Green Lure

"My queen I believe your emotions are getting the better of you. You are foolishly ignoring the opportunity to avoid a war. I believe that your ruling is partial. We have the chance to avoid an all-out war and make a valuable ally." Zelda's eyes bored into the older man who had spoken.

He was the youngest on the council at the age of forty-two. His name was Drayden and he was an ambitious, outspoken man who aim to become more than a simple council member. His words were highly respected despite his young age, simply because held the same sentiment as the older ones on the council. His words were being supported with agreement from the whole council. This left Zelda no one on her side which was how it had always been. She expected no less from the cowards that sat before her.

"I would gladly enter into a marriage of treaty with the King of Gerudo, If the King was not a known tyrant and plan the destruction of our kingdom a fact that every one of you neglect consider. You easily jump behind the choice that benefits you before your people, which is a despicable habit." she kept her face completely blank as she insulted them. The room became quiet after her words, but Drayden decided to speak out. His bright green eyes seemed to laugh at her.

"My queen there is no need to take such a tone. We only look for the best interest of the people. You seem to be confused and you are only seeing one side of the issue. The King of Gerudo needs us as well as we need them. Our great kingdom has plenty of resources to spare, yet we keep these things for ourselves selfishly. I believe that the queen is unintentionally being more of a tyrant than the leader of Gerudo." his words were spoken with great care and a voice that only alluded to kindness, but Zelda could feel the laughter from him, even though he was not physically laughing. He also spoke of 'we' and 'us' but it felt more like he was accusing them and leaving out himself.

"A tyrant, you accuse me of being a tyrant?" she asked knowing that she was falling into an unavoidable trap.

"My queen your action are that of a tyrant if that is the question. I do not believe you, in all your wisdom, to be a tyrant. If only you would consider our advice and not let such a foolish notions prevent you from doing what must be done." again his green eyes laughed but there was also a cruelness there that she had only witness once before.

"I will not consider the advice of this council because it is partial in itself."

"You have the power to create peace and yet you do not use it to your advantage. You hesitate because of your own personal matters. You are a wise and beautiful woman but that is just it. You are a woman doing a duty that was meant for a man. Hyrule is screaming out for a capable ruler that is male and you cannot fulfill that position no matter the things you accomplish. It can be seen as childish, your rejection of a suitable leader. Why do you hesitate to do what is need to be done. Your father would have never hesitated, as you do. It is a shame that this duty was left to someone such as-"

"Silence your words and thoughts Drayden, before you disrespect me." She raised her voice louder than she had in a long time. Her blue eyes became icy as she continued. Her emotions left her leaving her with a monotonous voice. "I believe that this meeting is adjourned. Leave me."

"My queen, Drayden is corrected in his words and I believe that this is an important subject that needs to-" someone began to speak, but was harshly cut off by Zelda's deaden voice.

"Were my words unclear?" she looked at each one of them slowly making sure they knew the severity of their situation before she continued. "Leave me now."

Those with in the meeting room began to rise from their seats and leave the room leaving her with only Drayden. Her eyes never left his face. He was a tall man and stood Ganondorf's height if not slightly shorter. He had gray hair that was not natural in Hyrule. His eyes a startling green that mocked her easily without him even trying. He had the form of a battle hardened warrior and an imposing aura, but it did not affect Zelda. To everyone else he was a handsome man but to Zelda he disgusted her.

"You are unclear as well?"

"My apologies, my queen. I had only wondered if you were okay. Your outburst was so sudden. I shall take my leave now, since I have made a point in every one of their minds. How could they possibly continue to let you rule when you are so incapable." he left the room chuckling deeply to himself, leaving her with a hatred she could taste.

Her own council was never to be trusted. She knew that. She had always known that, but she did not think they would do it so brazenly. Their combine level of foolishness never surprise her. She also never thought Drayden would go so far as to try and insult her. Though in all honesty he was quite successful in his endeavors.

He had little respect for her. It was only lessen by her high position and gender. His goal to usurp her was coming to fruition slowly but surely. He made her out to be the enemy of the kingdom and her council did not really need to be convinced. They would sell out their own flesh and blood if it would benefit them. Her father's council were only ever controlled by him. She being his daughter meant nothing if she didn't have the right genital.

Sighing deeply in an attempt to calm herself she let her head lay back. She needed some tea to relax but she would need to drink it with in her room and have it made by her servants. She rose to her feet and left the room.

Three months ago she had sent out a warning letter to Link. She warned him that the sheikah was going to try and kill him. She had yet to receive a letter back so she had begun to worry. The sheikah had not returned to the castle since he had given her the warning.

She was worried over him and it made no sense. Why did she want him by her side so much? It was the question she could not answer but for some reason thought he may have known why. Her skin crawled and it was another sign that she had begun to worry over. It usually meant that something was going to happen to her. It would usually happen before she tripped and only if it was physical.

Reaching her room she sat down behind her desk and call a servant to her. It was one that she trusted her life with. An older woman that had many children and a tender heart. She asked the maid for a cup of tea and then proceeded to work on the things that had to be done to run the kingdom of Hyrule. The maid returned a little earlier than expected and she thanked her for the tea. Then she begun to drink it while working.

Drayden entered into the queen's quarters with a smile tugging at his lips. His king was currently on his way to the castle. Everything had gone according to plan. Zelda had never suspected her own maid to betray her. She had grown too comfort with her servants.

He walked slowly over to the queen's bed. She was dressed in her nightwear by the very servant that poisoned her. Her small form lay unmoving in the large bed. Sweat beaded on her brow as her body fought in vain against the poison. Her body was completely paralyzed. Her eyes narrowed on Drayden but it had no effect.

He laughed at her hate for him and could barely contain himself. This victory was all for his king. He could hardly wait for the arrival of his king. A manic laughter escaped him and he relished it.

"Ah little queen did you really think you could beat my king." he moved closer to her bed leaning over her. The light sheen on her skin could be seen.

He whispered into her ear. "I'm going to destroy you and this kingdom. Then I will give what remains to the rightful king."

Zelda shook involuntarily as her body seized. She felt like her insides were burning up. Tears welled up in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall, even in agony she had to be strong. She was a queen, she could not show weakness.

"Through all this time I've served you and you never guessed what I am. Not even that pathetic man you call your father could not tell how different I was from the filth that your people are."

Zelda continued to stare at the man who had so much influence over her kingdom. Her father had trusted this man too easily and it led her to this predicament. His nose brushed against her sweat glistening cheek, a cruel smile played upon his lips. She tried to move but it resulted in jerky body movements.

"It's useless my little queen, the poison will continue in your system unless I give you the antidote. This is just the beginning of your pain. Once the poison has fully saturated your blood the pain you feel now will be nothing compare to the agony of having your blood boil within your veins. But before you become that useless, you will hand your kingdom over to my king through marriage. It will be quite the spectacle." she could feel his breath on her lips as he spoke. Her stomach curled in disgust. She desperately wanted Link to save her but she knew he would not come. He couldn't save her, not this time. She closed her eyes.

"So you do know what I'm capable of. Oh, I am going to enjoy your sweet taste before you die." he reached for the neckline of her gown. Her mind raced and her heart began to pound loudly in her chest.

She didn't want this. She never wanted to be the queen of her country at such a young age. Her father had left her with so many burdens and untrustworthy people. It hurt her to think those thoughts but it was what was in her heart. She hated being queen and even though she put on an air of confidence she was anything but.

Now because she took the crown she would lose something very important to her. Something that she could never get back, it was impossible to do so. Tears leaked down her cheeks as she felt his hands on her skin. Her gown was discarded and she had nothing to hide her body with. She could feel his glee and wanted to hurt him. She wanted to kill him.

Never in her life had she ever wanted to hurt someone but now she did. She wanted to watch him bleed at the end of the ornamental sword her father gave her. The feeling welling up in her heart terrified her because she wasn't that person. She never hated anyone other than Ganondorf and he her had given her plenty of reasons to.

"Oh...little queen are you crying?" he asked with humor lacing his tone. "Don't worry I'll lick away the tears. I'll devour all of you and then you can shatter like the delicate glass you are."

Link made his way quickly across Hyrule field on the back of his mare, Epona. he was headed to the Castle Town to see the Queen. If he didn't hurry he would be too late according to the cloaked figure that help him on death mountain. The person had told him that Zelda was in danger and it was her own council that was against her led by a man named Drayden.

Even though he had already been through a lot Link pressed on to the castle for the safety of the queen. He remember meeting the princess when he was young and she had stolen his heart. She was a sweet girl but she was also very smart. They had spent the day together even though at the time he had no idea that she was the princess. He desperately wanted to meet her again and did everything in his power to protect her. He had already been through three of the trials the sages had prepared for him. He had four more but at the moment Zelda's safety came first.

He knew he was pushing Epona, but she understood the sense of urgency he had about the situation. Reaching the castle town he jumped off Epona and left her a couple of carrots. She had done well and deserved a reward. He knew he wouldn't be able to see Zelda as quickly as he needed to but the urgency he felt made him unable to think clearly.

"I need to see the Queen, She will be expecting me, tell her that I am the Hero of Time." he knew she wasn't expecting him but he knew she wouldn't turn him away. The guard standing at the gate looked him up and down and then shook his head.

"Unfortunately the Queen had fallen deathly ill and no one is allowed to see her. They believe it was poison." the guard said looking a little sad. Link looked to the castle. He was too late to save her but there had to be a way, but first he would have to see her first. He needed a way in so he left the guards to think.

As he left the castle he saw something move in the shadows but when moved to inspect what it was, there was nothing there. He wondered what it was but couldn't be pressed to think about it too long. He smiled to himself as he figured his way in. He hadn't scaled a wall in a while but it was the best option he had. Night time would be the best time so he went to town to see if he find any more information on what happen to the Queen.

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