They came back to her home and were sitting on the couch after a twenty minute walk through the forest, in which neither said very much. Slendy had never been much of a conversationalist and Ellaina felt too weak to talk about anything. At the very least, she knew that the poison was out of her blood. When he had healed her, the poison had been eradicated. Her pain receptors were back to normal. Still, the memories of how she had reacted to him after he had killed her tormentor were clear in her mind. She knew that it had deeply hurt him for her to call him monster. She had seen him fall to his knees, the strong and indomitable Slenderman, and beg her to come to him, that he wouldn't harm her. And she had rejected him, acting just like any other human would. She looked up to him and found blood still on his face. Slowly, she reached up and wiped it away. He didn't move, only stayed perfectly still as she cleaned the offending liquid from him.

You do not have to do that, Ellaina, he muttered, not looking at her. He looked at her Christmas tree, finding that some of the ornaments were broken, laying on the floor next to a wrapped gift. It wasn't very large, but it had been intricately wrapped. A red bow was tied around the box, completing the effect of its beauty. He looked to Ellaina when she slowly stood up and went to pick up the gift. She just ignored the glass digging into her skin as she shoved it away. You're hurting yourself, he pointed out.

"It doesn't make much difference, seeing as they're cut in half," Ellaina answered. Her hands hadn't healed when he had helped her back at the other place. She handed him the wrapped gift, a look of pain crossing her face with the effort it took to hold up the box. "I got you something."

He set the box aside to look over the damage to her hands. Ellaina was surprised with how gentle he was being. Just a short time ago, she had seen those same hands which held hers now rip a man to shreds. How could something so deadly be this gentle? Lightly, he touched that area that should have been his lips to each of her hands, the injuries healing quickly, leaving only a couple scars. She couldn't help but gasp at this ability once again. How was he able to do this? She looked up at him as he turned his attention to the present. Shouldn't I wait until Christmas?

"It's an early gift," she replied. "I'll get you another present you can open and have Christmas day. I'm sure we'll have fun that day before, you know, you're done with me," she trailed off.

Setting the Santa tie aside, what a thing to get him, he looked at her fully now. I won't be done with you this Christmas. I'll leave it up to you to decide what you want me to do. I will stay for your Christmas, and if you wish for me to leave after that, I will disappear from your life forever. If you, however, decided that you would like me to stay…I could arrange for that.

"You won't kill me?" she asked, surprised. He had been talking about how he had this planned for so long now. Could he really just change his mind so easily? It could not be that easy. There had to be some sort of catch. There had to be something that he wanted in return for allowing her to live. People always did things for a reason.

I think that we have established that, yes, the reply, which sounded a bit like its old self once again. He looked her over and sighed. You are still in pain and injured. Would you like to be healed? He watched her closely as she simply nodded, not looking at his face. She didn't trust him. How could he have ever expected a human to trust him? It was foolish to believe that she would ever trust him, especially now that she had seen the cruelties he was capable of. You don't trust me, he murmured, not really knowing if she would pick up the pain in his voice. He hoped she wouldn't.

"I trust you with my life," Ellaina replied, quickly. "It's just that after the way I treated you, I don't deserve your kindness."

How you treated me? I left that man to torture you for days, thinking you were here safe. I should have come when you didn't post a note on that game of yours. I should not have let you watch me kill that man. It's no wonder you think me a monster. Slendy replied, looking at the Santa tie. He removed his current tie in favor of her gift. He looked at her, trying to lighten the mood. Merry Christmas, Little One. And what do you want for Christmas?

Ellaina outright laughed, ignoring the pain this caused in her lungs. "Oh, Santa, when did you get into town? The good little boys and girls are going to need to tell you what they want for their presents. And how's Rudolph and the Gang? Oh, you know I'll have to put this in the game." She continued laughing, doubling over from the hilarity of the situation. She could just imagine a small child walking up to Slender Santa and boldly telling him that he is far too skinny to be Santa.

So, I'm a comedian now? Slendy asked, wanting to laugh along with her. Still, he really needed to heal her. Even through her laughs, her pain was still prevalent. The thoughts of healing were interrupted by Ellaina grabbing his hand and pulling him outside. "It's snowing!" was her explanation for dragging him outside so quickly. There was already plenty of snow on the ground. Somehow in the time they had arrived home to now, a good 8 inches of snow had fallen and more was on the way.

He looked at the woman who was looking to the sky with a smile on her face, the snow collecting in her hair. He had a brilliant idea. Had he the ability, the Slenderman would have smirked.

Ellaina had her back turned to the Slenderman when she felt something pelt her in the back. She turned in time for Slendy to be able to hit her with a snow ball. She gaped at him, which only left her open for yet another snowball.

I believe the score is 3-0 favors moi, he stated, while lobbing another snowball at her.

Ellaina dodge it and scooped up some snow of her own. She threw it at him, only for him to teleport behind her. She turned around in time for him to hit her with another snowball. She laughed and chased after him, another snowball in hand. Again she went to throw it, only for him to show up behind her once again, but she hadn't thrown the ball. Now, she did though. It landed square in his face. Now he was laughing as he wiped the snow from his face, trying to go after her again. Never had he done this. Not even in that time before-no, he would not think of that now. He successfully managed to trip and fall on top of her with his mind so preoccupied with his thoughts.

She smiled up at him, she half buried in the snow with him on top of her. "You know, if I was all healed up, we could have a lot more fun out here. We could make a snowman."

So long as we don't name him Frosty, the reply, before he went about healing her broken body. The play in the snow had distracted him from the need to heal her. Oh well, it was getting done now. Ellaina lightly put her hand to his face, the coldness shocking him. He nearly pulled away, but he stopped short just to make sure she would heal fully. He did notice, however, that she did take her hand away from him upon seeing his reaction to her touch. Her hands stayed pinned to her sides now.

Even once she was healed, the two kept up the idea that she needed extra healing for about an extra minute. When he finally pulled away, the color was back in her cheeks and there was no longer pain in her eyes. He pulled her up to her feet as he stood up in one fluid motion. She still managed to lose her balance and need to use him for support. She looked up at him and smiled in a goofy sort of way before informing him it was time to make the snowman.

Well, it did get made. It was lopsided, which annoyed the Slenderman. This entertained Ellaina for a good five minutes. She purposefully picked out a crocked carrot to use as the nose. Slendy had promptly pelted her with snowballs, using the tendrils for a rapid fire assault as a result. They ended up rolling around in the snow again when Ellaina jumped him for deciding that the Snowman should be named Michael Jackson. Needless to say, by the time they came in from the day of play in the snow, both were happy to have the warmth of her home.

They now were sitting on the couch, Ellaina enjoying hot chocolate with Slendy resting his head against her shoulder. It was no longer a stressed relationship between them. Whatever they had, it was comfortable for both and neither wanted it to change. Neither knew what to talk about, and both certainly didn't want to talk about the events that had transpired recently. Any sort of conversation down that path would likely only lead to hurt feelings. So, silence was what was opted, for the most part that is.

Ellaina, it's snowing again, he stated while looking out the window. He could not explain why he was so incredibly comfortable with her. Never had a human held such control over him. Still, he didn't quite mind having this human around. At least she could be entertaining.

"Well, it's a bit late to go playing in the snow again," Ellaina replied, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. She hadn't offered Slendy any, and it annoyed her that she hadn't.

Afraid of the dark, are we? Slendy questioned, now standing up and facing her. When she simply glowered at him and stuck her tongue out, he laughed. He pulled her to her feet and pulled her outside to the night time Winter Wonderland. It didn't take her long to lob a snow ball at him, and the games began once again.

Eventually the two would end up lying in the snow, his tendrils acting as her blanket to lie upon, looking up at the stars and the full moon. The light they cast gave an eerie glow to the Slenderman's face, but it seemed to make Ellaina look somewhat ethereal. She had eyes only for the stars, and he had eyes only for her. She really was quite pretty, but why was he thinking of her like this? She was a human. He could not let himself get attached to her. They were so fragile, humans.

Ellaina sighed, turning to look at him. "What do you do when it's cold out here at night? You certainly can't be very comfortable out here all alone." She watched as he seemed to search her face for something before he looked back up to the sky. She had been explaining the different constellations to him and they seemed to fascinate him.

I make do with what I have been given. Yes, it is cold out here on my own, but one learns to grow accustomed to the biting cold of winter when forced to deal with it for one's entire-for a long time. No more questions now, Ellaina. It's late. You need your sleep. Had he really nearly given up a part of his past to her? No one knew his history and it would remain that way if only to keep him sane. The past was cruel and he refused to relive it.

The woman stood up and dusted the snow off from her clothing. Before her ever-present guest had the chance to leave, she took his hand and led him inside. She explained that he would be staying here in the warmth where he could be comfortable. It didn't take much to convince the Slenderman and he soon found himself nearly asleep on her couch. As the wonderful embrace of sleep took him, he could vaguely remember Ellaina curling up at the edge of the couch by his feet. Seeing as that could possibly lead him to kicking her if her were to dream, a tendril was used to pull her into his embrace. She was right; the warmth was much more comfortable and he found himself in the world of Dreams within a matter of moments.