"Shepard! Get away from the fucking bomb!" Shadow screamed down the radio.

"Who do I get Ash or K?" Shepard shouted back with panic in her voice.

"Dude, you love Ash and you can't leave her." Shadow said with a soft voice.

"Ok, Ok I'll go and get Ash. Ashley I'm coming back for you." Shepard said down the radio.

"Commander…I…Ok." Ashley said with sadness in her voice.

"Lieutenant, it's been an honour, I'm so sorry Kaidan but I had to make a choice." Shepard said holding back her tears.

"Yes ma'am, I understand and thank you, it's been quite a ride working with you." Kaidan managed to give a faint laugh.

"Thank you Kaidan." Shepard whispered down the radio. Shepard began running with Liara to go and get Ashley.

"Tell Joker were gonna need a pick up in about 1 minute." Shepard said down the radio to Shadow.

"Ok, stay safe till we get there." Shadow said with a deep voice.

"No problem." Shepard said sadly

"Joker hurry the shit up and get down there!" Shadow shouted next to Joker.

"Yes ma'am." Joker drove the ship down to where Liara, Shepard and Ashley waited for him impatiently.

"GO, GO, GO!" Shepard screamed and ran towards the ship with Ashley, Liara ran behind clearly injured, Shadow gasped seeing Liara in pain killed her, so she ran out of the Normandy, picked Liara up into the fireman lift and ran back to the Normandy with Liara on her back. As soon as Shadow got into the Normandy, she ran down to the med-bay and carefully placed Liara onto the med table.

"Liara sweetie, are you ok?" Shadow said worried. Liara laughed and shook her head.

"I am fine Shadow I assure you, only minor injuries." Shadow sighed and shook her head again; she helped Liara off the bed and put her arm around her waist for support.

"Come on T'Soni lets get you somewhere to lay down and rest that isn't the med-bay." Shadow helped the limping Dr to her room and gently sat her on her bed.

"Shadow?" Liara asked sweetly.

"Uh, hu?

"Will you stay with me tonight?"

"Yes of course I will, you want me to stay every night?" Shadow said with a lick of her lips.

"Yes I would like that." Liara winked back. Liara grabbed the back of Shadows neck and pulled her into a kiss, Shadow relaxed as Liara took her top off, Shadow could feel the coldness of the air on her back. Shadow quickly grabbed Liara's shirt and pulled it off her, feeling Liara's soft, warm skin against hers, she skilfully undid Liara's bra, Shadow instantly smiled and she slowly made her way to Liara's stomach and started planting small kisses on it, making Liara let out a pleasurable noise.

"Have I told you how much I love you yet?" Shadow said in between kisses.

"No, I don't believe you have." Liara said with a smirk.

"Well I love you." Shadow said with a smile as she kissed Liara's neck. Liara's fist clenched.

"Is that so?" Liara said seductively.

"Uh, hu that's right." Shadow kissed Liara's stomach and Liara's biotics powered up. Shadow continued to kiss Liara's stomach, Liara's biotics flared and Shadow's biotics powered up too.

"Oh by the..."

"You ok there?" Shadow smiled and Liara playfully hit her arm. Shadow bit Liara's bottom lip playfully, making Liara sigh deeply. Shadow wedged her leg in between Liara's legs.

"Your biotics make it feel like a kissing a battery." Shadow said in between kisses

"Well, I do try." Liara added. Shadow kissed Liara's lips even more deeply and playfully, her tongue waiting for entry into Liara's mouth, Liara complied happily. Shadow looked into Liara's eyes knowing what came next, she braced herself and Liara finally said the two words Shadow loved.

"Embrace eternity."

"Ok…" Shadow said out of breath. "Dude, we really, really need to do this more often." Shadow smirked at Liara.

"Or we need to find something else to do." Liara added.

"Hey, hey how many other 26 year olds would help a gorgeous asari get more acquainted with the ship huh?" Shadow said with a laugh.

"Yes, but how many other 26 year olds are as good-looking as you." Liara said with a laugh.

"That one I admit, not many." Shadow laughed.

"Hey guys? Crew meeting 10 minutes, don't be late assholes!" Shepard shouted down the comm that shook the entire Normandy. Shadow rolled out of bed.

"How come we never get anytime to just fall asleep? I mean every time after we pull all nighters and we always get called to do something." Shadow said.

"I do not know, and Shadow please put some clothes on, you are distracting me and making it impossible for me to want to leave this room." Liara giggled, and Shadow ran over to the bed and kissed Liara passionately.

"But if you never left the room, you'd never be excited for what would happen later on." Shadow winked and kissed Liara again.

"Oh is that right?" Liara said teasing Shadow

"Yup Trust me I'm a scientist." Shadow laughed and then went over and got her things from the closet. Today Shadow decided to wear a tight white top showing off her six pack and according to Shepard "amazing tits" black skinny jeans like always, her army boots and one belt wrapped tightly around her waist to keep her trousers up and one belt hanging down like a pistol holster belt.

"There. happy?" Shadow said with a sigh.

"Don't use that tone with me Ms Normandy" Liara said mockingly.

"Sorry, I was enjoying walking around the room in the nude." Shadow said with a chuckle.

"And I was enjoying watching you." Liara said back to her.

"I bet you were." Shadow started to pretend to do a striptease. She quickly stopped and looked at Liara seductively and then put on a sexy voice. "No only joking that's for later." Shadow winked, and looked directly at Liara, sighed and shook her head.

"You gonna get dressed now?" Shadow laughed.

"Hu? What? Oh dressed? Yes." Liara said as she zoned back to the real world. Shadow chuckled and Liara put on her normal green XO-Geni uniform on.

"Have I ever told you how good you look in that uniform?" Shadow said from behind her as she put her arms around Liara's waist. Liara locked her fingers into Shadow's and she swayed for a bit.

"No, I don't believe you have." Liara said with a smirk.

"Well, you look so unbelievably hot in that uniform." Shadow kissed Liara and unhooked her arms. "Let's go to this meeting." Shadow nudged Liara in the side and Liara used her biotics to slap Shadows butt.

"Dude? Really? Did you just use biotics to slap my ass?" Shadow said with a gasp.

"Yes and I just had a so called proud moment." Liara smiled and brushed past Shadow.

"You're an ass Dr T'Soni. A big, giant ass." Shadow shouted as she walked with a smile behind her.