Title: My Stalker and Me

World: Rune Factory 2

Words: 641

Warning: Stalking themes

Author's Note: Is it bad that I can see Ray doing something like this?

Disclaimer: Again, I don't own Rune Factory 2, or any of the characters or settings mentioned.

"Hi Ray! Are you here to take a bath?" Julia greeted with a bright smile.

"Yes I am," Ray said back just as cheerfully, handing her the fee. She thanked him profusely and he went to the men's bath. Just as he expected, Kyle was sitting in the middle of the large bath. He mentally squealed.

"Hey again! You here to take a bath?"

"Yes," Ray responded, stripping. He didn't know why everyone kept asking him that; it was the bath house, after all.

"Hm," Kyle mumbled, leaning against the edge and shutting his eyes. Ray slid in next to him, causing his eyes to snap open.

"Heh, sorry. I usually sit here. I won't bother you."

Kyle nodded then shut his eyes again. Ray's eyes roamed over Kyle's lean, yet slightly muscular chest. He felt a sliver of drool run down his chin, and he wiped it off. He felt so ashamed of himself. He's not a toddler or a dog, why is he drooling? His hand slowly inched its way in between Kyle's legs when suddenly a wild Herman appeared, snapping Kyle out of his twilight sleep, and Ray out of his perverted trance. Kyle had yet to notice anything out of place.

" Heeeello. Kyle, Ray," he drawled, stripping beside the bath. Without warning, he did a cannon ball into the bath, sloshing out most of the water. It was a disturbing site.

"Aaaah! Well, you guys, I gotta get out of the bath now before I pass out. Bye!" Kyle got out and dried off, then left. Ray snorted at Julia's fussing outside the bath. Apparently some of the water was in the lobby.

"I'll see you around Herman, I was just heading out myself," Ray said, getting out. Although he was cursing Herman with every obscenity he could think of, he was too polite to voice any of it. Besides, what if he told Mother?

"Byeeeeeee, Ray!"

As Ray was stepping out of the bath house, he could've sworn he saw someone slip around the corner. He headed back to the clinic to lament about his failure.

That night, Ray snuck out of his house (quietly, he wouldn't want Mother to catch him), and made the short walk to Kyle's farm armed with a camera. Upon reaching the farmhouse, he climbed up the wall of vines covering the old house, and with much difficulty, slid open the window to Kyle's bedroom.

Fortunately for him, Kyle was a heavy sleeper, so maybe he could do other stuff to him. He whipped out his camera and took a picture of Kyle's face. The camera caused a loud snap and a bright flash, causing Kyle to jump. Ray panicked before launching himself head first out the open window, landing in a crumpled heap in front of the house. He scrambled to the thick bushes.

He saw Kyle drag himself to the window and look around before slamming it shut and went back to bed. He let out a breath he had held. That was close. But on the bright side, he got his picture of Kyle.

Quickly but quietly, he skipped back to the clinic. After locking it back up, he ran up to his bedroom and taped the picture to his pillow, then jumped on top of it and started cuddling it.

"Oh, Kyle, your chest is so warm and soft..."

Ray heard a quiet scratching at the window. He snapped his head toward the window and caught a glimpse of a figure's head fall down. Then there was an audible 'thud' and groaning.

Ray shrieked and ran to his mother's room to sleep in bed with her, resulting in Alicia's muffled complaints from within her own room, and an irritated Natalie.