He swam with powerful strokes, and each time his hand touched the water, he felt the blow reverberate uncomfortably in his head. It hurt but he didn't want to stop, it was the only way he knew how to release tension. He had accumulated such a quantity in the last few days that would have been enough for a lifetime. He didn't want to think of the devastated look in Chin eyes in front of Malia's lifeless body. Didn't want to think of Kono's lost face. He didn't want to think about his mother and what Danny had said at the airport the day before, the fact that the woman he believed dead for 20 years, was able to lie to him again. Especially didn't want to think about Danny.

I'm in a relationship, but we're taking things slowly.

He tried not to admit it even to himself, but he couldn't take those words off of his mind. And they were like a parasite that crept in and slowly devouring him. The strangest thing of all was that he had encouraged Danny to cultivate the relationship with Gabby, even coming to the point of making them known to Grace. So now he didn't understand the reason for that unpleasant sensation. Because was bound to be Gabby. Danny didn't see any other, he was sure. Indeed, they saw no one except their own members of Five-0. Or was there something he didn't know? No, impossible, if there had been someone else would have jumped out.

Slowly, he returned to shore, and when he arrived, he realized that there was someone who was waiting for him, leaning on the porch's railing, next to the outdoor shower. Without saying anything Steve slipped under the water jet to remove the salt from the skin.
When he closed the tap, Danny handed him a towel. Steve took it and began to rub the hair. His face hidden by soft sponge, allow him to speak almost normally.

"What are you doing here Danny? Has something happened?".

Danny didn't answer and then he removed the towel from his head and looked at him.
Danny's gaze was lost staring at the water, streams like shooting stars, coming down on his chest, crossing it and then stroking the abs and finish the race on the edge of the swimsuit. That same look rose and stood on the lashes loaded with water droplets, staring Steve intensely.

"Danny ..." muttered Steve softly, almost afraid to stop the time.

Danny took a step toward him and raised a hand, laying directly to the center of Steve's chest. He could feel under himself the pulse of Steve's heartbeat. He lifted his face again looking Steve directly in the eyes.

"We have to stop taking things slowly ..." he whispered.