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As I walk through the flower filled meadow, I see birds and butterflies flying through the air. I look down and see that I'm wearing a flowing, knee length, simple yet beautiful white dress. I take another step and realise I'm barefoot. I look around me and see endless flowers going down the horizon.

I hear my name being called out, a soft shout, and I turn my head to see a boy standing in the distance. I have a sudden curiosity to see who it is. I start walking towards him, then my steps quickly speeding up, then I'm running, my golden locks flying behind me.
When I'm finally standing behind him, my heart is racing and I get a sudden feeling of nervousness. I reach my hand out to tap him on the shoulder but just before that happens, I hear a loud noise, but the boy seems unnerved by this so I just shrug it off. Then suddenly I feel myself being sucked backwards, as if I was being sucked into a vacuum. Then my feet slip and I'm falling, falling backwards, I scream out to the boy for help but he is still standing there, hands in his pockets, facing away.
Then darkness took over

"WAKE UP!" I jolt upright, hitting my head on something hard. "Ow! Jeez kiddo!" I open my eyes fully to see my older brother, Cole rubbing his head on a spot where a bruise was beginning to form. "It's your fault actually." I say, putting a hand to my head where I felt a small bump.

"How was I supposed to know that you don't wake up easy?" He moans.
My dream pops back into my memory and I realise how girly it was... sorry i couldn't help but shudder. Suddenly my door bursts open to reveal my other older brother vacuuming away.

"Jeff!" I yell, annoyed. He looks up, gives me an apologetic look and turns it off. "Sorry little sis! I'm in a cleaning mood today!" Cole and I look at him like he's grown an extra head. Jeff just shrugs and goes off to make breakfast.

"I am so NOT gonna eat his brekkie today!" I exclaim and Cole just nods but my OTHER older brother (If you're thinking, how many bros does she have? The answer is 3... as far as I know)

"What am I hearing? My baby sister is missing out on the most important mean of the day?" A.J asks peeking his head into my room. "Jeff's makin it" I simply say.

"So? Jeff ain't too bad of a cook,"

"He's been cleaning the house"

"Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up" Then he's off downstairs and I hear the front door shut. "Come on kiddo, get ready for school!" Cole tells me, he then ruffles my hair and quietly shuts the door behind him. I sigh and thump my way to my ensuite (I'm the only girl so my parents saw the need for me to have my own bathroom instead of sharing one with three boys). I'm not exactly a morning person so my actions are sluggish and loud.

One hour later, I'm downstairs, wide awake and ready. Then my stomach rumbles... Oh and I'm hungry but there is NO WAY I'm eating Jeff's cleaning mode breakfast. "Hey sis, do ya want some pancakes?" He asks

"I'm good thanks" I reply




"I really don't want any..."




"I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL, BYE JEFFERY!" I yell and slam the door behind me. Not too long after, a familiar brown haired boy skates past me. I can't help myself, I smile so wide that my cheeks hurt. He turns his head around and cheekily grins at me. I feel my heart flutter and I blush lightly but I cover my face with my hair to avoid him seeing it. He stops and waits for me to catch up.

"Come on Kimmy, we haven't got all day!" He jokes and I whack him on the arm

"Don't call me that." I say with a wave of dismissal with my hand. He chuckles and my stomach rumbles again. "No breakfast?" he asks and I nod. He pulls an apple out of his bag and hands it to me, I cant help but laugh and replay the moment when we first met in my head, he grins at me, knowing what I was thinking. Soon we're deep in conversation, when we reach school, the bell rings.
"Damn." and we both run to AM registration.

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