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Chapter 1: Being a Country can Suck

Max glared at the scientist as they wheeled her and her family into a sterile white lab room. Of course, they were all trapped in dog crates because screw basic kindness and human decency! She thought all kinds of foul things at the retreating white lab coats as her family stirred in their respective cages. She was about to think a rather nasty comment about where the lab coats could stick their clipboards, but decided against it as her resident mind reader was waking up in the cage next to her.

Fang got up on her other side, most likely not bothering to bar his nasty thoughts from sweet little Angel, and looked around in disdain. "Back at the school, huh." He said. It was a statement, not a question. Max nodded while attempting to use her impressive (and nonexistent) black magic upon the absent white coats.

Iggy sat up and blinked. He wrinkled his nose at the hospital like smell and groaned, a string of swears slipped from his lips. Max frowned at Iggy and said, "Language! Believe it or not, there are kids under age 10 in the room." Iggy was probably about to flip Max off, but decided it was too much effort and leaned back against the bars of the cage.

Gazzy awoke and attempted to jump to his feet in attack mode, but promptly bashed his head on the roof of the cage. "Owwww…." He muttered. Though the Gasman would never admit it, he was scared. After being trapped here before, he didn't want to be experimented on again.

Nudge had been awake the whole time. She had constantly tried to use her magnetic abilities to undo her cage's lock, to no avail. She now sat in the cage with an almost hopeless expression. Almost.

Angel had just opened her eyes to find Max looking determinedly at the lock. When Max realized Angel was awake, she gave her a tired smile. Angel realized the position they were in and spread her mind reading abilities to their limit. There were no lab coats in range, but there was someone else…

At that moment, Angel turned behind her to a cage that no one else had noticed. The rest of the flock followed her example, even Iggy who trained his eyes about a foot over where the cage actually stood. The person inside stirred. He stretched, yawned and finally opened his eyes to find the flock staring at him. "Um…hi?"

Another boring world meeting was coming up. Antarctica groaned. Why did he have to go to the stupid world meetings? No one recognized him as a country really, but he still had to attend the boring meetings with his twin sister, Arctic. He briefly considered burning the invitation, but he knew he would never get away with it. He sighed again and decided to walk around outside for some fresh air.

He was currently in Germany, as that was where the conference was held this time. His sister had offered to join him on his walk, but he refused, saying he needed some alone time. As he walked, he thought about many things. His constantly melting glaciers who refused to be fixed by the universal solution of duct tape, the endangered species on his island dying, even the multitudes of scientists who flocked to Antarctica for "research purposes". Antarctica wasn't stupid. He knew when people were building secret bases. I mean, come one, a secret base in Antarctica? What are these guys? Avid comic book readers? Antarctica shook his head.

He had walked for quite some time when he realized he was completely and truly lost. 'Ah damn.' He thought, shaking his head. 'Better call sis…she's probably worried out of her mind…'

Just as he was getting his phone out of his pocket, a hand pressed a cloth over his mouth and nose. Of course he wasn't about to go down without a fight, struggling to nail his opponent in the vital regions, but eventually he succumbed to sleep. 'Big sis is going to kill me…' was his last thought as he lost consciousness.

Antarctica could only hear distant voices as he faded in an out of consciousness. "Remarkable healing rate…"

"Impervious to cold…"

"No DNA!"

When Antarctica finally woke up for good, he found six pairs of eyes staring directly at them. Well, six pairs of human eyes and a pair of beady dog eyes. He said the only thing he could think of at the moment. "Um…hi?"

And...there it is! My first crossover! *yay!* Okay so no one that you guys know from Hetalia has shown up yet, but they will in a couple chapters... I hope.

Anyways, this story has pretty much only two OCs and you've already been introduced to both of them, Arctic and Antarctica. They're fraternal twins if you haven't already figured that out. I'm sorry if you don't really like OCs, but these two will be sticking around... You have been warned. I'll try to make them as unannoying as possible! Here's a character bio for Antarctica:

Country/Micronation/Honorary Nation: Antarctica
Human Name: Sam Glacier
Powers: He can freeze things instantly, but only if he touches them... No long distance freezing.
Strengths: uh...only his power? I guess he he's pretty simple if that can be called a strength...
Weaknesses: He's lazy. And he can be pretty apathetic.
Friends/Family: Arctic (sister), Canada (friend, they both aren't usually noticed...)

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