No pov
"Zoey?, I can't believe it's you" Dustin calls out, with tears welling in his eyes.
"I thought you hated me?"Zoey ask pulling him into a hug Dustin pulls away"I was wrong, ok, I'm sorry".
"It's fine, you were scared"
"guys don't me to be hating on your reunion here, but chase is dying"Michael buts in.
"crap, your right, Zoey do you know if we can do anything?"
"lucky for you Dustin, I do, chase has been poisoned"
"so we need like what, an antidote"
Zoey reaches in her pocket and pulls out a bottle"yes an antidote exactly", Dustin opens chase's mouth, and Zoey pours the liquid in his mouth.
"There that should help"
"it doesn't look like it's working Zoey"Michael says getting antsy "give it a minute Michael, trust me he'll be fine".
Everyone looks at chase for what seems like an hour, until finally "look" Lola yells "he's waking up"Michael says at static
"oh what the fuck happened to me"chase ask extremely groggy from the poison.
"you were poisoned by Logan,I got the antidote"
"thank you Zoey, I knew making extras would be helpful"
"um what are you guys talking about, what's going on exactly"Dustin asks "well Logan, is the one who killed everyone, but he didn't kill everyone"
chase stands up, almost falling over "I'm still so confused, what do you mean he didn't kill them?"
"you see Dustin, they weren't actually killed, they were hit with blood tranquilizers, so that there heart stopped long enough for it to look like they were dead"
"so then why did Logan take them away"Lola asks out of the blue "he didn't"Zoey says "we did"chase finishes her sentence.
"what do you mean you took them?, this is more confusing than the 5th season of lost"(anyone else watch lost?)
"we took them, because, the tranquilizers have an effect that will kill people who don't take the antidote after a few hours"
"so were are they?" Michael asks, chase waves his hands"come in guys it's safe".
Once chase finished his sentence Vince and Nicole walked into the room "Nicole, your alive"Dustin shouts as he he gives her a hug
"wait guys does that mean that Rebbecca,and the others are alive"Lola asks motioning to their limp body on the ground.
"no unfortunately, they were actually killed, why, we don't know"chase says softly "wait, guys weirs Quinn's, body?"Michael asks.
"we don't know, her body was gone before we could come back for them, we guess Logan took her body.
"so, I hope it isn't to soon to ask but, Vince or Nicole could either of you tell us anything about either, Quinn or Logan the day before the trip"Zoey asks polity.
"sure I'll go, all I have to tell is a sad love story"Vince says, as he looks at a sad Lola.

Vince's pov

"so just my encounters with Quinn and Logan"I ask "yes, your obviously not the killer"chase says motioning me to continue.

I was coming back from my football game and I went to go into Logan's room, you know to tell him the big win we got, when I got to his room the door was locked,I knocked and Logan opened, I asked what he was doing, he said something for Quinn, then he just slammed the door in my face. As I was walking away I heard him say "yes the chemical is almost done."

"That's all I know,sorry if it's not that helpful"I say as I trying to get a gimps of Lola's eye's as she looked in my direction
"no that's great, guys I think Quinn is in on this"Zoey says "really, how do you think?"chase asks "well first it looks like she's trying to frame me for killing everyone,and second I think she talked Logan into helping her make the chemical in these darts."
I get up, and walk over to Rebbecca's body"so why the fuck did Quinn and Logan kill her"
chase stumbles over to me"I don't know man, I don't think James will be happy though"
"ya I think your right, and I'm sorry for blaming you and Zoey"I apologize, Dustin stands up suddenly shocked"wait guys, weir's James and the others?".
We all look at each other before we all get up and start to run in the direction they left in.

(meanwhile in James's group)
No pov

James, Lisa and Dana all walk into the cargo hold, James ducks down a bit"be careful ladies, Logan could be hiding anywhere in here"
They continued walking deeper into the hold, until, the door slams shut, Lisa turned around,"the fuck was that"
"oh, probably just the wind" James replied, as he continued to look.
Lisa ran up beside James "you retard, there's no wind on an inclosed boat" James stopped and turned to Lisa "well maybe it's the bogyman".
James turned back around, laughing at his joke, as they were walking they heard footsteps behind them, "um you guys heard that to, right?"Dana asked as she stopping dead in her tracks, James didn't stop, he check the last 5 containment units, as he turned around he saw someone behind Dana.
"Dana behind you!" James screamed, Dana and Lisa tuned around, to be met by someone in a hooded jacket. James started walking towards the figure, "what the fuck do you want Logan, we know it's you under their"
"oh if only you knew the whole story" the hooded figure said as it laughed hysterically, "you think this is funny?" James asked as he was now almost ready to punch the figure. "How can you guys forget me, I'm the dead body" the figure laughed again, James was gritting his teeth"who the fuck ARE YOU!" he said with rage.
The figure laughed some more before lifting her hands to her hood, and removing it. "QUINN!" they all yell in astonishment, "but why, why would you do this to everyone"James asked looking the most surprised. "we thought Logan was the killer not you"Dana said as she took a cautious step back,
"oh Logan is the killer but he's not the only one.
Why look he's here right now" Quinn pointed behind them, they all looked slowly, as they looked away Quinn left, when they were fully turned around, Logan stood in front of then. "Dana, it's your time, TO DIE!". All that could be heard was screaming.

Zoey's pov

We were all running full speed down the cor adore, when we all heard Dana scream, Chase stopped, his face pale white"you guys don't think?" he asked us, "No, they have James"Dustin added We all continued, only walking because we were all tired, then we heard the sound we didn't want to hear.
The sound of James, screaming. "shit come on guys, it came from the cargo hold"Dustin yelled pointing in the direction.
When we arrived at the door, chase went to open it, only to have it be locked, they tried to hit it until finally, Michael mustard up all his energy into one powerful kick, and the door came falling down.
The sight we saw on the inside was gruesome, James was bound and gagged, with cut marks all over his body, Dana was lying on the floor, almost like she was dead, and Lisa, she was tied with her neck sliced open, When I saw her, I knew she was dead.

A/N:I hope you guys&gals enjoyed this rather gory episode, I hope I can get the last two episodes out on time, If I can't oh well im currently working on 3 different screenplays, and this is kinda like a hobby not a job were as my screen writing is.

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