Frozen magician/Demi God

Chapter #1-As It Happens- Narrator

As the sun set and the moon rises it happened, almost exactly the same as when it happened two thousand years ago. A lunar eclipse and a meteor shower began in the same moment. Almost at the exact same time they appeared the three of them. They all held swords and shields accept one; she held a spear and shield. Up in the gold fields of Olympus Zeus tells, "The oracle says it is time for them to be free, to carry out the quest." "Finally I will get my son back" says Poseidon "I wish the same only for my daughter" says Hade. "Let us continue" says Zeus "I want my daughter also." Down on earth the ice that imprisons the teens shatters in to a million pieces releasing them. After the ice shatters they awaken and after a few seconds Ace, son of Poseidon says "where did she go?" Chloe, daughter of hades and Drew, daughter of Zeus say "I don't know" at the same time. "We must look or else she could hurt Greece and the rest of the magicians". Drew with a shiver. Up in Olympus the gods see their children awaken and they send down Pegasus's. The warriors saw the white dots in the sky and raised the alarm to each other. They


Held their swords and spear ready as Drew pull her wand from the Daut of course and ace his staff Chloe's spear also acted as a staff. Drew was ready to call upon the lightning, Ace ready to call upon the waves of the sea next to them, and Chloe ready to call on her undead warriors. Once the Pegasus got ready to land they saw the markings on them one had waves the other had lightning and the other ruby's. They also had saddles so they got onto the Pegasus with their parents marking and as soon as they got on the Pegasus they took off. Heading west towards the dark sky. Once the Pegasus's was getting ready to land they had seen the castle. The castle was huge and on the front there was three words written on the front in Greek castle half blood. As they landed two people armed with bows and arrows walked out by the fountain onto the ancient Greek cement. "Who are you" says the one boy, Ace said "I am ace son of Poseidon; this is Chloe daughter of hades, and Drew daughter of Zeus." As they stare at them in awe Chloe asks "ace why are they staring at us?" "I don't know says ace why would they act like we are from the ancient past, and who are they."

Chapter #2 When They Meet- Ace

As we got off or Pegasus they flew away and I heard them say "ancient warriors you think they wanted us to talk to them but no….. Nobody does any more." I felt my face grow a puzzled look. Drew asks what's wrong ace" I say in Greek, tell u later" as the two young teens were welcoming us, in a way. They told us there "parent", Apollo their names Dania and Lexi.