"Shep! I'll show Liara where she's gonna be staying." Shadow shouted to Shepard from the stairs.

"Sure thing, come see me after I have the mission report shit to do." Shepard yelled back from the cock pit.

"Yes ma'am." Shadow yelled and gave a mock salute. "So T'Soni?" Shadow said turning to face her.

"You ready to be shown your way around the Normandy?" Shadow smirked and patted her on the back.

"Of course shadow, lead the way." Liara smiled.

Shadow winked and started walking down the stairs and Liara followed, when they reached the end of the staircase Shadow broke the silence.

"So Dr this is the crew deck. You want to grab a coffee?" Liara nodded and followed Shadow to the food counter.

"How do you take your coffee Dr? Milk? Sugar? Or just black?" Shadow smiled while getting two cups down from the shelf.

"Oh can I have milk please?" Liara blushed sweetly and spoke shyly.

"Of course Dr, and don't be so nervous I'm not as scary as my name makes out." Shadow laughed and almost said the last but in a whisper.

"I shall try not to Shadow." Liara said with an embarrassed look on her face.

Shadow brought over the coffee's and set them on the table.

"Please take a seat." Shadow smiled and nodded to the seat opposite her, Liara sat down and took a sip from the coffee mug that sat in front of her.

"That ok for you Dr?" Shadow happily said.

"Yes, thank you."

"So tell me more about you." Shadow said after taking a sip of coffee.

"Me? I am afraid I am afraid I am not very interesting. Well, I suppose I've studied Protheans for the past fifty years." Shadow almost choked on her coffee before taking a deep breath.

"Fifty years?! Jesus! Isn't that a really long time?"

"For my species no. Don't forget we asari live for at least a thousand years if not more, so fifty years to an asari is like five years for a human." Liara said with a very scientific tone.

"Oh…Well now I feel stupid. Thank you Blue ass." Shadow said with a laugh.

"What?! Oh, no I did not mean to offend you Shadow." Liara blushed a deeper shade, sighed and rubbed her head.

"Calm down it was only a joke." Shadow said almost choking again on her coughing, this time from laughing.

"Oh by the goddess! You must think I am so dense." Liara looked at her mug and then looked up with a smile.

"No, I kinda expected it from a beautiful, smart asari." Shadow winked and Liara shyly raised her eyebrow.

"Thank you, then I must say I did not expect such a kind and sweet woman underneath that muscle." Liara said shyly.

"Haha. No one does, I'm not like everyone says, you make one fucking mistake and there ya go bad reputation forever." Shadow shrugged it off and laughed.

"So ready to see where you're gonna live for a bit?" Shadow stood up and downed the rest of the coffee.

"Me lady." Shadow smiled and held out her arm. Liara began to blush and put her arm through Shadows. Shadow and Liara continued to walk until they came to the med-bay. "After you Dr." Shadow said happily.

"Now Dr you have to remember that I work in here, so imma be in here early in the morning." Shadow said playfully.

"Understood Sergeant." Liara said carrying on the jokey voice. Shadow smiled and turned around and left to go and find Shepard.

"How is she so perfect?" Liara muttered to herself and sat down at the desk and got herself comfortable. Everyday for the next month Shadow went and saw Liara, and each time neither of them said anything about their feelings.