Notes: No particular spoiler, but set in season 4, because I like that Tim is so confident about women in the very beginning of season 4. Hopefully he is just as confident with Abby…

Don't be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl

Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl

The lab doors hissed open, and Tim came into the Lab. Abby was sitting in front of the computer, running the fingerprints Gibbs had sent down. He'd been sent to check on her progress. He was feeling silly, so he crept up behind her and tried to wrap his arms around her waist. He quickly realized what a bad idea it was when Abby elbowed him in the gut. He shouted in pain and fell to his knees. She spun in her chair to see who she'd hit, and almost cried when she realized it was Tim.

"I'm sorry, Tim! I thought you were Tony!"


"Oh, you big baby, here, let me help you up." She helped him to his feet and walked with him to her office. He fell into her chair, still struggling to breathe. She grabbed a bottle of water from her desk and gave it to Tim. "Here."

"Thanks," he said, taking the bottle and drinking down half of it. He felt slightly better after that, but he still needed to breathe a bit longer before he went back upstairs.

"I'm so sorry, Tim. I didn't mean to elbow you that hard! "

"It's okay, Abby, really." He said, smiling.

"Don't fake smile at me! I know you're doing it to make me feel better!"

"I'm not faking it! It's really all right, Abby!"

Abby slugged him in the arm.

"Ow!" he slugged her back, but not as hard.

"Ow! Tim!" Abby tried to hit him back, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his lap. "What do you think you're doing, Timothy McGee?" She said with a giggle. He didn't answer. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a gentle smooch. She pulled away and stared at him for a second. Tim's eyes suddenly went wide, and he helped her off his lap and got up out of the chair.

"I'm sorry Abby. I shouldn't have done that. I'll go back upstairs." He started to leave, but she grabbed his wrist. He turned around, and he saw the look in her eyes. He hadn't seen it since they'd dated, and he missed it. He grabbed her and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He hadn't kissed her like that in years, but it felt so right.

"Way to go, Probie!"

Tim practically pushed Abby away when Tony burst into the office.

"Tony! I—um—we—"

"Calm down, McGee. I don't care what you two are doing down here. Gibbs on the other hand…"

"If you tell him—"

"Relax, Probie. My lips are sealed."

"I'm holding you to that."

"Don't forget Tony, I can murder you without leaving any forensic evidence behind," Abby jokingly threatened.

"I haven't forgotten, Abs. The Boss wants to know if you got a hit on anything besides McRomeo here," Tony asked.

"Actually, I did. Come with me, gentleman!"

As they followed her back out to her equipment, the lab doors opened again, and Gibbs strolled in, holding a super-sized Caf Pow.

"Does anyone have anything for me?" he asked irritably.

"I got a hit on that fingerprint!" Abby announced, snatching up her Caf Pow. "Meet Petty Office James Dobles… he's been arrested in the past for petit larceny and possession."

"Tony, Ziva, go pick him up."

"Right Boss!" Tony said as he left with Ziva.


Tim turned to him.

"Yes Boss?"

"Wipe the lipstick off your face."

With that, Gibbs turned and left. Tim dropped his head as Abby took a tissue from her drawer. She was grinning like a fool when she handed it to him. Tim laughed as he took it and wiped his face.

"Do you think he'd care if I kissed you again?" Tim asked boldly. Just then, his phone rang. "McGee."

"Quit grab-assin' with Abby and get up here!"

"Yes Boss!" Tim hung up and hurried out of the lab. Abby shook her head and giggled. She'd corner him later, when Gibbs went home.