible.

As she fell foward onto the book Harry stepped foward and lightly touched her neck and they dissaparated to a dusty classroom on the upppermost floor of the unused East Tower.

As soon as they landed in the classroom Harry set to work. As he waved his wand furiously, his eyes were closed tightly, speaking so fast it sounded like giberish. Defences upon defences were set upon the old classroom, hiding it, concealing it from all kinds of magical detection he could possibly think of. Finally he put up a ward of illusion, giving the impression that the classroom was completely ordinary.

He then extended his magical aura, and spoke through it

"Hogwarts, heed my call, protect this classroom from all magical detection, and tell me if someone tries to enter this part of the castle"

"Yes my Lord" Lady Hogwarts' voice reverberated around his head as he felt Hogwarts subtly shift to hide what he was doing even more.

"Could you also please clean this room and provide us with around five cushions?"

This time Hogwarts did not reply but simply heeded his wishes.

The room suddenly become sparkling new, the stone looked barely a day old, the wood on the desks were varnished, it was as good as new.

A few seconds later six big plushy cushions appeared on the floor.

Harry nodded satisfied and waved his hand and simultaneously both his Notice-me-Not charm and Hermoine's stunning spell were gone.

Hermoine lept up from the floor.

"Oh my g-where am I? YOU! Potter?! Let me out now!"

"Or else what?"

Hermoine annoyed and frustrated run at the door and tugged at the handle. Now slightly scared she stepped back and whipped out her wand at the door and flicked it and stuttered.


A pale blue ball of magic headed towards the door in an arc, it slammed down onto the door but nothing happened.

Hermoine span around looking slightly fearful.

"H-harry what is your pro-"


A dreamy,cloudy look passed over Hermoine's face, all traces of her emotion were gone, she seemed at peace.

"Excellent, now we start," Harry said sinisterly

"Take off your cloak, and your jumper,"

Hermoine took slipped off her cloak and dropped it on the floor, she then proceeded to take off her top. All she had on was a cute pink bra, that showed off her not nonexistent breats. They were suprisingly large actually.

"Your eleven? That cleavage doesn't say eleven Hermoine more like a fourteen, fifteen year old? How is this so?"

Hermoine answered in a monotonous tone

"I'm actually twelve, I was to young to join Hogwarts last year, I was two days to young, so I'm twelve. My mum gave me pills since I was eleven to make my boobs bigger, she wanted me to be a pole dancer like her. I didn't want to so I started to work really hard so I'd be clever."

"Ah I see, well that makes sense, who would want to be a low life slut?"

Harry stepped foward and reached out and stroked her breasts through her bra, what a fine job those pills did. He stepped closer, and reached round her back and undid her bra strap to reveal two perky, sexy boobs.

Harry bent down a bit and slowly moved his tongue over each of her nipple, sucking gently. Her nipples grew increasingly hard under his gentle caresses.

He stopped suddenly, and flicked her nipples and grinned as they became fully hard.

"I could rape you Granger, right her, right now. What could you do nothing, absolutely nothing."

"NOT A FUCKING THING, but I'm a nice guy, so I'm gonna take this ol' Imperious curse off you and I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen"

Harry waved a hand and the Imperious curse was gone.

Hermoine collapsed, crying no longer caring about her naked top half.

Harry ignored her.

"I know it's not really Hermoine Granger, her parents are dentists for fucks sake, she ain't gonna be drinking pumpkin juice every hour, that's a sugary drink, it would mess with her teeth."

"Wha-Harry what are you talking about?" She sobbed

"You can stop the act, Bellatrix LeStrange"

As soon as those left Harry's mouth and entered her ear she jumped up and pulled her wand and shot out the killing curse.

Harry sidestepped with apparent ease.

She fired again repeatedly, the polyjuice apparently having no effect on her ritually increased magic. Her face disfigured with utmost anger spitting out the words "Avada Kedavra" with strong hatred.

Harry laughed loving the drama, and how riled up she was getting.

"Have you quite finished?"

"Why won't you die Potter?!" She scream bestially

"The answers quite simple you stupid bitch, I'm far superior to you magically, physically, mentally and intellectually, therefore you can't even touch me" He answered in an aloof manner.

"Anyway, since your not going to behave lets just tie you up eh?"

Harry moved his finger in a cirular motion around the witch causing thin metal cords to cut into her and hold her tight. Her wand fell to the floor with a clatter.

"You are going to tell moi, the whereabouts of a certain young muggleborn but the name of Hermoine Jean Granger."

"The filthy mudblood's dead you bastard"

Harry stared at her for a second and rolled his eyes

He stepped foward and pointed he wand between her eyes and whispered with only a little reluctance.


She screamed in pain as the thick blue bolt of electricity coursed through her body.

Harry stopped and watched her as she spasmed violently in the confines of her bonds.

"My Lord, someone is trying to enter this tower, Dumbledore, he is becoming suspicious."

"Shit" Harry cursed

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