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"What are you doing here?" I demand through clenched teeth.

"I'm wondering when you and Jackie boy over there, kissed."

"Don't try to change the subject! When did you get out of jail? Oh wait. Did you break out?" He looks hurt at what I said. I don't feel any regret though.

"Of course I didn't break out! Listen Kimmy-"

"Don't call me that!"

"But you always-"

"Well now I don't!" I bark "Everything is different now, okay? You can't call me that disgusting name, you can't just march back into my life and expect me to welcome you with open arms and you most certainly cannot call yourself my brother!"

"Kimmy, I-"

"I thought I told you to not call me that" I interrupt.

"Kim. I can explain everything"

"Oh really? Can you explain why you had just drifted away from our family? Can you explain why you never made any further attempt to get me to visit you? Can you explain why I've felt so weak and unimportant the minute you got into jail? Can you?!" I shout. The room stats eerily silent. "I thought so. Come on Jack, Jerry texted me saying he wants us over at his place." I grab Jack's arm and push past... him. "Goodbye Alejandro."

"It's AJ..."

"Do I seem like I care?" I snap. He looks down at the floor. I scoff and pull Jack out the door.

"Wasn't that a little harsh?" Jack asks.

"You'd react the same way if you were in my position."

"Kim, you didn't give the poor guy a chance."

"Why should I? He's done nothing but drift away and get himself in jail." I state and I walk faster. Why is Jack defending him? Doesn't he know how much I've done to permanently delete AJ from my life? All those tries and I've failed miserably. It doesn't help that he's back now.

"There must be some sort of reasonable explanation behind all that. It could have been an accident!" Jack points out. I immediately stop walking. I slowly turn towards him, my temper boiling up at the second.

"Is it really an accident to ignore your family? Is it really an accident he's ignored me until now?"

"Kim, I know this is tough for you to take but he is your brother-"

"He is most certainly NOT my brother!"

"He is still your brother and you need to give him a chance. Let him tell you what happened. Re-create that special bond you two used to have. Sure it'll have some dents and patches but that's life. It's not always perfect. But you just gotta take those wounds and lift your head high, knowing you've overcome them."

"That's just it Jack. I haven't overcome them and I feel that I never will." I softly say, the anger leaving me. He puts his arm around me and squeezes me tightly in a hug.

"You will Kim. I know it. You're strong and stubborn. Don't let something like this knock you down. Talk to him and I know you'll feel better after." I smile and embrace his warmth. Who knew that Jack Brewer could be so wise and so sweet?

"Thanks Jack. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"I know right? I'm awesome!" He says, his cockiness shining through.

"You just had to ruin the moment didn't you Brewer?" I grin

"Oh so we're back to last name basis are we Crawford?" We continue to playfully argue until we were at Jerry's house. I truly cannot imagine life without him, Jack really does take the weight off your shoulders. Perhaps I should have a proper talk with AJ. Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding.

I push the doorbell and an awfully long melody goes on for about 20 seconds until Jerry finally opens the door. "Hey guys! Sorry for making you wait so long! I love dancing to the doorbell! Come inside! Milton and Eddie are already here." He says then shuffles to the stairs and dances up before falling flat on his face and sliding back down. He gets up, brushes himself off, nods his head at us, smiling and walks up the stairs in an orderly manner. Sometimes I just cannot understand this kid.

We follow him to his room and I'm immediately swarmed with introductions.

"Hiya! I'm Maria Gonzalez Reyes-"

"Whadda do girl? I'm Enriquez-"

"Sup? I'm Pepito-"

"The names Pablo but you can call me tonight-"

"I'm Juilio-"

"Xavier's the name-"

"Hi! I'm Jerry!"

"We know that!" I sigh and roll my eyes at Jerry's childishness. Then again, his antics really make me laugh and it makes my day. I forget my worries when he joking around and acting like a fool. Jack just stands there, shocked by all the people and Jerry drags us into his bedroom where we see a flustered looking Milton and surprised Eddie.

"It's reunion week, day 5!" Milton gasps. Ah. That'd be why he's got so many people over. I look over to the door and I see Jerry frantically closing it. He manages to close it and he drags a whole lot of furniture to block it. When he's done, he claps his hands and plops down onto the carpet.

"Is all that really necessary Jerry?" I ask. The mischievous trio look at me.

"If you want to live. Keep them there." Eddie warns. Oh the dramatisation of my goofy friends.

"It is a hazard but it is totally necessary." Milton points out.

"So why do we have to be here?" Jack asks

"I wanted company..."

I groan. Is this really what he meant by emergency? His house is full of company! Probably has the entire population of Seaford if not more! My stress with Jerry immediately distinguishes when he accidentally sets off his own prank for me. I laugh and Jerry grins. I feel the heat of a green-like stare and I turn around to see Jack with a hint of jealousy in his eyes. He notices me looking his way and he winks cockily back. I huff and quickly turn around, trying not to burn up. A light knock is heard from the door and Jerry's mother comes in.

"Jerry, Melinda and Betty are here to see you, come say ¡Hola!"

"Mamaa!" Jerry whines "Mi amigos are here! And I don't think I even know them!"

"Don't take that tone with me, young man!" She scolds. Jerry pouts and she calls for them to come up. Two elderly woman walk into the room and Jerry stares at them wide-eyed...