Hello this my first story in fanfiction hope you enjoy my story! Oh and I am not the owner of nurarihyon no mago. You can guess the parings if you want I won't spoil you! Enjoy!^.^

Genre: Action/Romance

Chapter 1: The Me That I was

Everybody, gets to fight along with master Rikuo and have the gist of victory. Whereas I just stand there cheering for not even being able to fight. But all I wanted was to just be with him and to make him remember me. Right now I'm not even helping them fight but preparing dinner which was ice tea, ice sushi and ice cream. As I was walking to the room where everybody was waiting, Kejoro was standing in front of me giggling non stop.

"Oh Yuki Onna please don't tell me we are having that again! It's winter who wants to eat something so cold!" Kejoro said warmly.

" I'm so sorry I didn't know I was-"

"Day dreaming about Master?"

"No of..co..course...not," I said, I could feel my checks warming."I'll better go make something else then,"

"No don't silly I know that this will happen again so I already prepared food," Kejoro said trying hard not to laugh.

I sighed as we were going to the dining room. Every time! I'm always so clumsy sometimes I wish I was like Kejoro. Kejoro was like my role model she always comforts my and reassures me.

I slide the door open, and there was sight of the girl that I wish was there. Kana.

"Hi," she smiled ( she looked so fake..).

"Hi! Why are you here today?" I replied trying to be cheerful.

" Well Rikuo chan invited me~" Kana said annoyingly.

"Tsurara. Why don't you come and have dinner with us," Master said with calmly.

"No thank you!" I said angrily.

I stormed out of the room, even thought I starving I did not want to have dinner with Kana. I hear foot steps behind me...who was it? Master?

Nonono it can't be since Kana's there.

"What's wrong Tsurara did I say soething wrong again?" a calm voice soothed.

"Master! What are you doing?! Go have dinner with Kana!" I said in surprised.

"Well I don't like it if it were only me and my classmates, you should join us,"

"But I am a yokai!"

"They don't know that yet!" Master said agitated, all of a sudden he grabbed my hand with great strength even though he is in human form.

He walked steadily towards the dining room and opened the door," Sorry guys Tsurara was not feeling so feel just now, but she will have dinner with us right now!"

" Mas-Rikuo-"

"No buts your're having dinner with us!" Master said firmly.

After dinner I went to the kitchen to see i could help out, on my way there I bumped into Aotabo and Kubinashi.

"Oi! Yuki Onna did you know that master going to have fight against Tamazuki?I will be fighting with him!" Aotabo said energetically.

" What fight?" I said happily, I really wanted to fight this time!

"Aotabo you dummy! Master specially told us not to tell Yuki Onna!" Kubinashi said staring at Aotabo with uneasiness.

"Oh shoot I forgot!" Aotabo said nervously.

"What Are you guys saying? Are you saying I'm weak and I can't fight along with Master?" I said, every word getting louder and louder.

"No! No! Master just said he doesn't want you to get hurt so easily!" Kubinashi said looking away from me.

Before I knew it I ran. I didn't look back. Why was I so weak? Why? All I want was to be stronger and not always depend on people. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I kept running I didn't want to get told of by my weakness anymore.

I stopped halfway an realized there was a strange mysterious room. I walked towards the room in trepidation I slowly opened the room...BANG!

I gasped my voice wouldn't come out I just stood there eyes wide.

"Hahaha! MY own daughter is scared of me!" A gleeful voice boomed. Mother?!

"Mom, you are still alive?" I said not believing what I was seeing.

" No you silly girl! I'm just a memory. But you seem lost my dear child,"

" Well I'm weak, I can't do anything and I want to learn more ice fighting techniques.."

" Well child you came to the right place, I was waiting for you to come to this room," My mother said soothingly. She walked towards a really shabby looking book shelf and grabbed a book with beautiful snowflakes mark on it. "This book my dear will help you with all the techniques you know. Of course you won't get stronger straight away. After all practice makes perfect."

"Oh! Thank you! Mother!"

"No problem-" My mother disappeared just like that.

Thank you mother was all I could say. I was going to get stronger and I know I will. Just you wait Master! You will notice me!

To be continued...