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(One shot)

An Honest Promise

Sweden noticed Finland's slight distress as they walked through the thickly forested wilderness from Mr. Poland's house. The smaller nation appeared to be very tense and overall stressed out. The tall and imposing Swede wondered what it could be that caused the small Fin's anxiety. Sweden had become lost in thought and hadn't thought they'd been walking for very long until Finland commented on the time of day and how late it was getting. Sure enough Sweden looked up through a break in the canopy and the two Nordic nations noted the Sun's slow but steady descent from its usual position high in the sky. The fluffy clouds were cast in an orange and pink glow as the sun made its way down.

As they walked on Finland began thinking how scary it would be to sleep out here in the middle of nowhere with all these big scary nations around them, especially creepy Mr. Russia. "Hm, it appears to be getting very late. Maybe we should find a safe place to rest for the night, err, uh that is, unless you don't want to, then we don't have to!"
Finland quickly ended nervously.

Sweden replied in a seemingly absentminded tone of voice while really thinking fondly of how cute Finland was whenever he got flustered; "We can r'st here if you w'nt to." The conqueror of the Baltic Seas exhaled heavily as he set down the pack he had been carrying on his back and placed his and Finland's sleeping pads next to each other.

"Oh alrighty then," Finland replied nervously; watching Sweden's slow, steady, yet seemingly tired motions, before sitting himself down on the spot that would later serve as his bed.

Sweden sat down as well, resting his arms on the knees of his bent separated legs. His hands came to rest in a clasped position hovering over and between his knees. His chin lowered slowly as he settled into his position more comfortably and then, his cerulean orbs closed themselves behind the frames of his glasses.

Contrastingly, Finland sat tensely on his pad. His knees were drawn tightly against his chest and his arms rested atop them closely tucked to his chest. His hands which looked as though they might want to wring themselves incessantly sat curled tightly into themselves as he held them to his chest self-consciously.

Finland found the silence that overcame them slightly awkward whereas Sweden took the time to relax and meditate.

The smaller Nordic nation sat there holding his knees against his chest as he thought about why he left Mr. Denmark's house with Mr. Sweden anyway. He decided to ask Sweden a question. "Err, Sweden," he began uncertainly. Sweden didn't open his eyes but Finland continued anyway, "I was wondering if, well I just, just want to make sure you don't see me as a hindrance. Because I-if I am a burden to you then you can just tell m-me and then I'll, um, I'll just go with Estonia and Latvia at Mr. Poland's house."

Sweden opened his eyes finally when Finland was through speaking and mumbled, "Finland, it'll j'st be you and I fr'm now on. M' gl'd you c'me w'th me wh'n I left Denmark's house. He w'rkd you too hard. D'n't worry about b'ing s'fe, as l'ng as I'm nearby n'th'ng will h'rm you…promise."

Finland's eyes were now slightly bigger with shock, as he computed everything Sweden had said. A bit of warmth came to color his cheeks. "Oh, wow, th-thank you Sweden," he said with a genuine albeit small and hesitant smile gracing his, up until that point worried, features.

With that his arms came to slowly unwind themselves from their position. His hands braced themselves behind him on the naturally thin grass growing sparsely on the Forest's floor and he leaned back on them casually. Finland had finally begun to relax; that is until there was some rustling in the bushes next to them.

"W-what is it!? Is it Russia?" came Finland's muffled shriek as he had grabbed hold of Sweden's arm and buried his face in the man's broad shoulder.

Sweden replied casually, "T'was j'st a squ'rr'l."

Finland now feeling slightly embarrassed for freaking out so much replied awkwardly, "oh, well then that's good. Sorry..." He scooted away from Sweden and turned his face to the opposite direction in an attempt to hide the deeper shade of pink that had rushed into his cheeks at his humiliation.

"It's fine." Sweden replied as he slowly put his arm around Finland's shoulders, pulling him closer.

"Wh-what're you doing," Finland asked in alarm as his face was now a bright red.

"K'p'ng you safe 'nd w'rm as I pr'mised." Sweden mumbled out again, coolly.

"Thank you." Finland quickly squeaked as he tried to relax in the large Swede's arms.

"W'uld you like to go to bed now?" Sweden asked.

"Yes, I would like to!" Finland replied quickly hoping it would provide an out to the situation that, in his mind, had taken a tragic turn toward awkward and uncomfortable.

Sweden released him and began to settle into his own bed as Finland did the same.

Once he was settled under his heavy wool blanket Finland sighed to himself, as the tense muscles in his back and shoulders settled tentatively into a painful attempt at relaxed, and closed his eyes. He wasn't facing Sweden so he wasn't prepared when the stoic-faced bear of a man wrapped his arm around his own smaller frame once more. Finland froze, tensing immediately and slowly he tried to make himself relax again. He felt he was about to go into a panic when he heard Sweden's slow and steady breathing and felt his chest rising and falling against his back. Finland stopped and focused solely on that.

Nothing will harm you...I promise.

Slowly he began to loosen up and relax in Sweden's arms and he finally sighed contentedly and allowed his eyes to shut. Before he knew it he found himself saying, "Good night, I love you."

Finland's eyes immediately shot open after saying those words. Why had they flown out of his mouth so embarrassingly natural?

He frantically hoped in his head that Sweden was already asleep and hadn't heard him, but to his shock, the man beside him mumbled back, "G'night, jag älskar dig."

Finland gasped softly and lay there disbelieving those words to have come out of Sweden's mouth for a few seconds, then he took a deep breath and allowed the feeling of security and warmth to overcome him as he relaxed in Sweden's arms and slowly fell asleep.


jag älskar dig (Swedish) _ I love you

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