- Scene: 2 -

Sam shut the door behind him. But he held onto the door handle for an extra 5 seconds before he broke away. As if the handle was his anchor to earth, that he would just float away without it. He took a deep breath and let go.

Today was going to be a long day, he had so much on his mind, so many thoughts. He needed to be able to talk to Anthony without it going any further than Anthony. He just needed one guy in the place that he could trust.

The hardest part was that is was the golden boy, the star attraction. He was the reason people had jobs to do every day. His journey was so many peoples journey, but only he could go. In some little way, him making it was everyone making it. He really wished it was like the old days, when they would send teams of people. But that would be a huge waste, this was a one man job and if anything went wrong, it was only a one man statistic.

Sam's hand burst open and the door got smaller and smaller every time he looked back, after a while, it was just a blip in the universe. A door on a house, it was a speck on a speck. It was Sam's future.

Sam was almost at the station. He could see it from where he was, but he could no longer see home. Every little thing meant a lot to Sam these last couple of days, everything was a sign or a metaphor. Everything related back to his impeding journey. It was all of his bottled up thoughts spilling over into his live. He needed Anthony, regardless of who that meant he would actually be telling. He couldn't go up there like this. He could hardly go to the station like this.

Sam had to start asking questions. Sam had to turn around. Mentally and physically. Mentally, Sam had to turn around, he couldn't go on like this, he needed to get himself together. Physically, Sam had to turn around, he had walked past the station 3 minutes ago.

But before any turning around could happen. Something had to happen. Mentally, he needed to have a long talk with Anthony. physically, he needed to pay attention to the jet black car that had pulled up beside him.

"Sam... You're late." Said the voice from behind the tint black window of the jet black car.

Sam snapped around and looked at the window, but all he could see was a dark reflection of himself. It looked upset. Sam was upset. Then it was broken, a million pieces glittered against the jet black back drop. Falling stars. But Sam wasn't broken. He was as strong as ever. But not strong enough to bend city lock-up steel.

He was now getting the best training simulator that he has received so far. An empty void, all steel and dull. A GERTY in a blue uniform would pass by every so often, pretending to not to be watching. All the while, Sam would sit and wonder how he even ended up here.

"Welcome to space, welcome to the moon, welcome to sarang, welcome to your tiny room... Welcome to forever."

And that is just what it felt like to Sam. A bitter taste, if he shut his eyes, he could already here the computers humming.

"Hey, you wanna' make that phone call now?" Grunted the lock-up Warden.

"No need. They always know where I am." Sam smiled at the Warden, looking right though him and 950,000 miles away.

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