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Author's note: This story is sort-of AU starting from the battle with Suzaku.  PG-13, some slight swearing, rating may go up.  Spells are in Lain. Yusuke is supposed to be in love with Keiko but his thoughts dwell on someone else. Now she's back from the dead to help Yusuke face a new enemy, but can Yusuke help her escape her dark past?

"…" Talking

'…' Thinking

White Crow

…Yusuke barely had the energy to stand as he stood before Suzaku.

Yusuke looked behind Suzaku and saw Keiko cradling Botan in her arms.  What would happen to Kieko now?  Yusuke knew he had failed her.  But what could he do?  Unless…

The wheels in Yusuke's head were turning as he thought about what could be done.  Suddenly a chill laughter filled the air-a woman's laughter.  'What the?' Yusuke questioned himself as he looked around to see where it was coming from.  He gave Suzaku a questioning look, which Suzaku only returned with a knowing grin.  Besides Suzaku materialized a young woman dressed in a black, hooded cloak.  None of her physical features were visible but Yusuke could tell she was petite, like Keiko…

"Master, is this the boy that was supposed to be such a threat?" The girl's voice echoed in the grand chamber.  Her voice was cold, condescending, and yet Yusuke couldn't help but think it sounded melodious.  She kept her head bowed as she spoke to Suzaku.  Yusuke could make out the shadows of her lips as they moved.  He could tell that she was trying not to laugh-he must have been some sight-about to die at the hands of her so-called "master".

"Yes," replied Suzaku, "And now I'm going to finish him off. Hold this."  Suzaku said as he handed the cloaked woman the instrument.  Ah, if only Yusuke had the strength to try and get it from her!  Then Keiko and Botan would be safe.  But it was of no use.

The cloaked woman looked at the large screen image of Keiko and Botan, the infected humans were almost upon them.  "Is that her?  The one this boy is so in love with?"  The woman asked Suzaku.  Suzaku looked more than annoyed at this further interruption.

"Yes that's her!  She's not as lovely as you though, my dear."  Then turning to Yusuke, "But perhaps you and Keiko will meet again in the next life!"  Suzaku laughed as he began to gather electric energy for his final attack.  Yusuke looked at the screen and knew he was out of options, there was only one thing he could do…

And so Yusuke began to gather energy-his life energy-he was also preparing a final attack.  The woman must have sensed what Yusuke was doing because she turned towards the screen and then back to Suzaku as if in disbelief.

"Is he doing what I think he is?!  Is he really going to sacrifice his life trying to save her?!"  The woman questioned indignantly.

"I guess he is…" agreed Suzaku, "Jealous?"  He questioned her with a note of curiosity in his voice.

"No…" muttered the woman as she stared at the instrument in her hand.  If she were to accidentally drop the instrument that girl-Keiko-would be saved.  But why would she do something like that anyways, she questioned herself.  This was really none of her business.  But the extent of their love for each other was surprising-she had watched their love.  Suzaku made it a habit of his to know everything about his victims.  She had even watched when Keiko saved Yusuke from the flames…what a pure love!  She could never have a love like that, she knew, not after all she had done.  The one man who had tried to love her she had turned away-because of her own cowardice.

And now there was no turning back.  She had had love in her grasp and what did she do?  She cast is away!  And for what?  The life she was living now…a life with no freedom, no dreams, no love.  She saw the boy Yusuke summoning his life energy while looking at the image of his love, Keiko, on screen…she looked at the instrument in her hand…

"HAHAHAHA!  Soon you will die boy!  Along with your precious Keiko!"  Yelled Suzaku, he was fully charged and about to unleash his deadly attack, when all of a sudden he heard a crash from right next to him.  He looked at the ground and saw the instrument in pieces!  He quickly looked at the screen and saw the infected humans begin to wobble and fall to the ground-they were no longer under his control.  He then averted his gaze to the woman who was standing next to him.

"YOU?!"  He yelled at her.

"Yes me!"  The woman yelled as she flung off her hood to glare at Suzaku directly in the eyes.  Yusuke was shocked by what she had just done and more so by her appearance.  She had long, black cascading hair, and the most alluring and yet disturbing eyes-they were gold and shaped just like a cat's.  Her skin was so pale that she looked like a beautiful wraith. 

"How dare you defy me!  You'll pay for this!"  Suzaku yelled at her as he decided to unleash his attack on his own pretty slave instead.  "BLACK THUNDERBOLT ATTACK!!!!"  The attack went towards the golden-eyed beauty and she could not escape it.  Just as the attack was upon her she closed her eyes waiting to feel the pain, but it did not come.  She opened her eyes to see her familiar, a black crow, being electrocuted before her very eyes.

"No!!!"  She screamed seeing her only friend in the world sacrificing its life for her.

The charred and lifeless remains of the bird fell to the ground with a small thud.  She could smell her friend's burned flesh, and watched as a few black feathers fell to the ground scattering around it.  Yusuke was in a state of utter confusion.  Which side was this girl on?  And why did a crow sacrifice its life to save her?  All Yusuke knew was that he felt a need to protect her-that that would be the right thing to do.

Suzaku was outraged even more so than before as he gave a disgusted glance towards the dead crow. 

"You know, it didn't have to be this way.  I know how close you were with that-that friend of yours…if you beg for forgiveness, Katrina, then maybe I'll forgive you."  Suzaku told her.

"I won't beg for anything from you!  You might as well try and kill me if you can.  But first dodge this!  GELO!!!"  Katrina yelled as she pulled out a wand-looking item from the inside of her cloak and pointed it at Suzaku.  The wand itself was black and twisted-it was a unicorn's horn.  From her wand an icy, blue, swirl of energy shot forth, hit Suzaku, and a thick layer of solid ice encased him.  'Have I done it?' Katrina questioned herself.  'Did I really defeat him?'

"You did it!"  Yusuke exclaimed seeing the unmoving form of Suzaku.  'She must be a witch.'

But Yusuke had spoken too soon.  The ice around Suzaku began to crack and then it broke away entirely revealing a very irate Suzaku.  "HAHAHAHA!  Thought you had defeated me, hmm?!  Not even close-you have one last chance Katrina before you feel my wrath!  It's not a pleasant feeling-being electrocuted.  Ask Yusuke if you like!" 

Yusuke turned to Katrina, "You don't have to do this!  This isn't your fight."

"Oh yes it is.  I've been his slave for too long, and now I have something to fight for!"  Katrina responded.  'For the purest love of all!'

"Such foolishness!  Maybe after you've had a taste of what I can do you'll change your mind! BLACK THUNDERBOLT ATTACK!"  Suzaku yelled and Katrina watched as the electricity was transferred to his body…to his red strands of hair…

"INCENDO LUSTRO!!!"  Yelled Katrina pointing her wand at Suzaku.  A spiral of fire shot forth from Katrina's wand just as Suzaku released his thunder attack.  The attacks clashed and sparks were emitted into the air.  At first it seemed fire had been a match for lightning but then when the sparks cleared Katrina saw the attack coming towards her.  She barely had time to scream as her body was engulfed in electricity that coursed painfully through her.  She was in too much pain to make a sound as her body fell limp to the floor. 

"NO!!!"  Cried Yusuke seeing Katrina fall.  "You Bastard!"  Yusuke began to gather his life energy once more when he noticed that Katrina's body stirred.  Yusuke ran to her side and helped her sit up.  "Are you ok?"  Yusuke asked her, worry and concern evident in his voice.

'How can he care so much for someone he doesn't even know?'  Katrina thought.  "Damn, that is a powerful attack…" Katrina mumbled incoherently.  Did she really have an attack that could beat Suzaku's?  Yusuke helped Katrina get unsteadily to her feat.  She turned to Yusuke and said in a low voice, "Leave now while you still can!"

"No!" Yusuke shot back.

'Stubborn!'  Katrina thought.  She then turned to Suzaku and began to walk towards him.

"What are you doing?"  Yusuke demanded.

"I know what I'm doing" Katrina said as she continued to walk towards Suzaku.  "Suzaku…you really are powerful.  I can see now that I am no match for you.  And I suppose you are going to kill me after what I've done…but you can't kill me without at least giving me a goodbye kiss can you?"  Katrina spoke as removed the cloak from her shoulders revealing a long, low-cut, tight-fitting, black dress, she swayed her hips as she neared him-he was mesmerized by her beauty.  He had almost forgotten that he had recently decided to make her his mistress instead of just his slave.  But now that she couldn't be trusted he had to kill her-but what would the harm be in one last kiss…

"A goodbye kiss…"  murmured Suzaku as he watched her approach him.  He noticed that he had become nervous and quickly composed himself.  How could a woman get him off guard so easily?!  Of course, Katrina was no ordinary woman after all…

Katrina wrapped her arms around Suzaku and brought him into a passionate kiss.  Yusuke was in disbelief at what was going on until his keen eyes picked up Katrina's subtle hand movements.  She was slowly snaking one of her hands closer to Suzaku's face.  Could she be up to something?  When Yusuke saw her caressing his jaw line he thought he must have been mistaken until a deafening CRACK filled the room.  Suzaku let out a cry of surprise as he flung Katrina away from him with such force that she was knocked to the ground.

"YOU BITCH!"  Suzaku yelled at the top of his lungs.  "I can't believe what you just did!"

Katrina got up from the ground with a smile on her face looking at the red, broken strand of Suzaku's hair.  "Now I have a chance in defeating you.  Your attacks will no longer have their best accuracy."

Yusuke marveled at her brilliance in strategy-for someone who was obviously not a fighter she had tactical skills.  Her mind thought like a fighter-a small smile formed upon Yusuke's lips as he thought this.  Suzaku walked towards Katrina and suddenly began to replicate himself until there were seven Suzakus! 

'He's planning to finish me off'  Katrina noted nervously to herself.

'Shit, there's no way she'll be able to survive an attack from all seven of them at once!'  Yusuke thought to himself fearfully.  But there was nothing he could do, he would only get in the way, right?  And why did his feeling to protect her feel ten times stronger?

"Stay back Yusuke!"  Katrina warned giving Yusuke a wink.  The last thing Yusuke wanted to do was stay out of her way and do nothing to help her.

"SEVEN HELL BLACK LIGHTENING WAVE!!!"  yelled all seven Suzakus as they released their deadly attack.

Katrina had her wand ready, "REDIMIO CREMO!!!"

"NOOO!!!"  Yusuke yelled as he saw the attack careening towards her.  He was to far away to knock her out of the way in time and he couldn't watch.  A sickening sound filled the air as the attacks clashed-it sounded like bones breaking.  Yusuke was reminded of the time Kuwabara…Yusuke suddenly had the urge to open his eyes and saw that six out of the seven Suzakus were in flames and were quickly being reduced to ashes.  They had missed their mark-all but one.  The remaining attack flew towards Katrina and hit her full force.  As the pain flooded her she saw that she had failed.  There with a mocking grin on his face was Suzaku-he was silently laughing at her as she writhed in pain.  And then suddenly the pain lessened.  Katrina looked to her right to see that Yusuke had a hand on her shoulder and that some of the electricity was being transferred to him-he was taking some of her pain away!

"No!  Stop!  What are you doing?!  You could die!"  Katrina spat angrily.

"So could you!"  Yusuke responded looking at her directly in her eyes-defying her-challenging her.

Amidst the pain Katrina couldn't help but smile.  How long had it been since a smile had last formed upon her face this way.  She couldn't even remember.  But she couldn't let him get in her way like this.  She had to finish this and she knew of only one way…

"Goodbye Yusuke, perhaps we'll met again in another life when…I'm not who I am.  TRANSPORTO INCOLUMITAS SALUS!!!"  Katrina yelled as she pointed her wand at Yusuke and he was engulfed in a radiant blue light.  And then he disappeared.  Katrina barely had the strength to stand but she did.  She pulled out her wand and prepared herself.  "I'm disappointed Suzaku I thought your attacks never failed to kill…but look, here I am…I bet you don't even have enough strength left to finish me of with one, single, attack!"

Suzaku trembled with rage, "You will die!  BLACK THUNDERBOLT ATTACK!!!"  He yelled as he gathered all of his remaining energy and then released it.  But Katrina had disappeared-she then reappeared right in front of Suzaku.

"What the?"  Suzaku began in confusion.

Katrina quickly slammed her unicorn-wand right between Suzaku's eyes, Suzaku could see his own attack coming back towards them. 

"NOOO!!!"  Yelled Suzaku as he saw that his own attack would be his own doom.

The attack hit both of them and electricity began to collect on Katrina's wand, that electricity Katrina pushed down into Suzaku's brain…

Suzaku's head jerked back and forth as his brain was given electric shocks of energy…and then they both fell to the ground.


Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei were fighting cultivated humans up a long flight of stairs when Yusuke suddenly appeared out of thin air and crashed into them sending them down the steps; crushing many cultivated humans in the process.

"Yusuke!?  Where the hell did you come from?"  Questioned Kuwabara in shock.

"No time for that now!  We have to save her!"  Yusuke exclaimed.

"Save who?"  Kurama asked in a calm voice.

"Katrina!"  Yusuke responded.

Both Hiei and Kurama looked at each other with shocked expressions on their faces.

"Come on!  We don't have much time!"  Yusuke said as he began to fight his way up the stairs, beheading the cultivated humans that stood in his way.

Back in the main chamber…

Katrina's lifeless body began to stir…

"Ugh my head…where?!…"  Katrina saw Suzaku dead beneath her and breathed a sigh of relief.  She quickly gathered all her strength to stand and picked up her dead familiar, the black crow.  Suddenly the walls and ceiling began to crumble around her.  'Our attacks must have been too much!'  Katrina thought to herself.  'I only hope Yusuke gets out ok.'  Katrina didn't know whether she wanted Yusuke to get out of this safely so he could be with his love, Keiko, or for him to just to be safe.  Katrina knew her only escape from the tower would be to teleport outside-but did she have enough strength to do it?

Back on the staircase…

The staircase was beginning to crumble and before Yusuke all means of getting to the main chamber were destroyed before his very eyes.

"Damn!"  Yusuke said balling his hands into fists and hitting a nearby wall.

"We have to get out of here!"  Kuwabara yelled as the stairs beneath him began to tremble.

"But we can't just leave her!"  Yusuke insisted.

"Yusuke, that woman is not worth dying for."  Hiei said coldly.

"That woman saved my life!"

Kurama put a hand on Yusuke's shoulder, "There's nothing we can do.  If she saved your life once she wouldn't want you to throw it away now."

Yusuke heaved a heavy sigh, "You're right."  Yusuke agreed as he and the others ran down the rest of the stairs, out of the collapsing tower, and to the outside.

Yusuke and the others watched as the entire tower collapsed into rubble.


Katrina materialized into the Dark Forest nearby.  "I can't believe I had enough strength but now comes the real task at hand…I have to resurrect my friend before the sun sets or else my friend will be trapped in the underworld forever!"  Katrina said as she cradled the form of the lifeless bird in her hands.  She could see on the horizon that the sky was already beginning to take on an orange glow.  She was running out of time.  "But if I do manage to resurrect her I'll have used up the last of my energy and will be defenseless…but I can't lose her.  She's the only friend I have in the world."  And then Katrina remembered the image of Keiko cradling Botan in her arms-they were true friends.  She wondered what it would be like to be friends with them.

Katrina concentrated as she said the incantation that would bring her friend back to her…


A white glow began to surround the crow as Katrina spoke.  Katrina could feel all of her remaining energy leaving her bit-by-bit and still she wasn't finished with the incantation.  The glow brightened and the bird began to glow white until its actual feathers had become white in color.  'Just a little bit longer…'  Katrina was telling herself.

Back at the once tall tower…

"Damn it!  If only we had had more time!"  Yusuke said collapsing to the ground and pounding his fists in the earth out of frustration.  Crows had already begun to hover over the rubble.  It seemed they could smell death.  Their sad and eerie song filled the air adding to Yusuke's sadness.  He felt a great weight upon his shoulders-the guilt of having failed to protect Katrina.  The crows' feathers shinned with the orange glow of sunset.  "Maybe there's still a chance!"  Yusuke said getting to his feet.  He was about to start searching the rubble when Hiei stepped in front of him.  "Get out of my way Hiei."  Yusuke said calmly.

"She's dead," Hiei said matter-of-factly, "There's no point trying to save someone who's already dead.  Besides she's not worth saving anyways.  Let's go." 

"Man, you are such an asshole!  How do you know she's really dead?"  Kuwabara demanded coming to the defense of his friend.

"Because, moron, I can't sense her energy.  You see, us demons can sense each other's energy signatures.  If it's any consolation-Suzaku is dead as well."  Hiei spat.

"Demon?…" Yusuke was questioning in confusion.

"Let's just go."  Suggested Kurama.

"No!  What is it you're not telling me about her?  You two know something!"  Yusuke said looking from Hiei to Kurama and back again.

"Yusuke…that woman Katrina was…evil."  Kurama began slowly.

"Evil?!  She saved my life!"  Yusuke said.

"Even if she did save your life she still had a rather dark past.  She was…Suzaku's…that is to say…wherever he was she was…she was a sorceress, a dark one."  Kurama continued.

"I don't believe that…" Yusuke said more to himself than to anyone.  Kuwabara put a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, even if she did have a dark past at least she died for a good cause."  Kuwabara told Yusuke.

"Yeah I guess so."  Yusuke managed to say half-heartedly.

"I have some matters I need to attend to.  I'll see you all later."  Hiei said bluntly as he left the group.

"Guess we should head back home" Yusuke said solemnly to Kuwabara.

"Yeah, I bet you can't wait to see Keiko!"  Kuwabara said lightheartedly.

"Yeah…can't wait…"

Back in the Dark Forest…

Katrina was almost done resurrecting her lost friend.

"Well, well, well, look who it is."  Came a cold voice from inside the forest.  She knew that voice but couldn't remember whose it was.

"Who's there??  I'm warning you-"

"You're warning me?  Same 'ol Kat.  Don't you remember my voice?"

Only one person had ever called her that-Hiei.  A chill went down her spine in realization.  Hiei emerged from the shadows with a wicked grin on his face.

"Please Hiei…I have to finish saving my friend…" stammered Katrina.

"Go right ahead.  After you're done I'm taking you to Ko-Enma.  He will decide your fate not I!  And I don't think he'll be as forgiving as I am!"

"You can't take me to him!  He'll-he'll no! I won't let you!  CREMO!!!"  Katrina set her familiar down and using her wand with the last of her energy she let lose a fiery blast of energy.  Hiei only sidestepped it and his smile broadened.

"Is that all you got?"  Hiei laughed.

"No…"  Katrina choked out as she began to see darkness-the last thing she saw was her familiar with its white feathers.  Suddenly the bird stirred and awoke-its soul was back from the underworld!  She had done it!  A small smile formed on her lips and she could barely feel Hiei roughly tying her hands behind her back before she lost consciousness.

"It's the beginning of the end for you…"  Hiei said as he bound her hands.

To be continued…

What will Ko-Enma decide to do with Katrina?!  How do Hiei and Katrina know each other?  And why does he seem to hate her so much?  What will happen when Yusuke finds out Katrina is alive? 

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