What if Tobias was the initiate and Beatrice was his trainer?

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Todays the day where I will choose my faction. I can't wait till I can leave this place, to leave my dad. I take the bus to school, offering my seat to a Candor man. All I can think about is the aptitude test, where I will find my faction.

When I arrive at school I see him, Eric. The evil smirk he gives me that I see every single day. Why does this guy hate me? I just ignore him and walk on by. As I start to pas him, he sticks out his leg tripping me! I lay there on the floor. I start to get up an walk away; I will not give him any satisfaction.

I finally make it to the cafeteria. I wait. It seems like forever before they call my name.

"Tobias Eaton." I stand up and follow the dauntless lady. She leads me to a small room, with a huge machine standing beside a chair

"Sit down, said the lady. My name is tori, just sit back." I look around the room scared. What will happen I keep thinking to myself?

"Drink this," tori hands me a small cup. I pear inside the cup. Its a clear liquid.

"What is it?" I ask curiously

"No questions, drink it." I take the cup from Tori. I stare for a minute looking at the drink. Then without thinking I drink it.