No actual chapter yet. Sorry.

I was supposed to post this fanfic months earlier but it underwent so many changes that I ended up with this concept. I originally planned this as a Skyworld vs. Underworld fic but I wanted to see what would happen if I wrote a Skyworld vs. Overworld fic instead. I found the idea interesting. If there was going to be a war between Skyworld and the Overworld, it would have to be caused by something really big. It would also probably take years of manipulation and influence. Just read the future chapters to find out the cause. Also, to give you another idea, the setting will be kinda futuristic.

Before I forget, I said I was accepting OCs. In case you're interested in submitting, here's the form:


Age: (and/or how old he/she appears to be)

Race: (angel, human, etc.)



Relationship: (with a canon character and/or other OC)

Extra: (anything else I need to know about?)

If you're interested, submit it to me through PM or review. I accept multiple OCs from the same author.

The reason why I'm accepting OCs is because the original cast wouldn't be enough for the plot I thought of. I'll also be using some OCs of my own to fill in a few roles.

Well, that's all for now. See you in the real chapter!