"Happy Christmas, love." Narcissa knelt by the granite headstone that had been charmed to repel the elements, gently placing a poinsettia wreath and a box of the finest Belgian chocolates on the ground before it. "We're having a big dinner at the Manor. I wish you could be there. We're having that cranberry and mandarin orange compote you like so much." She swallowed and continued. "I'm sure Draco and Astoria will announce today that they're expecting. He thinks he's done such a fine job of keeping it secret. He forgets that his mother knows everything." She smiled sadly. "Speaking of mothers, I saw yours last Thursday. She's doing as well as can be expected. The holidays are so hard on her. Even without the Dementors at Azkaban any more, there is still no joy in that place. And of course, one always misses their loved ones more around this time of year."

She reached out and traced her fingers over the carved letters.

Gregory William Goyle

"I had better be getting back. Draco gets so testy if I'm not where he thinks I should be, doing what he thinks I should be doing, so I let him believe I am. He's happy when he thinks he's in control. You of all people should know that."

She rose, offering one last sad smile. "I'll be here for Valentine's Day, if not before." She promised before she turned to walk away.

She told Martha that she made these regular treks to the cemetery because her lifelong friend couldn't, and if their positions were reversed, Narcissa would not want her son forgotten.

She told Draco that she went because she had always had a fondness for the little boy who had called himself "Giggy" when he was young.

But only in her own heart would she admit that she came out of guilt because she was so very desperately thankful that it was not her baby lying beneath the snow.

A/N – I've had several people message me to tell me I made a mistake – that it was Crabbe that died in the Room of Requirement and not Goyle. Standing outside the RoR is the last time we ever see Goyle, so we don't know that he survived that night, or that year, or …