A/N:Hello guys&gals I hope you enjoy this story, caution it contains, blood gore, and very strong language. It is only a Halloween special. The italics represent a flash back.

(no pov)

"What the fuck is with all the screaming!" Logan protested,
"just go you don't want to see this" chase replied with worried eyes
"MOVE NOW!"Logan screamed as he pushed chase out of the way.
"noooooooo!"Logan screamed again,crying over Quinn's dead body.
"how did this horrible fucked up trip happen"chase mumbled to Zoey,
"I don't know" she whispered back.
All they knew was Stacy Dillsen,Vince Blake,Mark Delfiggalo and now Quinn were all dead.
"I'm going to catch this mother FUCKER!, and when I do I'm going to personally kill him"Logan said with rage
"k guys let's backtrack a bit to when we all got here, we might find clues or hints that can help us" Zoey said.

(Zoey's pov)

We all were overly exited to go, cause everyone would be there. Nicole was cured from her omgd and Dana had finished schooling in Europe. It was supposed to be the best graduation party PCA has ever had, we were taking the yacht across the pacific ocean and all the way back, for an entire and I were getting ready we were overly exited, we didn't know exactly how many people were coming but we didn't care cause everything was going great, throughout grade 11 Rebecca got over me and chase dating and so did James, they got over it so much actually that they started dating each other. We were all ready and packed up 2 days before, but then a day before we left drama started to rise, the biggest being Rebecca broke up with James and started flirting with chase,and James came running back to me and when we declined them it was like a vendetta was put on mine and chase's back. More drama rose that same day when Lola was caught kissing Michael in front of Lisa which made both Vince and Lisa extremely mad,mark was trying to get Quinn back,Dana was trying to get with Logan,Quinn was trying to make sure nothing happened between Logan and Dana, and weirdest of all Nicole and Dustin were dating.I didn't want Dustin dating her so I tried to stop them, which of course caused more drama and we all got on the boat everyone had smiles on there faces, but we all knew what was going on, everyone was pissed at everyone for something and we knew something bad was going to happen, but no one expected this.


"so what your trying to say is were all suspects!" Logan yelled at Zoey
"hay don't yell at her!"chase yelled back to Logan,
"everyone calm down!" Michael screamed to everyone,
" No we can't just calm down it's only been 3 days!" Logan yells at everyone some more,
"guys I hate to say it but he's right, if we don't find the killer soon we'll all be dead" chase said in a soft voice.
"I got an idea,guys"Zoey said
"what?" Nicole asked
"let's go through everyone and see what happened that day all the drama was released,and maybe that way we could figure out who would want to kill Vince, mark, Stacy and Quinn"
"ok then why don't you start miss princess" Logan pointed to Zoey.

Zoey pov

"Well I wasn't mad at anyone who died so I couldn't have done it, no I wouldn't have done it",
"just talk"Logan protested,
"but I was mad at Nicole and Dustin, it turns out they were secretly dating for the past month, and Dustin didn't care to tell me, oh that made me really mad, and it was the way I found out that made me so mad.
"well tell it to us"Logan said,
"k really I think this is private" chase butted in
"shut up chase, go Zoey"Logan stared at me.

It was the day before we were leaving, and I went to go check on Dustin to make sure he was all packed for the trip. When I got to his room I knocked but no one answered, so I opened it and there sitting on his couch was Nicole, making out with him, I asked what in the hell he was doing and he said it would have come up eventually,"what would come up eventually"I asked him, "me and Nicole have been secretly dating for the past month,I didn't want to tell you cause I knew this would have happened", "of course it would she's 2 years older than you, what were you thinking" "I was thinking I love her" "you don't even know what love is,and you Nicole how could you, and you were my friend" "hay leave her alone!" Dustin yelled at me"no Dustin it's ok, I'll deal with her" Nicole said nicely to Dustin "you don't get to decide who Dustin can and can't date I love him and he loves me and that's all that matters" Nicole yells at me "well Dustin I guess you won't mind if I tell mom and dad then" "you wouldn't" "watch me" I said as I walked out.

"Obviously I was lying when I said I was going to tell them, but I was really mad, I don't see how that makes me a suspect."I say to everyone
"your idea not mine" Logan says,I look over at Nicole who is sitting next to Dustin , glaring at me with hatred.

No pov

"Ok well lets work with the drama, so Nicole you go next"Logan grins,
"ok well I was happy, like Zoey said we were dating for a month, and we knew Zoey was going to be mad and that's why we came up with an idea to tell her on the boat" Nicole says sadly
"so what you were thinking I was going to have to much fun to give a shit!" Zoey screams at Nicole
"Zoey calm down, this isn't you, you don't swear"chase says in a calm voice
"anyway we were happy and then that day came.

Zoey walked in, like she said,she was checking to see if Dustin needed help with anything, and that's when she caught us kissing, I tried to reason with her but she was being all bitchy

"guys I know were in grade 12 but do we really need all the swearing"Michael said
"SHUT UP MICHAEL!" everyone yells at him including Lisa.
"Well I don't think she or Nicole or Dustin have anything to do with this so Logan, how about you?" chase asks,
"hay were not done yet everyone here is a suspect until proven not guilty"
Logan says trying to avoid talking
"dude she's innocent!" chase yells, as the lights turn off
"what the hell, guys, guys are you there?"Logan asked, The lights turned back on.
"Is everyone ok"Michael asks
"no" Dustin answers in a horrified voice
"what's wrong?" chase asks
"look" Dustin says pointing to Nicole's dead bloody body.

A/N:I hope you guys and gals like the plot design, for my new Halloween story. For those who are wondering, yes it will be ending probably on or a little after Halloween.